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Report Final


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Published in: Education
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Report Final

  1. 1. Water PollutionWe have a known water crisis and its terrible how many people suffer because of this. In this report, I research the harmful effects of water pollution and the effects it has on our drinking water. Pay attention to the statistics; they are alarming.Kevin Salinas7/16/2010<br />Water Pollution- The U.S. Concern<br />By Kevin Salinas<br />Water pollution is the contamination of oceans, lakes, rivers, and ground water. The pollution of water begins when pollutants are placed into the water and left alone. It creates a major affect on plant life, the organisms that live in the water, and more so, a harmful affect on humans since we need clean water to survive.<br />328612537465The pollution of drinking water is America’s most serious environmental concern. The topic of unsanitary water concerns our U.S. population more than the effects of air pollution, the loss of tropical rain forests, the extinction of endangered species, and even the concerns of global warming. The reason that is, contaminated water is playing an immediate effect on our population whereas some of the other concerns are subjects of the long-term. Please be aware the information you are going to read may be harmful if it is not observed and applied toward fixing the quality of your drinking water.<br />Water pollution is more than just a national issue; it is a world-wide epidemicU.S. drinking water sadly contains over 2,000 toxic chemicals that can cause asthma, respiratory illness and cancer. It is known that cancer among people, who drink chlorinated water, is more than 90% higher than those who drink water not containing chlorine. The importance of chlorine is to kill off bacteria in our water, but we also must eliminate the chemical before we consume it in our bodies.  The chemical chlorine was created to destroy the living organisms in water so you can imagine what it can do to the inside of a human body if we consume a significant amount.  Chlorine has the ability to eat away at our internal cells, so it is possible that the water we drink can make us unhealthy without the proper purification. <br />There are also several other hazardous substances that make our drinking water unsafe. These are some of the toxins that have been found in our drinking water: <br /><ul><li>weed killers
  2. 2. pesticides
  3. 3. herbicides
  4. 4. lead
  5. 5. arsenic
  6. 6. pharmaceutical drugs
  7. 7. fertilizers
  8. 8. 19050309880petroleum products
  9. 9. </li></ul>Many traces of prescription drugs have been found in tap water. The Associated Press recently revealed the presence of pharmaceuticals in drinking water containing antibiotics, mood stabilizers and sex hormones. Statistics show these drugs were found in the drinking water supplies of more than 40 million Americans living in 20 major metropolitan areas, from the east to west coast. <br />19050929005A study from Cornell University reported in 2009 that almost 40,000,000 rural citizens are drinking unsafe water. Of those people documented, 17% were exposed to severe concentrations of the dangerous toxic metals, lead and cadmium.<br />Unsafe chemicals and sewage have been known to regularly filter in and out the water supplies, which in turn supplies our kitchen faucet with drinking water. The reason for this occurrence is that most of the water systems and piping have become corroded and rusted due to these hazardous chemicals. <br />-561975309880 <br />To ensure we are drinking safe water, some form of water purification process must be used to remove the chlorine and other toxic chemicals. Carbon based filtration systems are usually less expensive and easy to install. The benefits of the use of a carbon based systems is that it does not remove any of the nutritional minerals found in water. A filtration system should be a necessary component in every home; our health and wellness depends considerably on the water we drink. <br />Water pollution is a major problem in the global context, but with so much going on in the world today, we overlook the importance of clean water. Did we forget the necessities that we need in order to stay alive? Polluted water has become the leading cause of death and disease, as it accounts for the deaths of 14,000 people daily. It is important that we take measures to keep ourselves safe and allow others to understand the severity of polluted water.<br />References<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />