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San miguel flavored beer 10 step marketing plan


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San miguel flavored beer 10 step marketing plan

  1. 1. The 10 Step Marketing Plan (Free Downloadable Template) 2011 Edition Prof. Remigio Joseph De Ungria, MBA, CDM Ateneo Graduate School of Business ** The Illustrated and Annotated Guide to this TemplateCan be found at Just search for“10 step marketing plan” in the search box on the right side.
  2. 2. 10 STEPMarketing Plan for(San Miguel Flavored Beer) Kristian F. Ang November 2012
  3. 3. DisclaimerThis 10 Step Marketing Plan is part of the mandatory requirements of Prof. Remigio Joseph De Ungria’s AGSB marketing management class.The data included in this report are based on publicly available data such as those on internet websites, news, package declarations, public reports.When appropriate, data are “masked” so as not to create unexpected conflicts.The reports are posted and linked on slideshare, blogs and facebook so that there is easier sharing among students from different marketing classes.
  4. 4. Steps 1 to 5Summary headline of yourPTM and market1. Primary Target: Ages 21 – 352. People who like to drink but never really liked the taste of beer3. Tanduay Ice, Antonov Ice, San Miguel Non Flavored Beer4. No other beer that doesn’t taste “bitter”5. Philippine beer sales volume was at 16.5 million hectoliters
  5. 5. Steps 6 to 10Summary headline of themarketing mix & strategy6. San Miguel Flavored Beer taste like beer but without the “bitter” taste7. Price is cheaper than other flavored beer8. Uses television, radio, billboards, prints, internet and events9. Mostly available in Convenient, Super Market, Bars10. Uses Differentiation
  6. 6. 1. For Socialites who drinks butdoesn’t like the Bitter Taste ofBeer Demographics (21-35 years old, who likes to drink and socialize Social Beings Consumes drink during parties, get together, social events, etc
  7. 7. 2. My PTM’s NWD I’m drinking something acceptableI need to drink something to belong
  8. 8. 2. PTM’s needs, wants &demandsNeeds: Every social drinker needs a drinkWants: A beer that doesn’t have the “bitter” taste of beerDemands: A beer that’s affordable and available anywhere
  9. 9. 3a. A new Drink is Born Direct – Tanduay Ice, Antonov Ice, San Mig Light, Gilbey’s Premium Indirect – Mixed Drinks, Wine Variables – Price, Availability, Taste / Flavor
  10. 10. 3b. SMB Flavored Beer Created a space in the MarketPrice/ 0-13 yrs 13-24 yrs 25-49 yrs 50yrs upAgeMatrix ImportedHigh Gilbey’s Beer Wine Premiumprice Tanduay Ice Antonov Ice CocktailsLow SMB Light/PalePrice SMB Flavored Beer
  11. 11. SMB Flavored Beer positioned itself with the People who like to drink beer but doesn’t like the Bitter Taste SMB Flavored SMB Light / Imported Gilbeys Tanduay Antonov Beer Pale Beer Premium Ice Ice Wine CocktailsOriginal "Beer" TasteLess "Bitter" TasteLess Alcohol Content & LessCaloriesHigh AvailabilityCheap
  12. 12. 4. Identify the gap betweencustomers and competitionPeople who like to drink but doesn’t like the “bitter” taste of beerCocktail Drinks or Imported Beers are usually Expensive and doesn’t taste like beer anymore
  13. 13. 5a. Estimate the market sizeusing competitor data1. 60.2 percent, with the brands generally priced 25-35 percent above economy brands, its retail selling price of a 330 ml bottle between P20 to P23
  14. 14. 5b. Estimate the market sizeusing company data1. San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) is the largest producer of beer in the Philippines, with a total market share of approximately more than 95% in 2008
  15. 15. 5c. Estimate the market sizeusing customer dataFilipinos were reported to have consumed about 1.25 billion litres of beer (equivalent to 3.9 billion of beer bottles)
  16. 16. 5. Decide on market size inpesos, not in number ofpeople1. Competitor data=P6.86 billion2. Company data = P36.9 billion3. Customer Usage data = 21 percent of Filipinos are regular alcoholic beverage drinkers
  17. 17. 6a. Photo of product category
  18. 18. 6a. Show how product looksvs. competition
  19. 19. 6b. Product DescriptionThe beer bottle is like the normal San Mig Light, but with a different label. It’s a 330ML bottle with a 3% alcohol and less calories.
  20. 20. 7. Price San Miguel Flavored Beer is priced the same with San Mig Light @ Php 27.00 per bottle It is 10% more expensive than the regular drinks ordered by women (Tanduay Ice Php 24.00) They priced the drink same with San Mig Light in order to get markets not penetrated by San Mig Light
  21. 21. 8a. Which of these modesdoes your product use?** Pls. rank most used, 1-highest use
  22. 22. 8a. Your products Promotions
  23. 23. 8b. Competitor promo
  24. 24. 9. Place Where is your product available?  Supermarkets, sari-sari stores, convenience outlets, bars, restaurants  The Company has five breweries strategically located across the Philippines and a highly developed distribution system serving approximately 471,000 retail outlets  Method of delivery is traditional to distributors or retailers
  25. 25. 10. What is the genericwinning strategy?Differentiation- SMB Flavored Beer let’s you fully enjoy the taste of a beer without the bitter taste.Supply and Differentiation Leverage- Leveraging on the Current San Miguel Advanced Distribution Channels
  26. 26. References
  27. 27. SUMMARY 27
  28. 28. Steps 1 to 5Summary headline of yourPTM and market1. People Ages (21-35 Years Old)2. Who loves to drink beer but hates the “bitter” taste of Beer3. Tanduay Ice, Imported Beers, Cocktails, Wine4. Cheap Beer that doesn’t taste “bitter”5. Philippine beer sales volume was at 16.5 million hectoliters
  29. 29. Steps 6 to 10Summary headline of themarketing mix & strategy6. SMB taste like beer without the “bitter” taste with less alcohol and calories.7. Price is same or 10% higher that competitors8. Uses television, Print Ads, Radio, Billboards9. Everywhere10. Differentiation and Leveraging on Advanced Distribution Channels
  30. 30. 10 STEPMarketing Plan for(San Miguel Flavored Beer) Kristian F. Ang November 2012