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  1. Event Ecosystem Changing the Game in Events
  2. Onesolutionforallyourneeds Any ticket / booking type CRM / Sales solutions marketing session support self service helpdesk business intelligence access control MOBILE ORDERING pos system
  3. key benefits that make Ubitix a superior event ecosystem » Generate additional income via: • Banner and on-ticket promotions • Commissions from affiliate marketing offers » Convert insights into profit through Ubitix analytics Maximise your Profits: Income Beyond ticket Sales Tangible Savings: Minimise Event Overheads Mobile + Social Media Integration: Exponential Reach Comprehensive Offering: Customised to your Needs Nationwide distribution network » Full ticket amount to organisers » Lowest credit card fees » Dramatic cost savings through customer service automation » Present your event to 10m ticket buyers » Sell directly from your Facebook Page » Harness the power of social media sharing » Intelligent mobile device solutions » Integrate into your existing systems » New functionalities tailored to your organisation » Custom design » Integrated CRM solution » Availability in 10,000 outlets within Australia » Event marketing support
  4. Income beyond the ticket sale through banner advertising on sites and on printed tickets, as well as offers from our affiliate marketing network that run on your ticketing site. Additional income through banner advertising Ubitix offers: » gift vouchers » season passes » extensive features to maximise merchandise and hospitality sales Special offers and up-sale Opportunities Maximise Event Revenue Profit beyond ticket sales
  5. Use the power of the crowd to promote your event: Ubitix includes comprehensive affiliate management features that allow synergetic media platforms or individual ambassadors that you appoint to promote your event. Affiliates can customise their own promotion pages/links and will be rewarded on generated sales. Affiliate Management Obtain insights into your ticket buyers through using extensive reporting and data mining options to enable improved sales and optimise processes. Analytics – convert your insights into profit
  6. Tangible Savings Minimise Event Overheads » FREE to event organiser » No ongoing fee » Full ticket amount » Lowest credit card fees in the industry! Lowest Fees Dramatically reduce your customer support costs by offering ticket buyers self-service options. Ubitix also includes a multi-user help ticket management facility that enables event staff to effectively deal with open issues, ensure completion of tickets & assigning to the appropriate contact. “Ubitix social media and affiliate programs enabled us to exponentially increase our sales and process 26,000 tickets with minimal staff efforts.” — Christoph Doerfel, Director of Australian Winter Festivals Customer Self Service No fees for organisers!
  7. Exponential awareness through: » automatic publishing of ticket transactions on status messages » interactions and comments, » inform your friends at check out » crowd sourced FAQs, etc. With Ubitix you can sell directly from your event Facebook page! Mobile optimisation is key! Up to 50% of the tickets sold by Ubitix’s organisers in 2013 were purchased from mobile devices. From “Responsive Design” to intelligent mobile applications. Mobile Solutions that WorkUbitix directly integrates with social media platforms like Facebook Mobile + Social Media Integration Exponential Reach
  8. The Ubitix ecosystem can be extended & tailored based on your specific needs. Special functionalities, available outside of our proven standard platform (e.g. integration with your accounting systems or other individual requirements), can be added by our development team. The only event solution that includes a powerful customer relationship module which enables you to have an integrated view of all customer details and transactions. Customers can be targeted for marketing campaigns and you can easily assign and monitor customer related tasks and actions. 360 Degrees Insight into your customers No “off the shelf” online ticketing platform All Aspects of the Process Tailored to your Needs Ubitix offers integrated solutions for » onsite POS terminals, » access control (e.g. mobile phone ticket scanner app) » kiosk solutions This enables you to streamline on-site ticket and hospitality sales and minimise fraud. All transactions from online and onsite are stored in the central Ubitix online database and event organisers can access and analyse results from the web and mobile devices in real time. Alongside the software, Ubitix offers the latest technology in touch devices (dedicated POS, tablets and printers) for rent and for sale. Advanced POS Solutions Use Ubitix for time slot based ticketing or single session ticketing! Automation of the handling of tickets at different time intervals during a day. Organisers can easily specify starting/end and session duration times as well as offer different pricing and availability options. Handling of sessions The only solution in the market that offers to manage and automate the process of periodically renewable subscriptions. Ubitix enables organisations that have recurring payment requirements, like membership or subscription fees, to manage them directly in the system. Subscription Management
  9. UBITIX MOBILE mobile device ordering and pos benefits Ubitix Mobile is a mobile ordering and POS terminal solution for the hospitality industry, entertainment and sports events. Customers can order and pay from their phones and won’t be forced to wait in long queues at busy times or have to remember complicated orders. Hospitality operators can use their smart phones as a Point of Sale terminal for effectively managing in person and online sales. Increase customer satisfaction by avoiding unnecessary queues - Turning queuing time into consumption time. Easily setup and control all aspects of the offering (menu, specials, etc.) from a web browser. Keep in touch with your clients via ongoing marketing campaigns. Run special offers in real time that influence purchasing decisions. Reduce staff overhead and turn your phone into a POS terminal, avoiding the cost of stand-alone systems. Know each of your customers: where they live, how often they come in, how much they spend and what they buy. Make your Phone a POS Terminal and Avoid Queues for your Guests
  10. UBITIX MOBILE - how it works simple + easy to use 1 2 3 1 2 3 They select desired vendor in the vicinity and browse through available drink and food options After items are in virtual shopping cart they can be ordered with one click using Ubitix’s secure interface Once order is ready, the customer receives an SMS notification to pick up their items customers: 1 2 3 Easily setup your offerings/menu on the Ubitix website Sell or receive orders from the mobile phone based POS system Hand over order when customers present their order ID merchants:
  11. Through a partnership with Touch Networks, your tickets are available in more than 10,000 outlets in Australia, e.g. 7-Eleven & Australian Newsagents. In addition, we can arrange above the line campaigns like light boxes, outdoor/in venue posters & mobile advertising. Through our affiliate networks, we reach more than 10,000,000 contacts in Australia. Nationwide marketing + distribution network Nationwide coverage FAR AND WIDE above and beyondconnection benefits
  12. Ubitix the perfect solution for any event Conferences / Gala Dinners Music Concerts Night Clubs Sporting Events Cinema GOLF
  13. CLIENT EXPERIENCE Australian Winter Festivals: » 4 events with 400,000 visitors run concurrently » Added complexity of handling 12 sessions with 350 visitors a day and process all tickets in the 10 minute break » Real time monitoring of commercial results on mobile devices Australian Open Air Cinemas: » Biggest nationwide open air cinema operator » 120,000 tickets processed » Extensive hospitality and accessories product integration How some of our clients have revolutionised challenging event processes with Ubitix
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