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Scrum Essentials - simplified


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For majority of projects there is no need to follow SCRUM to the book. Learn basics of scrum in few easy steps. This simplified SCRUM methodology helped me deliver major products and also sell a company.

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Scrum Essentials - simplified

  1. 1. Scrum Essentials SK Twitter @krishdpi
  2. 2. @Krishdpi Why Scrum? A simple project management methodology. Wikipedia defines as: Iterative and incremental agile software development methodology for managing product development. Scrum can be used for any type of project management. Ex: Product Marketing
  3. 3. @Krishdpi How best to use Scrum? Simple answer: Sparingly! Use the best practices. Follow common, simple scrum methodology. For majority of projects there is no need to stick to Scrum book. Very useful for small teams: 2-20 people. A good intro here: Link
  4. 4. @Krishdpi Vocabulary Role • Scrum Master • Product Owner • Team Member Meetings • Sprint Planning meeting • Scrum meeting • Demo • BugFest Ticket • EPIC • Story Ticket Status • Backlog • Accepted/In-Progress • Test/Done • Completed/Invalid
  5. 5. @Krishdpi DoD – Definition of Done When a ticket is closed, that ticket is developed, tested and deployed. Bugs become another story. Any new feature obviously a story.
  6. 6. @Krishdpi Sprint Planning Meeting Sprint Scrum Meeting Demo Iterate Sprint Activities
  7. 7. @Krishdpi Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 MLP Strategic Features Field Reqs Customer Reqs MVP Bugs, Backlog Rel ver 1.0 BugFest BugFest Release Activities
  8. 8. @Krishdpi Useful tools? Assembla ( Pivotal Tracker ( Jira (