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Sun oracletechupdate emea2008

  1. 1. Oracle and Sun Technology Initiatives Update April 2008Khader Mohiuddin, Technology Product ManagerMarket Development, Menlo Park, CADoug Denny, Partner Sales ManagerPartner Sales Organisation, GSSOracle-Sun AllianceSun Microsystems Inc.,
  2. 2. Agenda• Oracle/Sun technical roadmap• Solaris SPARC and x64 technology adoption with Oracle• Virtualization adoption across Oracle db and apps (Solaris Containers, LDoms, Sun xVM )• Knowledge sharing roadmap ( Oracle CEpedia) and ACEs recruitment to Oracle CEpedia community• Key Sun-Oracle Performance benchmarks• MySQL roadmap• Q& A
  3. 3. Oracle-Sun Alliance Teams• Sun MD ( Market Development) Oracle > Paul Milo – Manager –Marketing and Technology > Khader Mohiuddin – Technology Product Manager > Laurie D Angelo – Marketing Manager• Partner Sales Team for Oracle > Mike Seto – Partner Executive > John Vakos – Partner Sales Manager – Americas > Doug Denny – Partner Sales Manager – EMEA > Nitin Kotian – Partner Sales Manager - APAC
  4. 4. Oracle Sun Alliance team (Contd)• ISV-E : Oracle core team > Ezhilan Narasimhan- Technical lead > Niel Hanes – Program Manager > Nancy Ireland – Program Manager > Rajesh Mistry – APAC tech representative > Giri Mandalika – Standard benchmarks > Devika Gollapudi – Support lead > Core team leader – Sujeet Vasudevan• ISV-E Oracle virtual team > BJ West,Nagendra Nagarajayya, Roman Ivanov, Hans Nijbacker, Mayur Shetty, Arathi Krishnaiyengar, Ravi Kota, Viet Pham
  5. 5. Sun and Oracle: Over 25 Years ofVisionary Alignment Sun SPARC Enterprise ™ systems Intel® Xeon Network File First SPARC® Reference System (NFS) server Solaris™ configuratioSun on x86 Sun StorageTek™Work ns Sun x64 serversStation Liberty Suns x64 Oracle Sun UltraSPARC EnterpriseOptimized Alliance T1 processor and systems Warehouse Project servers1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 20081980 Oracle 5.0 Oracle Oracle Oracle 8i Oracle on Oracle Project and 5.1 for Massively Internet- with JVM Oracle eBus AMD 64/ Fusion apps to Oracle Suite Cert. be Java-based reduces Client/Server Parallel Centric Configs on Sun Solaris x86 multi-core Processing Business Oracle selects pricing (MPP) Vision; Oracle 9i RAC Solaris 10 as Business its preferred Oracle Components Certified Configs 64-bit App announces for Java™ Oracle 10g Development 11g Oracle 9i Environment with Oracle Java J2EE™ New Oracle Development pricing structure Tools for multi-core based systems
  6. 6. Oracle-Sun Tech alliance Meetings• Sun MD/ISV-E and Oracle meetings > Oracle Server Technologies Eng - biweekly > Oracle EBS – biweekly > 11g DB port on Solaris x64 – execution, and status meetings weekly > PeopleSoft – weekly, and monthly review > SPECJAppserver benchmark - bi-weekly > Oracle EBS benchmark - bi-weekly > Quarterly Benchmark Review in place > Hardware meetings with several Oracle BU’s
  7. 7. Sun Top porting objectives• Oracle database (with options – RAC, DB Vault etc)• Oracle fusion middleware• Oracle EBS applications suite• Oracle Retail applications• Oracle Siebel CRM• Oracle Business Intelligence suite• Oracle Peoplesoft/JDE Applications
  8. 8. Technology Adoption Process• Business Justification • customer demand • Feasibility • Joint benefits• Resource ( hardware, engineering)• Joint Agreement• Port/Optimize/Benchmark• GTM plan - Sell
  9. 9. Oracle Enterprise Apps porting status Oracle Product Group Priority Type of App S10 SPARC S10 x64 Oracle E-business Suite 1 Ent App     Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise 1 Ent App     Oracle Siebel 1 Ent App     Oracle Fusion Applications 1 Ent App     Oracle Demantra 1 Ent App - Demand Planning     Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 2 Ent App     Oracle JD Edwards World 2 Ent App     Oracle RETEK 2 Ent App     Oracle RETEK Profit Logic 2 Ent App - Retail     Oracle RETEK 360 Comm 2 Ent App - Supply Chain     Oracle Hyperion Analytics 2 Ent App - Perf Mgmt     Oracle Agile 2 Ent App - PLM     Oracle Telephony @ Work 2 Ent App - CRM IP     Oracle Portal (infranet 7.2) 2 Ent App     Oracle iFlex 3 Ent App - Finance     Oracle G-Log 3 Ent App - Logistics     Oracle Siebel eDocs 3 Ent App - Web Doc Delivery     Oracle SPL 3 Ent App - Utility Software     Oracle HotSip 3 Ent App - Serv Del Plat     Oracle Net4Call 4 Ent App - Serv Del Plat     Oracle Siebel Eontec 4 Ent App - Banking - Teller     Oracle Siebel Motiva 4 Ent App - Incentive Comp     Oracle TempoSoft 4 Ent App - Work Force Mgmt     Oracle Sigma Dyamics 4 Ent App - BI Tools     Oracle MetaSolv 4 Ent App - Business Process     Oracle Siebel Ineto 4 Ent App - Telephony Integration     Oracle Siebel On Demand (upshot) 4 Ent App - Online CRM    
  10. 10. Oracle Database and Middleware Porting Status Database Group   Oracle Product Group Priority Type of App S10 SPARC S10 x64 Oracle DB 11g 1 DB     Oracle DB 11g RAC 1 DB Option     Oracle Enterprise Manager 1 DB Monitoring     Oracle DB Audit vault 1 DB Option     Oracle Warehouse Builder 1 DB Option     Oracle SAGE 1 DB Option     Oracle TimesTen 1 In mem db     Oracle DB Lite edition 1 DB Option     Oracle Berkeley DB (sleepycat) 2 Sleepycat     Oracle Secure backup 1 DB Option     Oracle Secure Enterprise search(triplehop) 2 Search, triple hop     Fusion Middleware Applications   Oracle Product Group Priority Type of App S10 SPARC S10 x64 Oracle Application server 1 Fusion -     Oracle Business Intelligence Suite(Siebel Analytics) 1 Fusion -     Oracle Collaboration Suite 1 Fusion Option     Oracle Identity Mgmt Suite( oblix, thor, etc) 1 Fusion -     Oracle Content Mgmt (Stellent) 1 Fusion - Content Mgmt     Oracle Data Integrator (Sunopsis) 1 Fusion - Data Integration     Oracle SOA Suite 1 Fusion     Oracle BPA Suite 1 Fusion     Oracle EDA Suite 1 Fusion     Oracle Coherence ( tangosol) 2 Fusion     Oracle MDM suite 1 Master data mgmt , data hubs     Oracle Portal 1 Fusion     Oracle Service Delivery Platform 1 Fusion     Oracle Webcenter 2 Fusion    
  11. 11. Tech roadmap Oracle database• current release for SPARC and x64• SPARC projected May 2008• x64 projected end of CY2008• SPARC current release• 11.2.x.x x64 projected end of CY2008• terminal release of 10g db projected end of CY2009 for both SPARC & x64
  12. 12. Tech Roadmap Oracle Fusion Middleware• 11g SPARC projected July 2008• 11g x64 projected – hard dependancy on 11g database on x64
  13. 13. Tech Roadmap : Current E-Business SuiteOfferings • E-Business Suite 11i > Sun Solaris SPARC > Sun Solaris x64 (database tier only split config) >Oracle Database • E-Business Suite R12 > Sun Solaris SPARC
  14. 14. Tech Roadmap: Future E-Business SuiteOfferings • E-Business Suite 11i > Sun Solaris SPARC >Certification with database 11g > Sun Solaris x64 (database tier only) >Certification with database >Certification with database 11g • E-Business Suite R12 > Certification with database 11g
  15. 15. Sun and Fusion Applications • Sun Solaris SPARC will be a core platform for Fusion • Fusion Middleware and Database 11g • Plan ahead to optimize on Sun platform, provided T5220 servers to porting team at Oracle
  16. 16. Tech Roadmap Oracle Retail• RGBU – Oracle Retail global business unit – collective name for apps from 360 commerce, Retek & profit logic.• In negotiations with RGBU for porting to Solaris 10, got commitment• Oracle Retail v13 on Solaris 10 SPARC projected July 2008• Legacy apps v9 to v12 currently on Solaris 9 will be certified on Solaris 10
  17. 17. Tech Roadmap for Siebel CRM• Current release on Solaris 10 SPARC is Siebel version 8• Optimised for CMT, world record benchmarks available• Sun Identity Management suite 7.1 integration with Siebel CRM suite 7.8 and 8.0 – Completed, whitepaper available on• Sun cluster certified with Siebel CRM• Siebel port to Solaris x64 – Siebel not willing to take on due to lack of customer demand
  18. 18. Tech Roadmap: PeopleSoft• Current release 8.49 available on Solaris 10 SPARC, x64 port in negotiation Solaris 9 Solaris 10 Oracle 10gR2 (+RAC) 10gR2 (+RAC) 10gR1 (+RAC) 10gR1 (+RAC) 9i 9i (+RAC) DB2 8.2 8.2 Sybase 15, 12.5 15, 12.5 Informix 10, 9.4 10, 9.4
  19. 19. Tech Roadmap – JD Edwards EI SP 23 8.96 8.97 (Xe/8.0) (8.9+)OAS 10.1.3.* Certification   WAS 6.1 Certification   8.12 Sun Sizing (T2000) Solaris 10 (SPARC)   Solaris 9 (SPARC)   Solaris 8 (SPARC)   Sun Studio 11 (Sun C 5.8)   Sun Studio 10 (Sun C 5.7)   Sun Studio 9 (Sun C 5.6)   Sun Studio 8 (Sun C 5.5)   
  20. 20. Compatibility between JDE EnterpriseOne Tools andApplications Releases Tools Releases SP SP 8.9 8.9 8.9 8.9 8.9Apps 22 23 3 4 5 6Releases Xe   8.0   8.9      8.10     8.11    8.11   SP1 8.12  Platform certifications are tied to the Tools releases
  21. 21. Summary of E1 Queued Projects SP 23 8.96 8.97 (Xe/8.0) (8.9+)8.97 Stress & Trending * Sun Studio 12   Oracle 11g Database TBD TBD TBDOracle 11g Application Server TBD TBD TBDWAS 7.0 Certification TBD TBD TBD * Dependent on E1 hardware request
  22. 22. Current Porting initiatives• Oracle 11g db port to Solaris x64• Oracle retail apps v9 to v13 to Solaris 10 SPARC• Containers and LDom certifications• Hyperion Analytics 9 to Solaris x64• Oracle EBS R12 to Solaris x64• Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware ( SPARC projected, x64 planning)
  23. 23. Key Certifications Projects• Database > Oracle SI and RAC LDoms > Oracle RAC in Solaris Containers > Oracle RAC in Solaris containers with Sun Cluster > RDS over IB on x86 (in progress) > RDS over IB on SPARC (scheduled) > 10gE interconnect Certified > ZFS single instance (scoping) > Etude (Solaris 8 Migration Assitant• Application Server > LDOM (in progress)
  25. 25. Sun’s investment• 8 FTEs Incremental for Porting and QA > 1 ISVE FTE available in IDC• Sun to provide 7 FTE ramping up based on the project plan• HW/Servers: 2 CPU/32GB RAM/300GB HDD, located in US ( Austin or Redwood Shores data center) > 2 each for build, and shiphome > 6 for QA including Oracle RAC• Program management
  26. 26. Oracle’s investment• Oracle Internal/Porting Training to the Sun engineers• Oracle does project management for the release• Oracle reviews and validates the code changes and test results• Assumptions : > DB 11.2 on Solaris SPARC64 complete at least 30 days before the expected release on Solaris x86-64 > DB 11.2 code for SPARC64 forms the code base for the Solaris x86-64 port > The contents of DB11.2 on Solaris x86-64 is subject to change
  27. 27. Oracle Database 11gR2 – High Level Plan/Model RESOURCE M AJOR M ILESTONES TIM ELINE RAM P UP OWNERSHIP COM M ENTS Sun agrees on Contract w ith staffing providers in India. Potential RECRUITMENT Dec07 Sun/Oracle candidates interview ed by Oracle and Sun and finalized Includes Source and Netw ork Access Agreements, Badges for AGREEMENTS/APPROVALS Jan08 Sun/Oracle STAFFING engineers coming on board, seating arrangements etc. Sun agrees on Contract w ith staffing providers in India. Potential HARDWARE RECEIVED Dec07 Sun/Oracle candidates interview ed by Oracle and Sun and finalized Includes Source and Netw ork Access Agreements, Badges for HARDWARE SETUP Jan08 Sun/Oracle HARDWARE engineers coming on board, seating arrangements etc. ORACLE Initial training using SPARC code and follow ed by Hands on training w ith March08 4 Oracle INTERNALS/PORTING initial MAIN line builds on Solaris X64 FIRST DB 2008 BUILD ON Completed as part of the training process. Also needed to bootstrap March08 4 Oracle TRAINING SOLARIS X64 Automation (builds) - Resources needed for building and issue resolution Includes Integration Farm infrastructure & UIP implementation and first BUILD AUTOMATION April08 4 Oracle RDBMS and component label generation SHIPHOME AUTOMATION May08 5 Oracle The team w ill fix issues arising out of builds, shiphomes and automation REGRESSION TESTING May08 5 Oracle Enables regression tests to run automated on the farmAUTOM ATION AUTOMATION FIRST ROUND LRGS Regression testing runs on the farm, triaging and fixing issues in the June08 8 Oracle COMPLETE product. Som manual testing in parallel FIRST ROUND INSTALL Includes automation of install testing tests and regressions running on July08 8 Oracle TESTING COMPLETE the server farm BASE RELEASE CANDIDATE Aug08 8 Oracle Release Candidate label for DB 2008 LABEL AVAILABLE FINAL BUILD ON SOLARIS Sept08 8 Oracle Release Candidate build X64 FINAL SHIPHOME ON Sept08 8 Oracle Release Candidate build SOLARIS X64 RELEASE FINAL LABEL TESTING ON Oct08 8 Oracle Includes System Testing, Regressions, RAC Destructive testingDEVELOPM ENT SOLARIS X64 AND RELEASE COMPLETE Oct08 8 Oracle Includes testing, documentation, Media Testing completetion TESTING
  28. 28. Solaris ISV Applications Support60005500 5,8555000 30-60% more 4,9974500 applications4000 available35003000 3,27325002000 2,460 2,3401500 1,9271000 1,414 500 0 Solaris 10 Solaris 10 Solaris 10 HP-UX 11i RHEL 3 RHEL 4 AIX 5L 5.3 (All)* (SPARC) (x86) (All) (x86) (x86) (System p) * Number of unique applications shipping that support Solaris 10 (no double counting across architectures)
  29. 29. Virtualization tech adoption across Oracle• Sun currently has 4 technologies that can be used to achieve virtualization > Dynamic System Domains > Solaris Containers > LDoms (paravirtualization – hypervisor in FW) > Sun xVM (Ops Center and Server)
  30. 30. Sun Virtualization InnovationsA History of Innovation in Virtualization...Sun Sun Sun Sun 1st 1 st 1 st 1st NFS Multi- Dynamic Automated Solaris Predictive Solaris Level System Dynamic Containers Self Containers Security Domains Recon- Healing 2.0 (MLS) figuration Solaris 1 Solaris 10 FUTURE 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 Solaris Java Sun Resource Virtual 1st Chip Multi-threading Manager Machine & Logical Domains ZFSFrom Solaris 1 through Solaris 10.
  31. 31. Industry Leading Server VirtualizationHard Partitions Virtual MachinesOS VirtualizationResource Management App Identit File Web Mail Web SunRa App Serve r Database y Server Serve r Serve r Serve r Calendar Server Database Serve r y Server Database Serve r App OS Server Multiple OSs Single OS Trend to flexibility Trend to isolation Dynamic System Sun xVM Solaris Containers Solaris Resource Domains (LDoms and Xen) (Zones + SRM) Manager Solaris Trusted Extensions (SRM)> Very High RAS VMware> Very Scalable Microsoft Solaris Containers for> Mature Technology Linux Applications > Very scalable and low overhead> Ability to run different Virtual Server > Single OS to manage VirtualBox Solaris8 Migration > Fine grained resource OS versions Assistant management
  32. 32. Sun & Oracle virtualization (contd)• DSD has been around for several years and applies to the Sun’s enterprise class servers only. Oracle db is being used with it• Containers – Oracle db (non-RAC) is certified, RAC certification in progress• Each Oracle application has a separate stand on containers or LDoms certification and support. Details can be found on Oracle CEpedia• LDoms is Sun’s partitioning technology that is built into the firmware of the CMT processors ( UltraSPARC T1 and T2). Oracle db ( SI and RAC) has been tested and works well.Work is in progress to achieve formal certification from Oracle.
  33. 33. Is a LDom hard or soft partition ?• Partitions created using Sun LDom’s technology meet the hard partition category as outlined by Oracle
  34. 34. Virtualization : LDoms Vs LPARS Sun IBM System SPARC/CMT IBM eServer pSeries and iSeries LPAR (enhanced with Dynamic LPAR and Micro- Product Name Logical Domains - LDoms partitioning) Method of Para-virtualization (Hypervisor implemented in Para-virtualization (Hypervisor implemented in operation firmware) firmware) Partition Type Hard Hard N/A (require Hardware Management Console, Host OS Solaris 10 HMC) AIX (5.1-LPAR for POWER4; 5.2-DLPAR for Solaris 10, Solaris Express Developer Edition, Guest OS POWER4 & POWER5; 5.3 Micro-partitioning for Open Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD POWER5), Linux, i5/OS 1/10 of a processor and increments of 1/100th of a th Granularity CPU thread, up to 128 guests processor; up to 254 partitions Processor Partitioned at thread level, capped Partitioned at 1/10th processor level, capped resources Memory Separately assigned to partitions Separately assigned to partitions IO Direct-IO (not shared), or Virtual (shared) Direct-IO (not shared) or Virtual (shared) Virtual Devices Disk, Network, Console Disk, Network, Console IBM Director with Virtualization management Management CLI, XML, MIB, libvirt extensions
  35. 35. Team Goal• Certification of LDoms with Oracle Database technologies ( Single Instance and RAC)• Oracle-Sun Joint Best practice whitepaper
  36. 36. NDA Notification•This presentation contains information related to projects that are currently in planning and/ordevelopment stages. This information represents the current intentions of Sun Microsystems, Inc.However, all aspects of these projects, including, but not limited to funding, availability, shippingdates, configurations, capacities, performance, and all other characteristics are subject to changeand/or cancellation without notice.•This material is confidential to Sun Microsystems and should be disclosed to non-employeesonly under the terms of an executed confidential-disclosure agreement.•Distribution of this material to Sun Field Representatives should be done through the GSO CDAprocess. Under no circumstances should these roadmaps be given directly to a Sun FieldRepresentative.•The information contained herein is considered privileged, confidential and protected fromdisclosure. If you are not the intended recipient or their employee/agent responsible for itsdelivery, you are requested to refrain from any duplication or distribution of this message or itscontents, in respect of the rights of the designated recipient and sender and to delete it from yourcomputer.
  37. 37. Industrys Most Highly ThreadedServersMaximum Threading =Higher Throughput, Greater Energy & Space Efficiency Batoka 4RU Up to 256 Threads Maramba 1 / 2U Up to 128 Threads Huron 1 / 2U St Paul / Glendale Up to 64 Threads Niagara 1 and 2 blades (T5120 & T5220)
  38. 38. Business Case •Suns CMT server product line offers the possibilityto create upto 64 logical domains within one physicalserver – The Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers T5120 &T5220 •This will increase to 256 virtual domains in the future •Customers want to use Sun LDoms technology withtheir Oracle databases ( single and RAC)>Better utilization of resources>Hard partitioning •Customers want statement that Ldoms/Oraclecombination is supported
  39. 39. Customer demand•UBS•Lufthansa•PNC•Royal Bank of Scotland•Digica ( UK based outsourcing company)•Benetton•Nokia Siemens ( Ldoms with Sun cluster)•Unicredit
  40. 40. Logical Domains• SPARC-CMT HW based virtualization built on top of sun4v Hypervisor• Partitioning capability > Create virtual machines each with LDom 1 LDom 2 LDom 3 LDom 4 sub-set of resources Solaris Solaris 10 Solaris 10 Solaris 10 > Protection & Isolation Express App using HW+FW App App App App• Delivered as components App App App App of Solaris, SPARC FW, App Zone Zone 1 Zone 2 and LDoms Manager App Hypervisor SPARC-CMT CPU Hardware CPU CPU CPU CPU Shared CPU, Memory, IO Mem Mem Mem Mem I/O
  41. 41. Fundamentals •Hypervisor is part of machine FW running on baremetal •This is paravirtualization; Modified OS on top ofsun4v hypervisor. Less overhead, better performance •Hypervisor & stable sun4v interface decouples newplatforms from OS releases •Each VM appears as an entirely independentmachine>Its own kernel, patches, tuning parameters>Its own user accounts, administrators>Its own IO: disk and network (IP addr, MAC ID)
  42. 42. CPU & Memory •CPU and memory are “partitioned” by LDoms •SPARC-CMT hardware threads are expressed asvirtual CPUs •Allocated to guests via the LDoms manager •Dynamic reconfiguration is supported (CPU today, IOand Memory in later release)
  43. 43. Logical Domain Roles •Control domain - Creates and manages other logicaldomains and services by communicating with thehypervisor.>This is where the LDoms Manager application runs>Usually acting as a IO/Service domain also •IO/Service domain – Has direct ownership and access toIO devices and shares these with other logical domains inthe form of virtual devices; also provides services, such asa virtual network switch or console to other logical domains. •Guest domain - Uses services from the IO/Servicedomain(s) and is managed by the control domain. This iswhere the users typically run their workloads
  44. 44. Virtualized I/O - LDoms Today Guest Domain IO/Service Domain App Device Driver App /pci@B/qlc@6 App App Virtual Device Nexus Driver Service /pci@B Virtual DevicePrivileged Driver Virtual Nexus I/FHyper Hypervisor Logical Domain Channel (LDC)Privileged I/O MMUHardware PCI I/O Root Bridge PCI B
  45. 45. Redundancy (Multi-path I/O) Service Domain Logical Domain 2 Logical Domain 3 Service Domain App App V-Ether Switch App App App App V-Ether App App Switch V-Ether V-Ether V-Ether Device- Driver Driver Driver Device- Driver Driver Virtual LAN 1b: 192.168.0/24 Virtual LAN 1: 192.168.0/24 I/O Bridge I/O Bridge Gb Gb Ether I/F Ether I/F
  46. 46. Solution: Oracle certification withLDoms •Discussion and scoping •What testing needs to be done to achievecertification>Oracle RAC + Ldoms>Oracle RAC + Ldoms + Sun Cluster•Number of nodes•IO domain Vs Guest domain•Test spec
  47. 47. Next steps •Oracle database single instance and RAC now works within LDoms ( sinceSolaris 10 Update 5). Basic testing has been done at Sun. •Oracle RAC on IO domain will not completely satisfy customer requirements,hence a certification using guest domains should be targeted. •LDoms supports dynamic reconfig of CPU only, memory and storage cannotbe changed. Testing needed in the areas of IO starvation per domain, Dynamicreconfig of CPU (Memory and storage cannot be dynamically reconfigured). •A two phase certification is planned 1) Static 2) Dynamic •A specific test plan needs to be designed for LDoms certification, based oncurrent Ldoms feature set. Paul Tsien, Carol Colrain and Winston Huang willprovide this to Sun. • After test plan is defined, Sun will conduct testing. A whitepaper will begenerated from lessons learned during testing, which will be useful to jointcustomers trying to deploy these two technologies.
  48. 48. Knowledge Management – CEpediaOracle• Driving towards making Oracle CEpedia the place to go for all Oracle-Sun information• This will be the collaborative style cummunity driven knowledge mgmt portal• Currently it has over 50 articles providing key information• Lets build it up…need contribution from customer facing Sun Oracle architects• http://cepedia.sfbay/oracle - ( Sun internal portal)
  49. 49. Oracle-Sun BenchmarksOverview
  50. 50. Oracle Opportunities & Challenges• Traction on CMT Platforms > DB, middleware and apps• Establish Solaris as a viable option on x64 with Oracle• Price/performance leadership on M-Series for DB• Get aligned on RAC• Storage side opportunities
  51. 51. Summary of Work in Process• Benchmarks > Oracle TPC-H on M9000 > SAP-SD with Oracle on Maramba > SPECjappserver on Maramba / Batoka > Oracle TPC-H on Maramba / Batoka• Performance > TPC-E scaling and optimizations on SPARC/x64 > Niagara crypto > Amber Road > 512 threads scaling > Optimizations based on customer escalations
  52. 52. Oracle DB : TPC-H• M9000 > Working on optimising Oracle db 11g on M9000 > At the Sun/Oracle meeting there were 7 outstanding performance issues. Now reduced to issues on 2 queries > With 11gs new query result cache enabled > Throughput running 64 streams (default 7) is 48% better than 10g > Composite metric is 17% better than 10g > Issues: Q9 performance stability, refresh, load times > Currently waiting for REP Storage refresh• VF(Victoria Falls) Platform > Scoping activity in progress
  53. 53. Oracle E-Business SuiteResults • Oracle Applications Payroll 11/i /batch workload on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 > OLTP + Order-to-Cash (O2C) batch + Payroll batch tests – App tier V890 (8 CPU, 32GB) or M4000 (4 CPU, 32GB) av tx resp. time 0.55 sec for 1000 users – Oracle 10gR2 in the DB tier v890 (8 CPU, 32 GB) or x4600 (4 CPU, 32 GB) > Payroll batch tests – T5220 (1 CPU, 8 core),32 GB, 72 payroll threads, 32GB, 5000 users, Hourly throughput – 75757, way ahead of competition• Whats Next? – E-Business R12 medium config for OPL/Huron/Maramba (E)
  54. 54. Oracle Siebel CRM• Siebel CRM 8.0 PSPP > World record 10,000 users benchmark results published• Results - Superior P/P over IBMs – Web-tier, 1x T5120 (1.2 GHz US-T2, 8 GB) – App-tier, 1x T5220 (1.4 GHz US-T2, 32 GB), 1x T5220 (1.2 GHz US-T2, 32 GB), Oracle 11gR1 client – DB-tier, 1x T5120 (1.2 GHz US-T2, 32 GB), 2x STK 6140 (1.068 TB, FC, 15K RPM), Oracle 10gR2 – Sub-second average trx response time for all three components, FINS, eChannel and EAI. – 00_PSPP_On_Solaris.pdf• Whats Next? > Siebel 15K users or more with Maramba
  55. 55. Oracle PeopleSoft / Retail• HRMS, Campus Solutions kits received – Running on Solaris, setup complete, Campus is with 100 users• Whats Next? – Finance, Payroll kits available but not yet ported to Solaris• Oracle Retail v13 > SSC requests as the topmost priority• Whats Next? > Oracle Retail performance team engaged > Scoping in progress > Lack of skillset an issue
  56. 56. Oracle BRM Portal / Timesten• Oracle BRM 7.3 > Field requests driving this project > Completion in April 2008• Oracle Timesten (C) – – Great testimonial from Oracle Timesten product manager for these results, calling for T5220 as ideal platform for deployment
  57. 57. Oracle Business Intelligence• Siebel Analytics > No benchmarks in progress.• History > Siebel Analytics 7.8.4 on Niagara sizing effort; and Oracle BI 10.1.3.x (Siebel Analytics 8.0) 10,000 User Benchmark on SunFire T2000. – Web/App-tier – 5x T2000 (1 GHz US-T1, 16GB) – DB-tier – 1x v880 (8 US-III+ @ 900MHz, 16GB) >• Whats Next? > Latest Siebel Analytics on T2 maybe a good choice
  58. 58. Sun and MySQLWorking with OracleSun Microsystems Inc.
  59. 59. Working With Oracle • Sun is the largest open source contributor > MySQL makes sense as a natural extension for Sun • MYSQL is the fastest growing open source DB > MySQL provides more opportunities for Sun and all its partners > MySQL enables Sun to increase its DB knowledge • There is plenty of space for Oracle and MySQL to work together > MySQL largely focuses on for free and Oracle for fee • Sun continues to make major investments in and promote Oracle DB > Sun is expanding its internal use of Oracle > Sun is Increasing its focus on certifcations, benchmarking, equipment expenditures, GTM funding, escalations, resell, etc Worlds Most Popular Open Source Database
  60. 60. Sun is Committed to Communities
  61. 61. Sun: The Worlds Largest CommercialOpen Source ContributorFlexible and Heterogeneous with Zero Barrier to Exit
  62. 62. Call to Action• Participate actively with ACES community in your region• Channel customers asking for new technology to your PSO rep (
  63. 63. ••• Appendix -->
  64. 64. Sun xVM Server File Web Mail Application Sun xVM Server is an advanced hardware- Server Server Server independent hypervisor, capable of managing Windows, Linux and Solaris. OS • Configuration 1 (Hypervisor) > Solaris, Linux, and Windows support Serverx86/x64 Industry-Standard Servers > Predictive Self-Healing, Dtrace, Security File Web Mail Server Server Server Application • Configuration 2 (LDOMs) > Solaris or Linux guest domains OS > Solaris or Linux Control Domain > Ultra lightweight hypervisor in the Server firmware Sun Fire CoolThreads Servers
  65. 65. Solaris vs. OpenSolaris • Enterprise • Developers, early • Unmatched level of adopters, redshift support • Latest Solaris • Long release cycle innovations (3-5 years, with • Short release cycle quarterly updates) (every 6 months)
  66. 66. Sun Oracle 10g Grid RA BeingUpdated for 11g ApplicationManagement Servers Server Terminal Console Database Servers StorageMost Productive Joint Global GTM Effort: 40 Customer -workshops delivered by