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Galactic Theme Park Math Project


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This free teaching resource is from Innovative Teaching Resources. You can access hundreds of their excellent resources here.

The Galactic theme park is a brilliant maths project for students from years 3 - 9. It offers a great range of mathematical challenges and students will love the creativity associated with it.

Everything is included here. Teachers and Students will need to work through the download both the booklet and Grid paper required to complete the task and I have also included a PowerPoint as an overview of how the project works for you to introduce it to students.

This is a great authentic assessment task for students and will keep them busy and engaged for at least 4 - 5 lessons. Enjoy.

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Galactic Theme Park Math Project

  1. 1. Galactic Theme Park Open ended Maths project for years 5 – 9Please ensure you download the handbook from Edgalaxy. - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  2. 2. The year is 2050. Man is nowcolonising Outer Space and you have decided to open the first Galactic theme park in history. - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  3. 3. • You must carefully decide what sort of rides you are going to have. You also need to think about the other facilities visitors will need when they come to your theme park like toilets, cafes, shops and paths between all the facilities and rides. - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  4. 4. • Many theme parks have different areas that are ‘themed’. In other words they might have an African area, a wild west American area or an Old England area. Think You must carefully what you want to carefully about have in yours.decide what sort ofrides you are going tohave. You also need tothink about the otherfacilities visitors willneed when they cometo your theme - Cool stuff for nerdy park teachers
  5. 5. Setting up your theme park• You will need to take on board the following information:-• Use an A3 piece of graph paper to design your ‘Lunar’ theme park.• You must use a scale of 1 square : 10m2.• The spending limit is $5,000,000 , which must not be exceeded.• There must be car parks for your visitors to use. You will need to allow 10m² for every 2 cars and assume that there is an average of 3 people visiting per car.• There must be toilets for your visitors to use. You will need 1 toilet block per 1000 people visiting.• There must be cafes and stuff for nerdy for your - Cool teachers shops
  6. 6. - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  7. 7. ‚How can we see everything?‛• Create a pamphlet that offers the ideal route for adults and the ideal route for children to take through the park. Be sure to include map coordinates and compass directions so the customers know where they’re going. - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  8. 8. Entry FeeThink of a fee to charge eachperson to enter your park. Not toosteep but enough so you will makea profit.Entry fee = $......................................You now need to calculate thedaily gate takings.To run your theme park the - Cool stuff for nerdyfollowing costs will apply to each teachers
  9. 9. Determine your daily costs to maintain the park: - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  10. 10. Income• On average, each visitor will spend $15 at each café and $10 in each shop plus their entry fee.• Total $.................................• How many people do you need to have come to the park to make your money back interest free? - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  11. 11. Use the following table to calculate the income - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  12. 12. Profit and Loss• Each visitor to your theme park will spend; – $15 at each café you have – $10 at each shop you have• Using the gate numbers from the previous section, work out your total profit from the admission price (gate), cafes and shops.• Then take away your total costs that you have already worked out - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  13. 13. Use the following table tocalculate your profit and loss - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  14. 14. EXTENSION TASK:• How long will it take you to recoup the $5 million with no interest?• Assuming the interest rate is at 6.23 % per annum, use compound interest to calculate how long it will take you to recoup the $5 million. - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  15. 15. Advertising Budget• You have to decide on the type of advertising you want to use to promote your theme park. The costs of the different types is given below. – Design your advert.• Present it to the class. – Your class will give you a rating of 1, 2 or 3 depending on how good they think your advert is, 1 being the best.• The number of extra visitors your advert will bring in per day depends on your rating. – Work out the total extra profit you will get from your advertising. – Was your advertising worth the cost? – Was your advertising successful? - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers
  16. 16. Advertising Costs - Cool stuff for nerdy teachers