Kingston Greenline & Ulster County Trails Summit - Hudson River Valley Greenway


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Beth Campochiaro and Scott Keller of Hudson River Valley Greenway presented a summary of the Greenway Trail and funding and technical support opportunities available through the Greenway Conservancy. Scott also presented and overview of the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail.

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Kingston Greenline & Ulster County Trails Summit - Hudson River Valley Greenway

  1. 1. The Greenway Trail The Greenway Act of 1991 calls for the creation and designation of a Hudson River Trail from the Capital District to NYC on both sides of the Hudson River. The Greenway Trail System includes: – Riverside Trails: 268.96 miles – Countryside Corridors: 49.60 miles – Connector Trails: 22.06 miles – Hudson River Greenway Water Trail: 256 miles – State Bike Route 9: 147.00 miles
  2. 2. Goals of Greenway Trail Program • Provide physical and visual access to the Hudson River • Promote and preserve the Hudson’s Valley natural, historic, cultural, recreational, scenic, and agricultural resources through trail linkages • Contribute to the economic development of local communities • Promote community driven, voluntary process for establishing trails • Encourage the development of local trails that link to major trail corridors, forming larger area and regional networks
  3. 3. How the Greenway Can Help • Provide technical assistance for planning and developing trails • Provide funding for Greenway Trail development • Offer conferences and workshops for trail groups • Sponsor special events to highlight the significance of Greenway Trails at the local and regional level • Recognize and support local trails through Greenway Trail Designation
  4. 4. Conservancy Small Grant Program • Trail planning and design projects • Trail construction and rehabilitation projects • Trail interpretation and education projects • Competitive grant program • Priority placed on those projects that will develop sections identified in the Draft Greenway Trail Vision Plan, and improve or interpret designated trails • Funding ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 • Greater amounts available for intermunicipal projects
  5. 5. • A long distance, recreational waterway between specific points, made up of access, day use, and camping sites for the boating public. • New York has 1,200 miles of interconnected, operational water trails—NYS Canals, Lake Champlain, NY City. • HRGWT has 97 sites (110 with NYS Canals) and covers 256 miles from Hadley and Whitehall south to Battery Park in Manhattan. • Economic Benefits: $27 to $135/day/paddler. • Access Points: Launches & Landings (10 miles, both sides) • Campsites: (Overnight Accommodations, 15 miles, 1 side) • Day Use Sites: Destinations--Natural Areas, Historic Sites, Downtowns—wherever we can find them! • In Kingston/Esopus/Ulster/Rhinebeck there are 10 designated sites. Hudson River Greenway Water Trail A National Water Trail