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  1. 1. Abdullah Mamode Chong Chin Pin Esther Chua Kiraly Renaud Tan Chin Yin Tan Jingwei Effective Pubic and Communication Topic: Analyses of Mural Paintings
  4. 4. VEXTA Yvette Vexta Vexta is an Australian stencil artist and street artist from Melbourne, Vi ctoria.
  5. 5. VEXTA Vexta is one of Australia's most popular and renowned Australian artists working within both urban environments and gallery spaces. Much of her work surrounds the concepts of death, rebirth and the duality of the sexes, these can be seen on walls and galleries all over Australia, America, London, mainland Europe, Mexico and South America, and most recently the Contemporary Art Biennale of India.
  7. 7. About the Artwork Painted during Urban Exchange: Crossing Over 2014 (Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.) Artwork Title None (Not Given by the Artist) Painted by Vexta (Yvette Vexta)
  8. 8. About the Artwork Painted at Next to a 200 Year Old Temple (The Temples of Bats) Actual Address Nagore Road GPS: 5.420908,100.325998 Chulia Mansion, Chulia Street GPS: 5.418849,100.334964
  9. 9. About the Artwork Purpose of Painting the Artwork This artwork stands to remind the people of Penang of what was here before Penang and our relationship to the natural world.
  10. 10. About the Artwork Story Behind the Artwork Her hair becomes the vines of the jungle and bats, swiftlets and crows fly from it. Every night at dusk, hundreds of tiny bats take flight from the temple next door as hundreds of swifts fly above back to their homes accompanied by a lone crow or two. Once in a time before, all these animals lived in caves and trees in the jungle but now they live amongst the temples and homes of Georgetown.
  11. 11. 5 EPC Concepts
  12. 12. 5 EPC Concepts • Non – Verbal Messages (Flying Crows from hairs which looks like branches) • Non – Verbal Codes (Facial Expression, Sort of Depression) • Passive Perception (Closed eyes showing, Lonely Forest) • Interpretation (External Stimuli) (Face of lady, but with branches rather than hairs) • Perception Process (Similarity) (Crow flying from hairs like crow flying from tress.)
  14. 14. Girl On A Turtle by Ernest Zacharevic & Martinn Ron
  15. 15. Artist Background ERNEST ZACHAREVIC & MARTIN RON
  16. 16. Ernest Zacharevic Martin Ron
  17. 17. ~ Ernest Zacharevic “My inspiration come from daily life, everyday experience, the people that I talked to and places that I see.”
  18. 18. Ernest Zacharevic Birth Date: 1986 Age: 29 Birth place: Lithuania Graduated from Middlesex University in year 2009. Ernest Zacharevic is a famous street art artist greatly in Asia. He is contributing the street art in Asia now. He had created many fun and playful street arts in George Town since he fell in love with the neighbourhood of there. He like to add children and the local people set into his murals, installations and artistic interventions.
  19. 19. ~ Martin Ron “Painting murals is one type of scape for me so I always painting rather then studying”
  20. 20. Martin Ron Age: 35 Birth place: Argentine He had been sent to a workshop when he was 7 years old. When he was in age 10 to 18, he painting with oils . His first mural art was in his 14 years old which was a skull in his bedroom. He had painted more than 60 murals in Tres de Febrero. Martin had been giving painting classes to youngsters for eight years. He wanted to encourage more children to understand and get into art.
  21. 21. About the Artwork BY ERNEST ZACHAREVIC & MARTINN RON
  22. 22. Girl On A Turtle Completed at March, 2015
  23. 23. Girl On A Turtle It is a mural on the western wall of Chulia Mansion Hotel. There are two mural artists coorperated together to create this mural: a Lithuanian mural artist Ernest Zacharevic, and Argentinian mural artist, Martin Ron. It combines the forte of the two artists, with Zacharevic rendering the girl subject while Ron did the sea turtle.
  24. 24. • The Girl On Turtle mural depicts a young girl riding on the back of a sea turtle. • The girl looks like very sad and shows she want to evade from something so she ride the turtle to escape
  25. 25. 5 EPC Concepts
  26. 26. •Subjective perception (Nature, Fantasy) • Non verbal messages (Back to nature) (Relax and escape from the reality a while) • Non verbal cues (Blue Cheongsam, hairband) • Non verbal codes (Body posture and facial expression) • Stereotype (People are not likely to ride on a turtle) 5 EPC Concepts
  27. 27. Girl On A Turtle by Ernest Zacharevic & Martinn Ron
  28. 28. Hand With Apple BY ANOKAYER
  29. 29. Artist Background ANOKAYER
  30. 30. Anokayer • Meet Anokayer, one of the “dopest” graffiti and street-art artists from Kuala Lumpur. Known for his portrait style murals, Anokayer loves to combine elements of pop culture, people and energy in his graffiti work. Cool, calm and tranquil are some of the words we would like to use to describe Anokayer and his masterpieces.
  31. 31. Anokayer • Anokayer is making a name for himself on the walls of different cities in the world especially Melbourne where he resides. Backed by a never ending list of achievements up his sleeves, Anokayer has over the years been involved in projects ranging from small to large walls. Anokayer’s talent extends beyond portrait style as he also covers 3D painting.
  32. 32. About the Artwork BY ANOKAYER
  33. 33. Hand With Apple • At first glance this mural shows a hand reaching out to a disfigured tree. • At the end on one of the branches of the tree there is a single apple thus giving the impression that the hand is itself trying to pick the apple from the tree. • In the back drop we notice that there is also a mountain range covered in dense brush with a single path going round the mountain and further into the picture there is the ocean accompanied by a sunset and clear blue skies. • The mural is contained within a border which mimics a window or the edges of a painting with the tree top and branches sticking out and also leaves as if laying on a window seal.
  34. 34. 5 EPC Concepts
  35. 35. 5 EPC Concepts • Non verbal Communication • Passive Perception • Interpretation(Internal state) • Selective attention • Feedback
  36. 36. Air Floating Fantasy BY THE SLIZ
  37. 37. Artist Background THE SLIZ
  38. 38. The Sliz - CV • b. 1987, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia EDUCATION • 2011Secret School of Self-Taught Artists, BA AWARDS • 2013(Nominated) Best Solo Graffiti Artist, MY Hip Hop Awards Malaysia
  39. 39. The Sliz biography • Expertise include: design, illustration, graffiti, mural, stonemasonry, carpentry, freehand lettering, architectural 3D images, architectural drawings, prop-making, vector graphics. • The Sliz is a street artist and creator, can be found scavenging around to steal ideas mostly around Klang Valley, particularly Subang Jaya, where he spent his adolescent years mingling with street art as a rookie. Not really an 'out there' kind of individual, if you don't get to see The Sliz himself in person, you'll surely won't miss catching a few white rabbits being sprayed onto walls, luring you into The Secret Hideout, an idea created to celebrate the endless possibilities of imagination, curiosity, and collectiveness within the local art scene that involves the artists and audience both as a whole, while propagating local talents, events and awareness.
  40. 40. Artist Statement • Acquired formal education through his bachelor studies in architecture from a local university in 2011, He decided to become a full-time architecture-heretic and jumped head first into doing art full time and being a freelance designer. Given his background & experience working in design & architecture firms, he have an eye for detail and precision in his stroke, order and proportions, but at the same time embraces the rawness and imperfections in every drip, smudge and splatter in my artistic executions. This duality of thought, to me, is called controlled-chaos. he also constantly try to convey his storytelling through subliminal messages and sarcastic mockery in his images. • Mediums: I strongly believe in being in the moment, to work with whatever i have at a particular time to achieve a certain emotion i'd want to instigate into my audience's minds.
  41. 41. • Escape from luwak plantation, mojo cafe, 2012 • dive expo pwtc, 2012 • canvas of nature, Galeri Rumah terang publika, 2012 • canvas of nature, pj hotel 2012 • stellar anniversary party art showcase, red bungalow 2013 • Kertas open exhibition, publika 2013 • art of speed, citta mall, 2013 • Kuala Lumpur Jazz Festival, Universiti Malaya, 2013 • CAFFA coffee convention group exhibition, Publika, 2013 • 9tv cover on local graffiti scene, 2012 • Al – Safiyyah tv show segment about graffiti, 9tv, 2013 • various live paintings and graffiti demos from 2012 till present The Sliz Air floating fantasy EXHIBITION
  42. 42. About the ArtworkBY THE SLIZ
  43. 43. Life is full of adventure, one way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. If we dare to explore, it’s full of possibilities and wonders. It is the matter of time that we would make our dream come true. The spirit of exploration is like a spell that fulfil our longing hearts. Only those who risk to go further can possibly find out how far they can go. Air Floating Fantasy
  44. 44. Time is a good teacher that teaches us all things pertaining life. Time is a companion that reminds us to cherish each moment, because it well never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. Every challenger and exploration that we have encountered would give us strength and wisdom to achieve bigger dreams in our life. Don’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life is meant to be.” — Steve Pavlina Air Floating Fantasy
  45. 45. 5 EPC Concepts
  46. 46. 5 EPC Concepts • Non – Verbal Messages (Adventure of Life) • Non – Verbal Communication (Inclined Backward, Falling Down) • Interpretation (Human Being with ball round shape) • Space (Distance between the two people) • Perception Process (Figure and Ground) (Looks like a fish but its greenery on the left and soil on right)
  47. 47. Thank You! THE END