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ACC stave one vocabulary


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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ACC stave one vocabulary

  1. 1. A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens Stave One Vocabulary
  2. 2. benevolence
  3. 3. (noun) - a goodness towards others Sandra’s weekly volunteer hours at the soup- kitchen and her donations to the Humane Society earned her a reputation for benevolence.
  4. 4. covetous
  5. 5. (adjective) - jealously eager to possess something Gollum is covetous of the Ring that Frodo carries. “The poor man wants many things; the covetous man, all.” -- Herman Melville
  6. 6. destitute
  7. 7. (adjective) – poor - without food clothing and shelter; without After the earthquake, many Haitians were left not only poor, but destitute.
  8. 8. facetious
  9. 9. (adjective) - playful, joking, lighthearted Even though Pedro’s remark was meant to be facetious, Isabella’s feelings were hurt.
  10. 10. fettered
  11. 11. (adjective) - chained, shackled The dog longed for freedom after a lifetime of being fettered in the yard.
  12. 12. forbearance
  13. 13. (noun) - self-control; patient endurance Alice had to practice forbearance when babysitting the six unruly children.
  14. 14. gruel
  15. 15. (noun) - a thin cereal-like oatmeal The children stared in disbelief at the gruel that awaited them at the dinner-table.
  16. 16. hob
  17. 17. (noun) - a shelf beside a fire to keep the kettle hot Put the pot of soup on the hob, Bella. We are not quite ready for dinner.
  18. 18. homage
  19. 19. (noun) - a public show of respect In his speech she paid homage to Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Ghandi.
  20. 20. incredulous
  21. 21. (adjective) - not willing to believe, skeptical Ernest looked incredulous as his daughter approached with a shaved head, a nose ring and new, permanent tattoo across her forehead.
  22. 22. irresolution
  23. 23. (noun) - an action lacking firmness of purpose; hesitation The king’s hesitation was obvious; his announcement of his son’s banishment was marked with irresolution.
  24. 24. misanthropic
  25. 25. (adjective) - disliking people or mankind in general The misanthropic old man growled at each person that passed by, then went home to dine by himself.
  26. 26. portly
  27. 27. (adjective) - overweight, stout The prince was quite portly and found that he had trouble running stadiums in Pfit.
  28. 28. ruddy
  29. 29. (adjective) - a healthy reddish color, particularly from outdoor life After a summer working on his grandfather’s beet farm, Aidan had strong muscles and a ruddy complexion.
  30. 30. susceptible
  31. 31. (adjective) - impressionable; yielding readily to Babies and elderly people are the most susceptible to common illnesses.
  32. 32. tremulous
  33. 33. (adjective) - quavering; trembling Her voice was tremulous when she told the sorrowful tale.
  34. 34. unhallowed
  35. 35. (adjective) - not consecrated or holy The townspeople accused the women of witchcraft. They were said to have been practicing their unhallowed rituals in the stone cottage by the woods.
  36. 36. veneration
  37. 37. (noun) - feeling of awe or reverence A memorial was erected in veneration of the unknown soldiers from the Vietnam War.
  38. 38. waggish
  39. 39. (adjective) - humorous Limerick writers often use waggish humor.