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With offices in the US, Canada, & India, HSI is focused on providing hosted cloud-based IT solutions from Dell Software with the highest levels of service and support. Our contracted data centers span the globe with 6 geographically optimized locations in the US. Our Secure VPN connections can reach almost anyone, anywhere and our psychic VPN setup team typically has customers on our solutions in less than an hour.

The HSI executives, staff, and partners each have extensive experience supporting companies like Qualcomm, Boeing, Children's and Swedish Hospitals, GCI, city and county governments, and many more.

These large enterprises know what it is like to see an IT issue, right click and get a view into the problem and how to resolve it. They have to, because minutes of downtime can equal thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These same solutions are now available to any size of business in a cloud hosted turn-key solution that can save your business 30-40 percent off of your typical IT budget by making CIO's and IT staff more strategic, CFO's aware of future IT spending, and CEO's can be assured that IT is helping drive business goals as an asset instead of an expense.

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HSI Webinar 050914

  1. 1. Free to Get, Easy to Keep
  2. 2.  Founded in 2012  Extensive experience in Fortune 500 IT  Goal of providing world-class visibility on a subscription basis; easy for every organization to leverage  Global coverage / 24X7 support  Cloud offering expands and contracts as business does, only offering of its kind
  3. 3.  Used by over 11,000 companies around the world for decades when IT matters  60 percent of Fortune 500 have some Foglight presence in IT visibility or APM  Over 6 million man-years of code within core product  Gartner magic quadrant winner every year  End to end visibility like no other solution
  4. 4.  End user is where greatest impact on business occurs  End user has greatest impact on IT helpdesk tickets and cost of IT  The relationship between the end user and application has the most impact on company profit  The profit and savings from using Foglight from HSI is immediate
  5. 5.  When issues arise, the network is blamed first  Typically one of the least load balanced parts of your infrastructure – Foglight will expose that  The greatest way to resolve an issue is to see the conversations – Foglight gives you many ways to do that  Existing monitoring can be leveraged into Foglight dashboards, not rip/replace
  6. 6.  Physical & Virtual – Foglight covers them all  Extensive KPI coverage  Get topology (map) and topography (service) visualization within Foglight  Capacity planning becomes self-evident  Migrations are more likely to be successful  Leverage existing monitoring into Foglight
  7. 7.  Foglight is one of THE most used solutions in Fortune 500 for database monitoring  Oracle, SQL, MySQL, all covered  Finally add databases to the overall business service
  8. 8.  Solution Demo ◦ Hospitality Industry Dashboard ◦ End to End Business Service – DevOps APM ◦ A Regional View – Could easily be global ◦ The Network & the End User ◦ Remote offices – virtual offices
  9. 9.  No Risk – deployed for you, maintained for you, quarterly commitment  Switch between CapEx/Expense and other funding sources as business needs change  No shelf-ware, expand and contract subscriptions as needed for business change  No maintenance fees – included in subscription pricing for support  No buying servers, hiring staff, and other resources – empower exiting teams
  10. 10.  New easy to use pricing model keeps subscription payments predictable for business budgets  Device Packs ◦ A device is any managed IP address  Add-ons ◦ Used on critical systems  Synthetic end user included from Foglight server, added to each remote office when needed  View live order pages
  11. 11.  To sign up online go to hostedsi.com and click on “Start Subscription”  For more assistance on sizing, deployment, pricing, etc. email sales@hostedsi.com  Sales teams standing by after this call  Low requirements on your existing IT team to deploy.