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Business presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Business presentation

  1. 1. business concept is to sell the idea that use of supplements, healthy eating habits as well as exercise can make a significant contribution to healthy leaving.
  2. 2. THE PRODUCTS SOLD HERE ARE IDEA AS WELL AS FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, THAT THE IDEA ENCOURAGES • this idea comes from the fact that the body is a complex of interdependent organs . non of which exist in isolation, and an introduction of any foreign substance makes the body works hard to maintain a constant internal environment. the body is not self reliable ,so it needs nutrients from the environment to sustain life. these nutrients are called essential nutrients. these essential nutrients are produce, called food supplement
  3. 3. HOW TO RAISE FOUNDS • writing a business proposal and presenting it to founding companies. • founds will be raised by presentation of the idea on pamphlets with a free will donation accepted, a price tag on the supplements . • the products will be sold as the population is sensitized.
  4. 4. THE POPULATION TO PROVIDE SERVICES employed and unemployed young and active population. • when the idea is being sold to an individual, there will be a financial motivation , depending on how many people he passes the idea to. • also the number of products he gets to sell, there is a percentage of the profit to his name as a bonus. • this will then turn the market population as agents
  5. 5. TARGET AREA AS WELL AS TARGET POPULATION. • each an every age group as well as location of people are a ready market for these product. • the challenge is to sell the idea, once it is accepted by the population, the products will be sold. the aging population will readily get the products for because of there changing health situations. • the population to convince is the young and active population. they are there for targets for the idea and subsequently making them agents.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION • food supplements will always be needed if the idea is well sold. the target population is a wide range suggesting that there will always be a market for the products. with new developments and improvements of the products, this will be a sustainable business.