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Wicked notes #1


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Hivos and Kennisland co-operate in organizing the Wicked Series. In this series the objective is to learn more about the complex dynamics of wicked problems by generating new insights derived from innovatives strategies and approaches that are currently deployed and experimented with in the context of wicked problems.

The Wicked Notes are a direct knowledge product of the Wicked Series and reflect on the ideas and findings generated by the members of this new network during the series.

The Wicked Notes will eventually be part of a Wicked Publication, co-created by Hivos, Kennisland and the Wicked-members to share insights and ideas on the dynamics of wicked problems.

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Wicked notes #1

  1. 1. Ken nisl THE WICKED NOTES and &H Expedition Log by Marlieke Kieboom & Remko Berkhout ivos 14 November 2012, Issue 1 EM MK@ AIL KL. NL TEL 020 EPHON -57 56 7 E 20The Crisis Within the Crisis:Innovating in a Wicked World EXPEDITION GREECE8 NOVEMBER, OPEN CO-OP, AMSTERDAMIt’s 6pm and the Open Coop in Amsterdam israpidly filling up with expedition members ofthe Hivos-Kennisland ‘Wicked Series’.Destination: Greece, the economic crisis. Asubject we read about in the newspapers everyday. But how are ordinary Greek citizenscoping with the situation on an everydaybasis?  What are they doing to reshape theirsociety and carve out new future trajectories? What can we learn from their experiencesabout the nature of ‘wicked problems’ andhow to tackle them?WHO ARE ON BOARD?There are 45 of us, eager to find out. We are adiverse group: hackers, designers,development workers, researchers, journalists,artists and architects and more. We mingle ourway into the room, decorated with expeditionparaphernalia. There is Greek food and twoGreek guests, Maro Pantazidou (IDS Sussex)and Maria Bakari (SIZ, Greece), accompanyus for the evening. Maro and Maria are ourtour guides to lead us into our expedition toGreece. Food, People, Place and Problem madeINTRODUCTIONS TO A WICKED WORLD for an interestingIt’s a wicked world indeed, says Chris Sigaloff start of the Seriesin her opening words. A world where thecomplexity of major societal challenges Photographer: Marieke Wijntjesrenders Kennisland / Hivos | Wicked Series | /
  2. 2. THE WICKED NOTES! PAGE 2 Type to enter texthierarchical models inadequate and linear collaborative leadership and democraticapproaches to change and innovation out of practices. Although the crisis in Greecedate. We need to move beyond ‘old’ seems to be a breeding ground fordilemmas of bottom-up and top-down and innovative and creative approaches, the “In a way we arestates versus markets. New guiding current complex dilemma remains. These all Greeks”principles and methods are needed and that initiatives are small-scale and slow-pacedis what this series is all about. It is a quest while there is a strong demand for quickthat touches the core of Kennisland’ answers and big solutions.mission for social innovation, and Hivos’fascination and experience on supportingcitizens to tackle tough challenges in theglobal south. Structural rescue programs in STRATEGIES AND PRINCIPLESGreece must ring a bell to all of those who Based on the insights we derive from ourremember the ‘lost decade of development’ Greek colleagues, which strategies andin Africa and Latin America less than thirty underlying working principles can weyears ago. But this is not some abstract imagine that counteract a systemic crisis? “Do we reallycomparison or just another case to chew And what type of instruments would help understand theon. This is a real-life situation in the here to propel these strategies? Five expeditionand now and Maro and Maria will share teams set out to explore and visualize. A real reasonssome of the challenges, pains and dilemmas vibrant, messy process follows. Some behind thisthat come with it. groups focus on concrete action while crisis?” others take time to analyze and to investigate the problem behind the problem. All expedition members delveWELCOME TO GREECE into whatever they have got on offer: skills,Maro Pantazidou – who was protesting on experiences but also their personal lifethe streets of Athens the night before- starts stories. What would you do if you were awith the dry facts: continuous cuts in wages, Greek citizen longing for change? ‘In a waypensions and public services, democratic we are all Greeks’, says one person,processes undermined by deadlines and referring to the deteriorating labor market,prospects of empty coffers. And yet, citizens failure of institutions and lack of grandrespond with new forms of solidarity, narratives in our own current politics. ‘Dounruly protests and small-scale alternatives we really understand the real reasons ofof direct democratic practices. Maria this crisis?’, wonders another group. IdeasBakari, from the Systemic Innovation Zone, emerge, dominant concepts are beingshares her account of Greece as a potential questioned and concrete initiatives makecradle for democratic renewal through new their way onto the paper. From concrete Kennisland / Hivos | Wicked Series | /
  3. 3. THE WICKED NOTES! PAGE 3concrete initiatives make their way led and facilitated the process thisonto the paper. From concrete is also a wicked expedition, inICT-based solutions like a social terms of the objectives,market place for fixing broken methodology, and logistics.stuff and rebuilding social fabric,to reimagining tribalism and value NEXT STOP: WICKEDsystems. The outcomes are too TRANSPARENCYscattered, but in a sense also too The Greek crisis offered anrich to fully harvest immediately. opportunity to delve into a wicked problem. In wicked transparencyTHE CATCH we will take a look at howAfter one hour time is up and economic and social change maythere is a state of energetic be catalyzed by developing toolsconfusion around the room. The for democratizing information,expedition has brought treasures, increasing transparency andsome more tangible than others, lowering the barriers forand when we step off the boat we individuals to share their stories.probably do so with new The outcomes of the first wickedquestions, new connections and series will be looped back into themore confusion, but hopefully at a evening in December. To behigher level.  For those who have continued! Kennisland/Hivos | Wicked Series | /