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Web Discovery

  1. 1. Web Discovery
  2. 2. Web Discovery: Overview •Ithos seeks to fill the efficiency gaps in firms’ regulatory compliance activities by utilizing advanced SEARCH technologies. •One of the key compliance activities is the need to search for regulatory guidelines that global jurisdictions impose upon your products. •Our Web Discovery provides quick and accurate access to the regulatory guidelines affecting your brands’ global reputation.
  3. 3. Web Discovery: Overview •The following demonstration of Ithos’ Web Discovery system is based on a project we had implemented at Nu Skin (a manufacturer of personal care and nutrition products). •The screen shots were taken directly out of the Web Discovery system we had tailored to Nu Skin’s regulatory compliance needs. •Content Repositories can be added to the Web Discovery at each client’s request, as Ithos’ solutions are designed to fill the gaps that are unique to your regulatory protocols.
  4. 4. Web Discovery: Workflow 1 Launch Query Select Jurisdiction Navigate Search Thesaurus Browse Taxonomies History
  5. 5. Web Discovery: Workflow Users start at the Search Home screen- an easy to navigate page that reveals the Web Discovery’s many search features
  6. 6. Web Discovery: Workflow Begin by selecting the desired jurisdiction for which you’d like to obtain ingredient- specific regulations
  7. 7. Web Discovery: Workflow Type in the name of the ingredient/substance you’d like search for
  8. 8. Web Discovery: Workflow After submitting your query, the system provides a series of results (instances)- on a single page- allowing for fluid navigation of the results
  9. 9. Web Discovery: Workflow Beneath each instance, we’ve provided a brief summary of the contents stored in that category
  10. 10. Web Discovery: Workflow Instances can be browsed through by utilizing our Thesaurus search feature
  11. 11. Web Discovery: Workflow Additionally, you can filter content based on various taxonomies
  12. 12. How this Helps your Firm•Obtain the regulatory information surrounding yourproducts’ ingredients and substances.•Understand how modifications to your product will beimpacted in various jurisdictions.•Assess what procedures must be followed in order tosafely market your product in a specific country.
  13. 13. Web Discovery: Workflow Launch Query Select Jurisdiction Navigate Search Thesaurus Browse Taxonomies 2 History Screen Products
  14. 14. Web Discovery: Workflow From the Search Home page, users can access the Import Setting feature
  15. 15. Web Discovery: Workflow Upload your substances all at once, and then screen those substances against the guidelines of various geographic jurisdictions
  16. 16. Web Discovery: Workflow Launch Query 4 What’s New Select Jurisdiction Navigate Search Thesaurus Browse Taxonomies History
  17. 17. Web Discovery: Workflow On the Search Home page, you’ll see the Browse RSS Updates button
  18. 18. Web Discovery: Workflow Clicking the Browse RSS Updates button provides users with up-to-date regulatory content from various jurisdictions
  19. 19. How this Helps your Firm •Review current information specific to the country or industry in which your products are (or may be) distributed. •Know whether updated regulations will affect your products’ current formulations.
  20. 20. Web Discovery: Workflow Launch Query e-File Select Jurisdiction 6 Create Guidelines Navigate Search Thesaurus Browse Taxonomies History Is it “Listed” Find Restrictions
  21. 21. Web Discovery: Workflow After locating the desired guidelines, you want to download that content into a spreadsheet, or your existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool…
  22. 22. Web Discovery: Workflow Begin by clicking the Guideline button
  23. 23. Web Discovery: Workflow The resulting Guidelines box lets you enter all of the desired information about that ingredient
  24. 24. Web Discovery: Workflow Then, click the ‘Add’ or Download spreadsheet button
  25. 25. Web Discovery: Workflow Recently acquired guidelines are now integrated into an Excel spreadsheet, or your existing PLM tool
  26. 26. Web Discovery: Contact Use the Web Discovery to quickly access, manage, and maintain international regulatory guidelines. Contact Ithos today! info@ithosglobal.com