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Sharing OERs via Jorum


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This presentation is designed for anyone who wants to be able to share their Open Educational Resources with Jorum. It outlines the benefits of Jorum; explains the upload process and provides guidance on sharing your resources with Jorum.

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Sharing OERs via Jorum

  1. 1. Sharing OERs viaJorumSiobhán Burke and Sarah Currier12th December 2012
  2. 2. This session will cover Benefits of Using Jorum Sharing Resources • Manual: Uploading & Links • Bulk Upload Methods The Resources • Format types • Metadata • Licences Coming Jorum Enhancements • Search & Browse Features • Usage Data & Statistics Q&A
  3. 3. Benefits of using JorumJorum is • a trusted source of quality OER for UK HE and FE • a robust, safe and sustainable hosting platform for OER • a showcase for UK learning and teaching resourcesJorum can • provide security – a national repository service • make resources more discoverable “Jorum can save us time. Using materials • provide data about usage from Jorum means that we do not have to • reduce costs start from scratch and create resources ourselves. There is a wide variety ofUsing Jorum content so you never know what you • enriches the community might find.” -- Carolyn Groom, Learning • is easy! Technologist, Integrated Learner Support Services, Carnegie College.
  4. 4. Sharing Resources Two main ways to share: • Manual – uploading files & adding links. Both types are tagged and searched the same way! • Bulk Upload Methods – what we offer now, and what’s coming.
  5. 5. Sharing Resources - Manual Manual – Uploading Files & Adding Links • You can upload your files and packages into Jorum, including: • Individual files of all types; • Zip files containing any number of files; • Standard packages with metadata (SCORM and IMS), OR • You can put links to externally hosted content in Jorum • You can add metadata and licences during upload
  6. 6. Sharing Resources – Bulk Upload Methods Bulk Upload Methods – we currently offer: • Spreadsheet / CSV template • We give you the template, you add the metadata and links, and give it back to us to ingest. • There is a way to ingest packages in bulk this way too. • RSS Feed • We have offered ingest of static RSS Feeds in the past- they don’t support great discoverability within Jorum as each feed is treated as a single resource. • We are no longer supporting this for ingest from next year.
  7. 7. Sharing Resources – Bulk Upload Methods Bulk Upload Methods – what’s coming next year: • SWORD ingest • Standard protocol for ingesting files and packages along with their metadata. • There will be tools developed for use with this protocol. • Accepts IMS and SCORM Packages, zip files, any other filetypes, plus we hope to support METS packages later. • OAI-PMH • Standard protocol for ingesting metadata and links from other repositories. • We’re testing this now – let us know if you offer a feed.
  8. 8. Resource Metadata Metadata – what is it good for? • Discovery: • You want people to find your resources. • You want to be able to find your resources again yourself! • Measuring success • Jorum will soon offer easy-to-generate, easy-to-view and easy- to-share stats about usage of resources. • To get access stats in meaningful ways, you need to be able to gather them in meaningful ways, e.g.: • Stats on downloads of all resources in your JISC Programme? You need them all tagged with, e.g. “ukoer” • Data on the geographical origin of views of your institution’s resources? You need them all tagged with your institution’s name.
  9. 9. Sharing OERs: Adding files or web links Click on ‘Deposits’
  10. 10. Sharing OERs: Adding files or web links Click on ‘start a new deposit’
  11. 11. Sharing OERs: Adding files or web links Choose a subject
  12. 12. Sharing OERs: Adding files or web links Choose to deposit a File or Web link
  13. 13. Sharing OERs: Adding files or web links Enter either the file or web address & click Next
  14. 14. Sharing OERs: Adding metadata Insert a title here; this will appear in the search results
  15. 15. Sharing OERs: Adding metadata Insert an abstract explaining who the intended audience is
  16. 16. Sharing OERs: Adding metadata Add a unique project tag Add individual keywords Add individual authors as well as institution name
  17. 17. Sharing OERs: Add a Licence Check which licence you need
  18. 18. Sharing OERs: Add a Licence Check which licence you need A pop up window appears with the licence details
  19. 19. Sharing OERs: Terms of Service &Complete Deposit Tick the box to indicate that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service Click on ‘Complete Deposit’ to finish
  20. 20. Sharing OERs: View your resource Go to your Resource page
  21. 21. Sharing OERs: View your resource Go to your Resource page
  22. 22. Coming Jorum enhancements• New search & browse features • New publisher field included • Multiple faceted search• Usage data and statistics • Customisable reports based on downloads, uploads and more • Dynamic usage reports based on any search term • Instant visual representation with various options: bar chart, line graph, etc. • Export options include csv, json & xml
  23. 23. New Look Interface
  24. 24. Any questions?Get ongoing support:• Support•• 0161 275 6109 Original image URL: Image author: cristinacosta CC BY-NC-SA 2.0