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English (6 repetition)


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Published in: Education
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English (6 repetition)

  1. 1. “REPETITION “ Repetition is a central part of poetry that adds to the enjoyment of a poem. Words , phrases , or lines are repeated to serve a purpose. Examples : • Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining. Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying…..
  2. 2. • Last night I dreamt about chickens They were playing on my pillows They were nesting in my head They were walking in my room They were lying on my bed.
  3. 3. 1.What compromises the seven ages of man or stages in life of man aStcacgoe rding to the poem? s 1st The infant who is being carried by a nurse. The infant cries and vomits all the time. 2nd That infant grows into schoolboy , not willing to attend school which is the fourth stage of man’s life. 3rd A lover who is lost in his thoughts of love . The lover writes poetry to his lady’s beauty. 4th As he grows older, he joins the army and becomes a soldier. He is physically fit and aggressive , short-tempered and ambitious in nature. 5th Shows that with maturity and wisdom, the family man becomes a judge. He is fair, healthy man full of wisdom. His look so authoritative and he advises people. 6th About the man who has grown old and is seen in a pantaloons and specatacles. His 7th Aaubtohuotr itthaeti vsee nvioleic me ahna sw ghroowlons ewse haiks atenedt hh i,s hvios icveis itorenm abnlde sh iass hheea rtianlkgs. .After this , the man part in the play ends and he exits from stages of his life forever.
  4. 4. 2. Describe the school boy’s attitude towards school. How do you feel about these pictures of childhood? * Every person has indeed experienced this part in their lives where it takes force for them just to go to school. As a student, we also have experienced this stage as an unwilling student that needs to be dragged to school everyday, and we can relate to these particular pictures. 3. What is compared to the “stage” in the first two lines? How are the two related? * The word “stage” is compared to life and all the human beings have their own life to portray.
  5. 5. 4. In lines 13 & 14, what is compared to “reputation” ? *In the line 13 & 14 the reputation is compared to the life of a soldier and his/her attitude. 5. What other comparisons are used in the poem? Which are examples of metaphor? Which are examples of simile? METAPHOR SIMILE All the world’s a stage Creeping like snail And all men and women are merely players Sighing like furnace Seeking the bubble reputation Bearded like the pard Beard of formal cut
  6. 6. 6. According to the speaker or “persona” in the poem, what physical and mental changes take place as a man reaches the sixth and seventh ages? * As the man reaches the sixth and seventh ages or the worst of all the stages , man loses his senses and strength and his life truly becomes dependent to others. His memory becomes weaken. 7.Do you agree with the persona’s description of old age?why? * Yes. I agree because in reality, that’s what really happens when you grow old. You become visually impaired and aside from that, sometimes you lose your memory.
  7. 7. 8. What other acceptable descriptions of old age can you think of? 1. White Hair 2. Forgetfulness 3. Wizened 4. Shrill Voice 5. Spindly legs 9. In the last line of the poem, the word SANS is repeated. What do you think Is the purpose of repeating it four times? * The poet’s purpose is to make it remarkable and one of the poem that a reader can never forget by using or repeating uncommon terms so that their words will always remain in the reader’s head.
  8. 8. 10. Repetition is a central part of poetry that adds to the enjoyment of a poem. Words , phrases , or lines are repeated to serve a purpose. Poets often make sure their words stay in the reader’s mind. Does it help in the understanding of this poem’s meaning? - Yes. Because it helps emphasize the emotion that the poet want his readers to stress out. Find other examples of repetition in the poem. List then. - SANS  11. What effect does the word it have in the description of the last stage of man? *Its as if its describing that in the last stage of man, its saying that the man lost his senses.