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Salesforce CLI Cheat Sheet


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Cheat sheet for Salesforce CLI 'force' topic commands.

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Salesforce CLI Cheat Sheet

  1. 1.   Salesforce CLI Cheat Sheet  All commands are in the force namespace, so you must prefix with ​sfdx force:​ - e.g. ​sfdx force:org:list  Most commands require a user or alias to be specified via the ​-u​ switch    SETUP    AUTHENTICATION    CONVERT  Create project    Login to an org    To source format  project:create -n ​dir    auth:web:login {-a alias}    mdapi:convert -r ​mdapiDir ​-d ​srcDir  Create scratch org    Set default dev hub    From source format  org:create -f ​config_file    config:set defaultdevhubusername=​user    source:convert -r ​srcDir ​-d ​mdapiDir  Generate password    Set default scratch org      user:password:generate     config:set defaultusername=​user    TESTING  Delete scratch org    List valid authenticated orgs    Run single test  org:delete     org:list    apex:test:run -t ​class.method      List authenticated orgs    Run all tests in class  MIGRATING CODE/CONFIG    auth:list    apex:test:run -t ​class  Push to scratch org    Open an org    Run all tests in org namespace  source:push    org:open     apex:test:run -l RunLocalTests  Pull from scratch org    Logout of an org    Run all tests in org  source:pull    org:logout     apex:test:run -l RunAllTestsInOrg  Deploy metadata        Extract code coverage  mdapi:deploy -d ​dir    DATA    apex:test:run -c -r human  Retrieve metadata    Create a record    Run tests when deploying  mdapi:retrieve -r ​dir    data:record:create -s ​sobject​ -v ​fields    mdapi:deploy -l RunLocalTests  Cancel metadata deployment    Update a record      mdapi:deploy:cancel -i ​jobid    data:record:update​ ​-s ​sobject​ -i ​id​ -v ​fields    OTHER      Retrieve a record    Display limits  PACKAGING    data:record:get -s ​sobject ​-i ​id    limits:api:display  Create Package    SOQL Query    List debug logs  package:create -n ​name​ -t ​type ​-r ​dir    data:soql:query​ ​-q ​query    apex:log:list  Install Package    Delete a record    Retrieve debug log  package:install -p ​id/alias ​-k ​password    data:record:delete​ ​-s ​sobject​ -i ​id    apex:log:get -i ​logId ​-n ​lines  Create Package Version    Bulk upsert    Assign permission set  package:version:create -p ​id/alias​ -d ​dir   ​-k ​password    data:bulk:upsert​ ​-s ​sobject​ -i ​externalId   -f ​file    user:permset:assign -n ​permsetname   -​u ​user ​-o ​users      Bulk delete    Execute apex      data:bulk:delete -s ​sobject​ -f ​file    apex:execute {-f ​apexFile​}      Bulk status          data:bulk:status -i ​jobId​ -b ​batchId      Keir Bowden, July 2019