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Comparing & Scaling Problem 3 2 Bt


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Comparing & Scaling Problem 3 2 Bt

  1. 1. Agenda Tuesday, Feb. 23 Homework C&S p. 41 # 4 - 9 Correct homework. Sascha's Bike Ride - Problem 3.2
  2. 8. Problem 3.2 Write down EXACTLY what you know about Sascha’s trip. Share answers as a class. Work in groups to complete Problem 3.2
  3. 11. How did you compute the rates in Part A? What do your answers to Part A tell you? Do you think that his speed was constant throughout each time interval? Why or why not? Say in your own words what “average” rate of speed means? What does a steady rate of speed mean? How can you tell when he is going faster if you compute miles per minute? How can you tell when he is going faster if you compute minutes per mile? What computation did you perform to find how long it would take you to travel the 28 miles Sascha traveled if you are going 13 mph? Why? What strategy did you use to find a steady rate that would tie Sascha? How can you match the parts of the trip to the conditions of the path? Explain.
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