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Visual studio Team system 2012


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VSTS 2012 -a complete Automation tool for the Test automation in functional and non functional area.

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Visual studio Team system 2012

  1. 1. VSTS 2012 Coded UI-Web Performance & Load Testing Highlights-Demo. December 8, 2013
  2. 2. VSTS TOPICS Microsoft Testing Tools Coded UI Tool Load testing Tool Performance testing Tool 2
  3. 3. VSTS MICROSOFT TESTING TOOLS Functional, load and performance tool integrated with Microsoft VSTS2012. You can run manual tests and exploratory tests from Microsoft Test Manager using the Microsoft Test Runner. It can run automated tests from Visual Studio that are not associated with a plan. You can select to run the tests individually, as part of a check-in policy, or based on test categories. Plan, Manage and execute both manual and Exploratory tests. You can also automate your manual tests after they are stabilized 3 You can be more productive throughout your testing lifecycle of planning, testing and tracking your progress by using Visual Studio. These testing tools are integrated with Team Foundation Server, which lets you define your testing based on the same team projects that other areas of your organization are using. The bug will contain a trace of your recent actions, a snapshot of the state of the system, and a copy of any notes you made while exploring the system
  4. 4. VSTS MICROSOFT TESTING TOOLS Functional Testing expertise and Consulting area Load Testing Web performance Testing Unit Testing Explorative testing Web Service Testing 4 Functiona l testing expertise in the Microsoft technolog y Load testing expertise for the Retail and non retails business domain Web performa nce testing expertise and consultin g for the retail and non retail business domain Unit testing verificatio n process expertise Explorato ry testing heads up in the system cycle Web service testing for the all kind of data models
  6. 6. VSTS CODED UI HIGHLIGHTS Recording a UI Test: Developing UI automation tests against an existing set of screens is generally easier ,recording the test screen and recorded coded is in C#. Coded UI Test Builder :you can select Edit with Coded UI Test Builder, thereby launching the recording utility. The Coded UI Test Builder is the recording window that controls when UI activity (both mouse- and keyboard-related) is activated. Dynamic Object Library : build a dynamic object library in C# as one cannot predict the object initially while page loads up. 6
  8. 8. VSTS LOAD TOOL HIGHLIGHTS Load test tools are integrated tightly with Visual Studio Foundation Server and work within this larger framework of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) tools. A Visual Studio 2012 load test can generate a lot of simulated user traffic against your application Difficult part of load testing is figuring out what's actually slow. load-test framework provides tools to find these problems. VSTS 2012 tool provide easy solution Load test allows testers to simulate how the system under test will behave when many users are interacting with it.It can be used for stress testing, performance testing and capacity testing web applications. Test non Web based server components, such as testing data access model components. Load testing consist of serious of web performance test. Graph and details of Result analysis can be generate in the excel as per trend and comparison mode. 8
  10. 10. VSTS PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS Web Performance Test can be used for recording the website navigations and generating the Code. We can use this test or the generated coded test as an input to the performance test. Customization of the test can be done using: Parameterization – makes the user inputs dynamic Correlation – Extract the Server generated data for subsequent requests. we can specify the browser types too, which simulates how the site appears in different browser plan the capacity of the servers 10 It support the expected user load for new application It will solve real load conditions response time tuning Performance Test is an answer for the following questions
  12. 12. December 8, 2013 Thanks you