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Coming up with a good startup idea


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Finding startup ideas. Prepared for intro lecture in the class "Creating New Business" as Chalmers University of Technology.

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Coming up with a good startup idea

  1. 1.  Coming  up  with  a  good  startup  idea                   Henrik  Berglund   Chalmers  University  of  Technology   Center  for  Business  Innova8on   @khberglund     2013-­‐10-­‐24   1  
  2. 2. Three  heuris8cs  (can  be  combined)   1.  Solve  a  problem  you  have  yourself   2.  Choose  a  market  you  would  like  to  serve,           find  out  what  problem  those  people  have   3.  Clone/tweak  what  works  elsewhere  
  3. 3. 1)  Solve  a  problem  you  have  yourself  
  4. 4. Ask  yourselves   Why  doesn't  someone  make  X?   If  someone  made  X  we'd  buy  it  in  a  second!       Are  you  “ahead  of  the  curve”  on  some  dimension?     If  so,  your  problems/needs  may  be  common  in  the  future.  
  5. 5. 2)  Choose  a  market  you  would  like  to  serve     find  out  what  problem  those  people  have  
  6. 6. Who  do  you  want  to  work  with?    
  7. 7. What  problems  do  they  have?   Talk  to  people  (you  probably  know  some)     Search  forums,  twiTer,  Facebook  and  blog  post   for  common  complaints  and  problems  (and  ask  to   contact  them)    
  8. 8. Polled  his  blog  readers  for  1  or  2  favorite  cook  books  
  9. 9. Polled  his  blog  readers  for  1  or  2  favorite  cook  books   Selected  books  with  4,5  or  higher  on  Amazon  
  10. 10. Polled  his  blog  readers  for  1  or  2  favorite  cook  books   Selected  books  with  4,5  or  higher  on  Amazon   Read  most  helpful  reviews:  what  is  missing?  
  11. 11. Polled  his  blog  readers  for  1  or  2  favorite  cook  books   Selected  books  with  4,5  or  higher  on  Amazon   Read  most  helpful  reviews:  what  is  missing?   Gross  list  of  recepies/items  for  his  new  book  
  12. 12. 3)  Clone/tweak  what  works  elsewhere  
  13. 13. Copying  is  generally  good  advice  
  14. 14. Copy  80%     Innovate  20%  
  15. 15. Copy  99%     Innovate  1%  
  16. 16. In  sum   1.  Solve  a  problem  you  have  yourself   2.  Choose  a  market  you  would  like  to  serve,           find  out  what  problem  those  people  have   3.  Clone/tweak  what  works  elsewhere  
  17. 17. Tools   hTp://­‐and-­‐blogs-­‐for-­‐ entrepreneurs/     hTp:// managing-­‐startups-­‐best-­‐posts-­‐of-­‐2012.html     hTp://­‐jerky/     (more  of  a  fun  example)    
  18. 18. Ideas  used  in  this  presenta8on   hTp://   hTp://­‐risk-­‐entrepreneurship/   hTp://­‐to-­‐trac8on   hTp://­‐for-­‐a-­‐startup-­‐idea-­‐first-­‐pick-­‐your-­‐market/          
  19. 19. Tack!                   Henrik  Berglund   Chalmers  University  of  Technology   Center  for  Business  Innova8on   @khberglund     2013-­‐10-­‐24   33