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DNA GreenDesign a profile of capabilities


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Who are we
What we do
Where are we
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DNA GreenDesign a profile of capabilities

  1. 1. We are<br />LEED®<br />Sustainable Design<br />Project Management<br />Construction Management<br />Integrated Project Delivery<br />©DNA Green Design 2009<br />
  2. 2. OUR HISTORY<br />We were once part of an Australian-based practice that started in 1984, but have been independent since 1999. We are now a single practice, devoted to providing excellent interior solution services for corporations across the Asia Pacific region.<br />We are about 80-plus people strong, from India to China, in Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere. We are organized into 3 Business Groups : Far East Asia, South East Asia and India, each led by a business driven and client-focused Group Leader.<br />We have a solid track record through regional frameworks and understandings, serving multi-national companies exceeding their workspace objectives. Many are Fortune 500 firms, others are new IPO stepping out into Asia for the first time. We practice sustainable design, incorporating green objectives and elements into the space, mandated to minimize impact on the environment. We help those seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.<br />
  3. 3. OUR MISSION<br />DNA GreenDesign is in the business of delivering sustainable value added, seamless interior solutions across the Asia Pacific region for a small profile of multi-national clients.<br />Our core relationship style has always been to partner up with our Clients, to share the pains and the gains. <br />We are an organic community that strives for professionalism, transparency, accountability and having fun.<br />Prime Representative: Steve Khouw, Principal<br />: :<br />( : +852 2838 3280<br /> F2 : +852 2838 3281<br />* : Suite 1103 Valley Centre <br />80-82 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR<br />
  4. 4. OUR COMMITMENT<br />Within the Asia Pacific region, our practice is a recognized leading green interior design space transformer, passionate in practical sustainable planning, design and construction practice. The foundation to our solution is a careful balance of your corporate mandate with regards to:<br />In pursuits of green objectives we also focus on specific work place productivity drivers such as thermal comfort, optimizing natural daylight, ensuring for good indoor air quality, managing lighting and mitigating temperature gradient. Indirectly such green environment is a visible investment in employee morale and teamwork, and a tangible outcome of improved retention and reduced absenteeism.<br />
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES<br />Our principal practice is the provision of sustainable space planning, interior design and project management services on behalf of a small portfolio of progressive global corporate accounts in the Asia Pacific region. <br />Our strength is in execution, project and construction management, coupled with strong architectural resources. We have many specializations, such as building best-in-class contact centers, R&D and BPO facilities. DNA also provides advisory services through publications, active researches and consulting assignments. <br />Moreover, while we hunt for cost savings, our approach is never purely cost driven, whereby the emphasis is on what we save or spend. Instead, we are organized like you as a corporation, business driven. Subsequently, in a business driven workplace, the goal is to become more competitive, not just reduce cost.<br />Project Management<br />Integrated Project Delivery<br />Advisory Services<br />Construction Management<br />Architecture *<br />Interior Design<br />LEED Certification<br />* India & China only<br />
  6. 6. OUR METHOD Integrated Project Delivery<br />CONVENTIONAL<br />PARTNERING<br />BEST IN CLASS<br />Client<br />Client<br />DNA & consultants<br />Client<br />DNA & consultants<br />Principal Contractor<br />DNA<br />Other consultants<br />Principal Contractor<br />Principal Contractor<br />Adversarial<br />Contract Based<br />Cooperative<br />Process Focus<br />Cooperative<br />Performance Motive<br /><ul><li>First project accepted
  7. 7. Individual disjointed, planning & goal setting
  8. 8. Cost driven
  9. 9. Lowest cost or low price
  10. 10. Punitive expectations
  11. 11. Separate teams responsible for separate functions
  12. 12. Meet budget & time objectives
  13. 13. Subsequent projects
  14. 14. High end planning, Client & DNA only
  15. 15. Business driven
  16. 16. “Relationship” price
  17. 17. Value adding expectations
  18. 18. Teamwork in planning and control
  19. 19. Exceed budget & time objectives significantly
  20. 20. Subsequent projects
  21. 21. Shared planning, all key parties
  22. 22. Mutual goals driven
  23. 23. Performance price
  24. 24. Performance measured
  25. 25. Inter-party teamwork, </li></ul> shared communiqué<br /><ul><li>Continuous improvement relative to benchmarked budget & time objectives</li></li></ul><li>OUR OFFICES<br />DNA has a wide coverage of the Asia Pacific region via Solution Centres, Project Centres and Associate Centres located in key strategic cities. Our local people are well versed with local knowledge and speak the local language. In practice, with the aid of internet technology, we share the work with all operating centres.<br />Tokyo<br />Seoul<br />Beijing<br />Shanghai<br />Hong Kong<br />New Delhi<br />Manila<br />Bengaluru<br />Singapore<br />Jakarta<br />Solution Centre<br />Project Centre<br />Associate Centre<br />
  26. 26. OUR CONTACTS<br />We welcome enquires. For further background information or to meet our team, please contact the relevant spokesperson below.<br />For all other enquiries, project opportunities, media communiqué, strategic proposition, please refer to Steve Khouw with contact details on page 3.<br />Far East Asia<br />Hong Kong<br />Seoul *<br />Shanghai<br />Beijing *<br />Tokyo *<br />Far East Asia<br />Contact: Jeffrey Zee<br />Location: Shanghai<br />Telephone: +86 21 6102 5793<br />Email: <br />South East Asia<br />Contact: Raymond Low<br />Location: Singapore<br />Telephone: +65 6220 1223<br />Email:<br />South East Asia<br />Jakarta *<br />Manila *<br />Singapore<br />India<br />Contact: Subramanya Hande<br />Location: Bangalore<br />Telephone: +91 80 4153 3300<br />Email:<br /><ul><li>Associate centre</li></ul>India<br />Bengaluru<br />New Delhi<br />Mumbai *<br />