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Final Powerpoint SEE4099


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Final Powerpoint SEE4099

  1. 1. Kristen Myers Fall 2013 Internship Experience
  2. 2. Infinite Events, LLC is a privately owned personalized planning company specializing in Weddings and special events. My duties as an IE Intern were to assist Andria Mederios, the owner and head planner in any and all of her tasks. I did this by attending client meetings, organizing paperwork, managing all social media accounts, marketing, sending e-mails and telephone calls, designing and attending candy buffets, taking site tours, as well as working with the Rhode Island Wedding Group. Working with my site supervisor, Andria, has been an incredibly rewarding experience, because she not only is an expert in the wedding planning industry, but she is extremely helpful and a great teacher as well. She has been a great mentor to me throughout this entire experience and I have loved working for her!
  3. 3. From extravagant Oceanside galas to small backyard affairs, we treat each event with the same dedication and attention as if it were our very own. We make it our responsibility to carry out your wishes exactly as you’ve envisioned down to the very last detail, but, with the same passion as if you had done it yourself. Through the entire planning process, we pride ourselves on being great listeners and really understanding the vision you are trying to achieve. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and are extremely responsive to our clients; our goal is to make each client feel like they are our #1 and only client… as they should.
  4. 4. Infinite Events is a small, tight-knit group of women who all work together and have a great dynamic: Andria - Owner & Head Planner Erica - Planner Michelle - Event Associate Christine - Event Associate Kelsie - Event Associate Kristen- Intern
  5. 5. Infinite Events is a well acclaimed Planning company throughout New England, and has over 50 five star reviews on Infinite has also won the Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Erica, one of the planners at IE has recently moved to California, but her dedication to the company has not changed. IE is currently in the works of opening up a West Coast office to offer their skills across the country!
  6. 6. Infinite Events, LLC has also expanded into two other businesses as well: Infinite Candy Buffets and The Original Candy Girls
  7. 7. Infinite Candy Buffets Infinite Candy Buffets specializes in designing, providing, and executing a gourmet dessert station for your wedding or special event. We have an inventory of beautiful glassware that gets filled with gorgeous candy and desserts in your event’s color scheme as well as a personalized backdrop, speciality linens, or frames. Our Candy Buffets are not just a dessert table, they are truly the focal point of any event. Guests love coming and getting to create their own favor bag, and are truly in awe of the detail in the buffets.
  8. 8. Original Candy Girls The Original Candy Girls are a spin-off of the vintage cigarette girls of the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s and add a special touch to any event. The trays the women (or men!) carry are customized to your choice but often have a Old Hollywood or vintage feel with candy cigarettes, licorice, etc. However, the Original Candy Girls can be themed any way to fit any event and are sure to be a hit!
  9. 9. By the end of my internship I hoped to successfully: Learn the basics of Wedding and Event Planning Improve my professionalism and communication skills Build a strong network of knowledgeable wedding industry professionals Gain experience first hand with clients, venues, and vendors
  10. 10. Description of Projects • During my internship experience, my projects changed on a weekly basis. If we had a wedding planned one weekend, we would spend the prior days in the office focusing on that one couple. It can get confusing if you try to bombard yourself with too many clients at once, because we are so detail oriented.
  11. 11. Weddings • If I was assigned to a wedding, I then would join Andria in all of the final steps of planning. All of the couples I have worked with were under the “Day Of Coordinator” Package, which essentially means we take over about one month before the wedding date, and handle all final meetings with the venue, and vendors, make a crucial timeline and send it to all parties involved. • Our job is to make sure that the day runs smoothly. It would start by finalizing all of the information beforehand, and being by the bride’s side almost all day long on the day of should she need anything.
  12. 12. Candy Buffets • If I were assigned to work a candy buffet, I would then partner with Andria, and we would send out a proposal with the candy or desserts we would use, the pricing, color scheme, etc. • • • We then would go through the inventory and design a set up to make sure everything looks symmetrical and beautiful. On the day of, I would help set up the table, which is a very particular job. We make sure that everything looks like it just came out of a magazine and guests are always amazed. As an attendant, I would stand near the table and make sure that it is kept clean and full at all times.
  13. 13. Candy Buffet at Oceancliff Hotel and Resort- Newport
  14. 14. Professional Skills: Time Management Interning has taught me a lot about managing my time correctly. I had a responsibility not only to my supervisor, but to the clients and vendors working with us to make sure that everything was done in a timely manner. Managing school work, picking up shifts at work, interning full time, and being vice president of my sorority has been challenging but extremely rewarding because I learned how to successfully manage multiple things at one time, with serious deadlines!
  15. 15. Communication Skills When I first started, I was nervous to call clients or vendors on the phone, but I have since improved tremendously when talking with clients and other professionals. I know that in order to make a successful call or have a successful meeting, you must be prepared. I always make sure that I prepare what I am going to say beforehand, and no longer feel intimidated.
  16. 16. Problem Solving Skills When working at any event, it is important to always be as prepared as you can be. At Infinite Events, we make sure to carry “Emergency Kits” filled with everything, from tissues and safety pins to deodorant and nail files. One of the first weddings I worked, I was extremely nervous because right before our bride walked down the aisle, her fake eyelashes began to come off. I have no previous experience with applying makeup to others, but it was my job to fix it. It was very nerve-wrecking, but it was up to us to make her wedding perfect. These types of thing happen all of the time in this industry, and I now feel as though I can come up with a solution in the blink of an eye!
  17. 17. Personal Reflection The material I’ve learned in previous courses such as Weddings and Ceremonies was extremely helpful to me in my internship experience and I’m thankful to have taken that course beforehand. Such as different cultures and religions and their respective traditions. However, getting hands on experience in this industry is by far the best way to truly learn the ropes. There are many situations that you can read about in a textbook or classroom, but experiencing it first hand has been a great learning experience. I have truly learned more than I ever thought I would within my short time with Infinite Events . I have also been able to relate my current Strategic Marketing course with relevant information on how we market at Infinite, whether it is on social media or through e-mail marketing.