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Discover the unbelievable Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg, Russia


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Short presentation on the Hermitage Museum located in St.Petersburg, Russia. The slideshow is fully illustrated and gives basic comments on this outstanding museum. Paintings illustrated are from Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. All these paintings and thousands more are visible at the Hermitage

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Discover the unbelievable Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg, Russia

  1. 1. Discover the UnbelievableDiscover the UnbelievableMusic & SlideShow Duration: 2’ 45’’ 
  2. 2. Who is Behind ?Who is Behind ?Empress ofEmpress ofRussiaRussiaCatherine IICatherine II2nd Half 18th2nd Half 18thCenturyCentury
  3. 3. Where in Russia ?Where in Russia ? In the 2nd largestIn the 2nd largestcity of Russiacity of Russia Located North-Located North-West cornerWest corner the City was thethe City was theCapital ofCapital ofRussia for 200Russia for 200yearsyears
  4. 4. Unveiling the Hermitage MuseumUnveiling the Hermitage MuseumInaugurated in 1765Inaugurated in 1765
  5. 5. Located in St.PetersburgLocated in St.Petersburgfounded in 1703founded in 1703
  6. 6. One of the Largest and OldestOne of the Largest and OldestMuseums in the WorldMuseums in the World Thousands ofThousands ofMasterpiecesMasterpieceshoused in 18thhoused in 18thand 19th centuryand 19th centuryImperial PalacesImperial Palaces From AncientFrom Ancientartefacts toartefacts toPicassoPicasso
  7. 7. Why don’t We Walk up the MainWhy don’t We Walk up the MainStaircase and meet the MastersStaircase and meet the Masters
  8. 8. Enjoy Masterpieces from theEnjoy Masterpieces from theRenaissance like Leonardo daRenaissance like Leonardo daVinci paintingsVinci paintings
  9. 9. or Claude Monetor Claude MonetOne of the Impressionism MastersOne of the Impressionism Masters
  10. 10. and Vincent Van Goghand Vincent Van Gogh
  11. 11. or Pablo Picassoor Pablo Picasso
  12. 12. Russian Visa Simplifiedfor US Citizens as of Septemberas of September20122012 Fees payableFees payablereducedreduced Visa processingVisa processingtime max 15time max 15calendar dayscalendar days Valid 3 yearsValid 3 years Double-entry visaDouble-entry visa
  13. 13. Music you enjoy right nowMusic you enjoy right now Composer: Reinhold Gliere (1875-1956)Composer: Reinhold Gliere (1875-1956) Russian from German originRussian from German origin « Hymn to a Great City » was composed« Hymn to a Great City » was composedin 1949 & was part of a ballet musicin 1949 & was part of a ballet music Dedicated after Pushkin’s BronzeDedicated after Pushkin’s BronzeHorseman poem To Peter the GreatHorseman poem To Peter the Great Music became in 2003 the official Hymn ofMusic became in 2003 the official Hymn ofSt. Petersburg (to celebrate 300 years ofSt. Petersburg (to celebrate 300 years ofSt.Petersburg)St.Petersburg)
  14. 14. Want to know MoreClick HERE