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Lightning User Interface Testing with Selenium and Node JS


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Slide deck from my Dreamforce 19 developer theatre session. You can find the example code that was demonstrated at the Github repo:

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Lightning User Interface Testing with Selenium and Node JS

  1. 1. Testing your Lightning User Interface with Selenium and NodeJS Keir Bowden, BrightGen
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  3. 3. Keir Bowden CTO, BrightGen Salesforce MVP @bob_buzzard Speaker Logo
  4. 4. Agenda Selenium Overview Simple Demo Key Selenium Concepts Complex Demo Lightning Web Components Takeaways
  5. 5. Selenium Automates browsers • That’s it! Primary use case is testing • Typically brittle, non-comprehensive • Covers a lot of bases
  6. 6. WebDriver Remote control interface Introspect and control of user agent Platform and language neutral Test framework agnostic Local or remote server
  7. 7. selenium-webdriver Node module Official Selenium implementation • 4.0.0-alpha.5 Other implementations available • E.g.
  8. 8. Demo – login to Salesforce
  9. 9. Promise Manager Looks synchronous:
  10. 10. Promise Manager Is not synchronous:
  11. 11. Demo – not synchronous
  12. 12. Promise Manager Resolve promises
  13. 13. Demo – resolve promise
  14. 14. Key Functions WebDriver.get(<url>) • Open URL in remote control browser WebDriver.wait(until.<condition>, <timeout>) • Waits for something, for <timeout> milliseconds WebDriver.findElement(By.<mechanism>) • Locates element on page • By – name, className, id, css, xpath
  15. 15. Element Functions WebElement.sendKeys(<key sequence>) • Types key sequence in DOM element • Modifier keys supported (SHIFT, CONTROL, ALT, META) • Clicks on a DOM element WebElement.findElement(By.<mechanism>) • Locates descendant element
  16. 16. Demo – create opportunity
  17. 17. Lightning Web Components – Shadow DOM Shadow Host Not accessible via Webdriver.findElement() shadowHost = driver.findElement(...); driver.executeScript("return arguments[0].shadowRoot", shadowHost);
  18. 18. Lightning Web Components We recommend using Jest to unit test individual Lightning web components. Use UI testing tools like Selenium WebDriver only for end-to-end testing. Lightning Web Components Developer Guide
  19. 19. Key Takeaways Add one item at a time Test after each item Keep scenarios short Use ES6 modules Avoid ChromeDriver 77 Baby steps!
  20. 20. Key Takeaways (2) //label/span[contains(text(), "Opportunity Name")]/../../input Use XPath //label - any descendant node containing a label /span - containing a span [contains(text() - whose text contains “Opportunity Name”)] - this string literal /../.. - whose grandparent /input - contains an input element
  21. 21. XPath <div ... > <label ...> <span ...>Opportunity Name</span> <span ...>*</span> </label> <input ...> </div>
  22. 22. XPath Test in browser
  23. 23. Useful Links - Example repo from this talk - Selenium HQ - - selenium-webdriver node package - Selenium and the Shadow DOM
  24. 24. Useful Links - Selenium + Web Components Github Issue - Selenium WebDriver Architecture - JavaScript API Documentation - SeleniumConf London 2019 playlist