SharePoint Governance Benchmark: Where Do You Stand?


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From a webinar presented on 11-12-2013 that looks back at the 2012 SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark, with guidance on strategic and tactical governance planning steps any organization can take to begin building out their own SharePoint governance plans.

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  • CB: Once you understand biz value and scope, you next need to understand how to manage what you have (governance) to maximize performance and value.
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  • CB lead, MG color
  • CB lead, MG color (MG: raw materials are existing IT processes/frameworks, like ITIL, MOF, etc. – no need to cut from whole cloth)
  • CB lead, MG color
  • CB lead, MG colorMG Q to CB: how do we mean this differently from the reporting and analytics earlier at tactical level? (A: tactical is contextual – strategy is ROI-based of whole initiative, a level up)
  • CB lead, MG colorHelpful tools: compliance control checklists, document/forms-based workflows, alerts to prompt owners/users for action.
  • SharePoint Governance Benchmark: Where Do You Stand?

    1. 1. SharePoint Governance Benchmark: Where Do You Stand? CHRISTIAN BUCKLEY DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT EVANGELISM @METALOGIX
    2. 2. Christian Buckley Director, Product Evangelism & SharePoint MVP Metalogix @buckleyplanet
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    5. 5. What is Governance?
    6. 6. Defining Terms Your Process Nightmare Governance definitions vary, so it is important to figure out what it means within your company, and proactively manage it
    7. 7. A 2012 CIO survey by Gartner shows an increasing push in collaboration, analytics, and cloud computing. They predict that by 2016, 20% of CIOs in regulated industries will lose their jobs for failing to implement the discipline of information governance successfully.
    8. 8. Why are we talking about governance? • SharePoint out of the box is a powerful platform • But many organizations don’t think they have the time, money, people to spend on planning • The result? o Site sprawl o Unfettered content o Process lawlessness
    9. 9. What does governance look like in SharePoint?
    10. 10. Draft Outline of presentation
    11. 11. The Business Matters SharePoint Doesn’t Matter
    12. 12. Business Need GOVERNANCE Service Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that guide, direct, and control how an organization's business divisions and IT teams cooperate to achieve business goals.
    13. 13. From ‘Creating Passionate Users,’ Kathy Sierra
    14. 14. Governance is not a checklist It’s not something packaged, purchased, and installed over a weekend
    15. 15. Governance is about taking action to help your team organize, optimize, and manage your systems and resources.
    16. 16. Governance Benchmark Survey Survey captured in four areas: • Governance perceptions within the organization (what they think it means, where respondents believe their organizations are) • Governance roles (defining differences in roles and accountability) • Governance planning (implied healthy practices, whether organizations are thinking about the right things and the right scope) • Governance readiness (asking questions to help determine ability to implement best practices)
    17. 17. How do you align your service to your business needs?
    18. 18. Business Need GOVERNANCE Service
    19. 19. Gaining Some Perspective Before you can talk about governance, either strategically or tactically, you need shared understanding of two things: o The business value to be delivered o The scope of what is to be built
    20. 20. The Keys to Successful Governance
    21. 21. Structure/Architecture Sub-si Site Site Collection Web App Web App Site Site Site Collection Farm Sub-si Site Collection Sub-si Site Site Site Sub-si
    22. 22. Policies, Process, and Standards
    23. 23. Ownership and Accountability
    24. 24. Measurement and Reporting
    25. 25. Automation
    26. 26. Pillars of SharePoint Governance  Technology Assurance Delivering assurance that the technology platform supports the needs of the project requirements, both in the short-term and in the long-term. It is one thing to have a "performant" platform that works well today, and another to design a solution that will meet your needs as the business grows and adapts to a changing business climate.  Project Governance Utilizing your established IT project methodology, ensuring that everyone involved has a shared understanding of what needs to be done, and how the task or solution will be delivered. Having a SharePoint Center of Excellence is a great way to stay on top of project governance.  Information Governance Understanding of what is created, facilitated and managed within SharePoint. Information governance ensures that any content that is created and stored within SharePoint has defined value, and how it fits into SharePoint is understood.
    27. 27. Pillars of SharePoint Governance  Business Technology Alignment If it does not have a measurable benefit to the organization, simply put — you should not be doing it. Business and technology should be aligned, with a shared vision of what is to be delivered.  Continuous Improvement This should facilitate ongoing efforts to implement feedback and manage change to the platform. Governance, like SharePoint itself, is not a static activity, but must change as the organizational needs change.
    28. 28. Everyone wants an easy button
    29. 29. Are you effectively managing your SharePoint Permissions? • Perform regular security checks across your farm, down to the document level • Proactively review, delete, and reassign user permissions as needed • Clean up users who are no longer in Active Directory but are in SharePoint • Review SharePoint groups • Have a process to backup and restore permissions • Document site permissions (roles) so that its easier to duplicate for new employees • Monitor SharePoint CALs
    30. 30. Any changes required to your Content & Storage? • Monitor and track the growth of sites for better planning, especially with migrations • Analyze web part usage to determine which sites are using which web parts • Understand and manage SharePoint features • Ensure consistent branding and behavior: site themes, quotas, regional settings
    31. 31. Do you know your Usage and Activity trends? • Analyze activity down to the site, page, document level • Identify who is accessing which documents, including details on that activity (i.e. checking in a document, editing a document, or just viewing a document’s properties) • Isolate sites that are no longer needed and delete them • Compare activity from the past to help anticipate the future • Find sites with the most or least activity
    32. 32. Do you need to reorganize your farm? • Proactively manage architecture of your site collections, sites, lists, libraries, folders and items within your farm or across farms • Have a plan for moving content and structure from test environment to production environment • Understand impacts due to architectural changes or business changes
    33. 33. Best Practices from Survey Respondents “Your priority is to get an information architecture and taxonomy linked to business process management.” “Make sure that any innovations are championed and advertised to that others can see what can be achieved and they can relate back to their own challenges.” “Ensure governance is prioritized from the outset.” “Think about the basic services being provided and how staff can be more productive rather than introduce the bells and whistles.” “Organizations will have to increase their investment in related tools and technologies, both the facilitate the development and refinement of policy, and to distill policies into executable rules that tools can apply to information.”
    34. 34. Readiness o How important is governance in your organization/company today? o Do you have a SharePoint governance plan in place today? o If yes, who are the stakeholders included in your governance body? (end users, IT managers, administrators, etc) o Do you have specific information management policies in place? o Do you maintain Service Level Agreements with your end users? o Do you have an operational change management model in place to review and prioritize feature requests and customizations? o Do you regularly run audits on usage, security, content, or permissions?
    35. 35. Are you asking the right questions?
    36. 36. Thank you! SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark @buckleyplanet