The Essence of Men
TABLE OF CONTENTS1.	Agency	Information2.	Product	Analysis3.	SWOT	Analysis4.	Product	Repositioning5.	Sales	Force	Promotion6...
Who is                                                     180 Agency?   180	Agency	is	a	marketing	agency	located	in	Ithac...
Product	AnalysisCurrent Economic ConditionsDue to the 2008 financial crisis, the American economy drasticallysuffered. Par...
Competitor	AnalysisThe cologne market is currently dominated by Axe BodySpray and Old Spice Deodorant. Both companies targ...
Product	Repositioning                                                                                     Target	AudienceI...
Sales	Force	Promotion                                                            Analysis	of	Sales	Force	                 ...
Retailers tragically suffered during the                                                         recent economic crisis. C...
Consumer	PromotionBrut’s customers are looking for discounts and strategies to save money. Discounted items will sell inla...
Analysis of:Consumer	Promotion                                             Trade	PromotionBecause we are repositioning Bru...
Other	Promotional	Strategies                                                            East	CoastIn order to increase awa...
Other	Promotional	Strategies                                                             West	CoastOn the West Coast, we w...
Append        ix  180	Agency953	Danby	RoadIthaca,	NY	14850 607-274-5555
Promotional	Materials                               OutdoorThis billboard design istargeted towards theprospective populat...
Promotional	Materials   Advertisements                              This a print ad-                              vertisem...
Promotional	Materials   Advertisements                               This ad also show-                               case...
Promotional	Materials                                             InteractiveOur search for the next Brut man is intended ...
Promotional	Materials                                Interactive  This is an example of one of  our interactive banners to...
Promotional	Materials   Merchandise                        The following merchandise                        is to be given...
Promotional	Materials   Press	Release
Brut Campaign
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Brut Campaign


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This book was designed as an effort to reposition Brut.

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Brut Campaign

  1. 1. The Essence of Men
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Agency Information2. Product Analysis3. SWOT Analysis4. Product Repositioning5. Sales Force Promotion6. Trade Promotion7. Consumer Promotion8. Promotional Strategies9. Budget Summary10. Appendix
  3. 3. Who is 180 Agency? 180 Agency is a marketing agency located in Ithaca, NY. Founded in 2008, it has established itself as a competi- tive firm in New York State. Our up-and-coming agency is committed to providing creative tactics and strategies to help your product suc- ceed. We are a dynmaic, efficient, and energetic group of individuals who are committed to creating new pro- motional strategies to achieve your sales goals. Our techniques and personable skills allow us to establish long-term relationships with our clients. We strive on constant communication and feedback so our clients are at our side step by step of the campaign. Board of DirectorsChief Executive Officer: Brett MatlackChief Financial Officer: Zac Laumer Director of Marketing: Kayla Inanc Director of Sales: Jane Lee
  4. 4. Product AnalysisCurrent Economic ConditionsDue to the 2008 financial crisis, the American economy drasticallysuffered. Particularly the low- and middle-class consumers reducedtheir spending budgets causing the stock market to crash. Individu-als were unwilling to purchase luxury products and services. Likewise,the recession forced businesses to make budgetary adjustments toavoid bankruptcy. As a result, many Americans were laid off and unem-ployment levels skyrocketed. Parents struggled to supply food for theirchildren. Also, many homes went into foreclosure. Consumer confidenceplummeted, causing the stock markets to crash. Fearful of a double-diprecession, customers were unwilling to make unnecessary purchases.Although the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) officiallyannounced that the recession ended in June 2009, the market has yet torecover. Consumers are still weary of the economic conditions. Studiesindicate that the number of generic-brand products has skyrocketed duringthe recession. Similarly, the sale of brand name products has fallen, forcingcompanies to implement new marketing strategies.
  5. 5. Competitor AnalysisThe cologne market is currently dominated by Axe BodySpray and Old Spice Deodorant. Both companies targetyounger audiences using a variety of tactics such asentertaining commercials. For example, Axe’s advertis-ing campaign features a nerdy male teenager unable toattract any female companions. After receiving a can of Similarly, Old Spice commercials imply thatAxe Body Spray and using the product, women flock to women are unsatisfied with their husbandsthe geek. They are unable to resist his scent. or boyfriends. The commercial implies that women prefer confident, muscled jocksSimilarly, Old Spice introduced a series of humorous while the Axe commercials stereotype thecommercials featuring former football player and actor sexuality of women. The Old Spice com-Isaiah Mustafa. Entitled “The Man Your Man Could Smell mercials dehumanize mankind.Like”, the commercial is a single uninterrupted take whichfeatures the actor in a variety of situations while perform-ing a monologue. The entertainment aspect appeals tothe younger generation and has resulted in increased By studying the flaws ofsales. Brut’s top competitors, we will be able to reposition the product in a way that does not stereotype either sex. Brut will be marketed as cologne that enhances Both Axe Body Spray manliness and strength. and Old Spice Deodorant All men posses the char- rely on suggestive sexual acteristics to be a mascu- tensions to appeal to cus- line hero; however these tomers. Without the use of qualities are sometimes either fragrance, it is implied shadowed by emotions that a man is incapable of and overwhelming situa- attracting a female partner. tions. Brut cologne uncov- Axe commercials portray ers these attributes, allowing an individual to scantily-clad women throw- maximize their manliness. Brut does not ensure ing themselves at an “average Joe” sexual satisfaction like its competitors, but character. Amongst the techno music guarantees confidence. and hazy lighting, the women violate the gentleman, inappropriately groping him.
  6. 6. Product Repositioning Target AudienceIn today’s society, male grooming Armani introduced new scents which In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Brut’shas becoming highly acceptable. emphasized youth and vivacity. target audience covered a vastYoung men are willing to take the Lighter and fruitier colognes gained range. At age sixteen, many malenecessary steps to perfect their control of the market, destroying the teenagers were presented withappearance before leaving the sentimental value associated with Brut, signifying their entrance inhouse. Thus, the 21st century has adulthood. However, celebrity en- one’s first purchase of Brut. In orderseen tremendous growth in male dorsements from famous athletes to compete in the market, Brut intro-toiletries. In order to capitalize on such as Wilt Chamberlain, Hank duced new scents such as Ocean Aaron, and Joe Namath intriguedthe increased demand, we have and Instinct, hoping to appeal to an older men to purchase the co-elected to reposition Brut in the age-conscious audience; however, logne. Men secretly aspired to bemarket. While we intend to main- the campaign failed. just like their idols. By purchasingtain the co- Consumers Brut, they were one step closer tologne’s iden- already identi- achieving their dream.tity, necessary fied Brut as aadjustments masculine scent Market trends shifted Brut’s tar-need to be and erasing this get audience greatly, causing themade in order image from their range to rise significantly. Pres-to revitalize minds was incon- ently, Brut is primarily purchasedthe brand. by men between the ages of 40 ceivable. and 60. Over the years, many cus-At the height tomers have remained loyal to theof its popu- However, market brand. For example, men currentlylarity, Brut trends are begin- in their 40s and 50s recall pur-was the first ning to change. chasing Brut as teenagers. As theyfragrance At the start of matured, the men never changedpurchased by the 21st century, their colognes and remain faith-teenagers as they transitioned to aggressive promotional campaigns ful customers as of today. Manymanhood. Previous promotional for Kenneth Cole and Old Spice customers have been wearing Brutcampaigns classified Brut as “the increased the popularity of manlier, throughout their entire adulthood!essence of man.” Advertisements mature scents. Present-day teen- agers wish to mature as quickly as Recent studies indicate that theemphasized the importance of number of Generation X malesteamwork, courage, and father- possible, bypassing their youth. purchasing cologne is being out-hood. The cologne signaled a Thus, it is necessary to return to paced by the Millennial Genera-sense of growth and maturity, of- Brut’s traditional marketing tactics. tion. The younger generation isten representing a rite of passage. Consumers will be enticed by adver- far more concerned about appear-Essentially, consumers equated tisements that depict strength, brav- ance. Additionally, they are willinga young man’s first purchase of ery, and manliness. Marketing is a to spend more money on groom-Brut to a bat mitzvah. Overtime, cyclical process. During the 1970’s, ing. Clearly, appealing to thishowever, this marketing appeal distinct, musky scents dominated demographic is essential in ordervanished. America’s obsession the market. The 1990’s were catego- to obtain a larger share of the mar-with youth during the 1990’s trig- rized by light, airier fragrances for ket. Advertising and sales will be men. Presently, the stronger scents targeted to individuals between thegered a drastic change in cologne ages of 16 and 32. At this stage inpreferences, nearly eliminating the are returning to popularity. Empha- life, men are self-conscious aboutmarket for Brut. Fashion designers sizing masculinity and maturity will their body odor and are most will-such as Calvin Klein and Giorgio reinvigorate Brut. ing to switch product preferences.
  7. 7. Sales Force Promotion Analysis of Sales Force Promotion To some customers, it may ap- pear that offering incentive trips and bonuses is an attempt to bribe sales representatives. The selfish sales force is only selling Brut in order to receive a reward. Customers may be turned off by this action. Representa- tives are supposed to be passionate about their products. Thus, we must assure Brut’s customers that the gifts are only to reward the sales force’s hard work and dedication. UnileverBrut’s sales representatives, al- representative will be required to com- does not engage in bribery tactics.though formerly trained, may find it plete an electronic portfolio of all sales. Due to our sales force promotion, wedifficult to persuade customers to Receipts and invoices must be stored expect demand for Brut to increasemake purchases. Representatives and collected. by 10%. Retailers will purhcase addi-from Brut can strengthen the brand tional shipments because of the salesimage by enforcing their credibility At the end of this six month period, all representatives. We also expect theand strenthening their relationships representatives will send their port- sales force to increase their consum-with customers. Potential custom- folios to Unilever’s headquarters in er base in order to obtain rewards.ers may be stubborn and unwilling London, England. Keith Weed, Chief To measure the success of the salesto participate in risky endeavors Marketing and Communication Of- force promotion, we must examinesuch as switching brand prefer- ficer, and his associates will calculate past sales reports. The executivesences, especially during a reces- each representative’s total sales. The will compare a representative’s salession. In order to overcome these representative with the most sales will during the promotional period withobjections, we must encourage our be rewarded with a three-day, all- sales not during the period. Hopefully,sales representatives to strategi- expenses paid trip to Aruba. Unilever we will be able to see a correlationcally and aggressively attack the will pay for the individual’s plane fare, between consciousness of awardsmarket. At first, such tactics may hotel reservations, rental car, and three and sales. Additionally, we can askbe met with resistance, but sales free meals a day (includes both alco- Brut’s sales force to complete a shortrepresentatives must be patient. holic and nonalcoholic beverages). The questionnaire. Questions will include:Their dedication and work effort will sales representative will receive a $100 1. Did you try to sell more Brut be-hopefully result in increased sales. stipend per day to spend on luxury cause you were aware of the potentialPersuasion and negotiation may services (i.e. massage, spa treatment). awards?be complex and lengthy processes, Additionally, the sales force members 2. What inspired you to sell the prod-but we are confident Brut’s sales who sell the second and third largest uct?force will complete the task! quantities will earn a $250 bonus in 3. In the past, have you been offered their next paycheck. rewards for outstanding performance?To motivate Brut’s representatives,we believe it is necessary to estab- Repositioning Brut will require exten- a.If so, what were the rewards?lish a sales force promotion. Sales sive patience from our sales represen- These benchmarks will help Unileverrepresentatives will focus their ef- tatives; thus, it is essential to reward and 180 Agency determine the suc-forts and resources on selling Brut. their hard work and dedication. Offer- cess of the promotion.The sales force promotion will be ing the incentive trip and bonuses willenacted on January 1st, 2011 and surely encourage them to sell Brut!continue until June 30th, 2011.For six months, representativeswill persuade distributors to linetheir shelves with Brut’s products.Throughout the period, each sales
  8. 8. Retailers tragically suffered during the recent economic crisis. Consumers, unwilling to purchase expensive brand- name products, began shopping at dis- count retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Costco. Department stores such as J.C. Penney, Macy’s, and Nordstrom’s were unable to persuade customers to purchase expensive alternatives. As a result, stock prices sharply fell and prof- its declined. Trade PromotionsIn 2010, recessionary pressures continue to plague up-scale retailers. Although customer confidence hasimproved within the last year, retailers’ profits are expected to be smaller than initially forecasted. Becauseof the turbulent fiscal environment, retailers are less likely to purchase large quantities of an unsuccessfulproduct. In order to encourage the purchasing of Brut, we would suggest a rebate to retailers. By pur-chasing large quantities of Brut, retailers will be rewarded. When a company purchases 75 cases of Brut,the company will receive a check for a 5% refund. Checks will be mailed to each retailer after the invoiceis approved. By purchasing a large quantity of Brut, retailers may fear that the product will deteriorate;however, Brut has a long-shelf life. Hopefully, retailers will have to order new shipments within a month inorder to satisfy the new demand for Brut.Also, we recommend the use of a first-time buyer discount. Smaller businesses, especially during therecession, may be unable to afford Brut at the normal price. A 5% discount will be offered to these buyerson their first order of any size. Family-owned businesses will opt for the first-time buyer discount becausethey do not have the corporate backing of larger companies such as CVS and WalgreensIn the past fewdecades, Brut’s popularity has declined. Competitors such as Old Spice and Axe are conveniently locatedat eye-level and the center of shelves. Brut, however, is located towards the bottom of the shelf. Thebottom shelf is usually associated with generic and cheaper products. Consumers unaware of these prod-ucts will be less likely to purchase it.To gain the attention of prospective customers, we suggest creating a large store display. Brut will delivera six-foot, cardboard cut-out of a muscular jock holding a bottle of Brut cologne to each store; however,there will be a hole in the face. Customers will be able to stick their face in the holeand pretend that they are the next Brut man. The cut-out ties into another promo-tional strategy discussed later. Additionally, the cut-out will have a banner whichstates “ARE YOU THE NEXT BRUT MAN? ENTER NOW!” Details of the contestwill be written in fine print at the bottom of the banner. Although the display is experi-mental, we hope to attract new Brut customers. A large store display that will gainthe attention of prospective consumers.
  9. 9. Consumer PromotionBrut’s customers are looking for discounts and strategies to save money. Discounted items will sell inlarger quantities. Consumers’ wallets will be comforted because they are saving money. It is necessaryto employ consumer promotions to help move the sale of Brut products.Typically, hygienic and grooming products are purchased in-store. Consumers may be forgetful in clippingcoupons from their sales circulars. Therefore, it makes sense to employ on-shelf coupons. All retail dis-tributors with shelving dispensers and sales circulars will offer coupons. Additionally, customers who reg-ister on Brut’s homepage will receive the coupon via their e-mail address or cell phone. Mobile couponswill have a bar code that cashiers will be able to scan. We would also create mobile coupons and elec-tronic coupons. We also create a barcode for smartphones to scan. In 2009, 3.2 billion copuons were re-deemed through clearinghouses, the most significant gain in 17 years. The National Newspaper Networkreports that 91% of consumers ages 25 to 34 use newspaper coupons. This age bracket fits our newtarget audience. Also, the data proves that during a recession, consumers are more price-conscious.Prior to the recession, customers carefully analyzed shelves in search of their preferred deodorant or af-tershave. This lingering activity disappeared when the economy worsened. Customers are more budgetconscious and will search for the cheapest product. If a customer were to spot a coupon dispenser on astore shelf, his attention will be grasped. When an individual purchases a 5 oz. bottle of cologne, he willbe intrigued by the possibility of an immediate price reduction. The customer will examine the productto determine if it is satisfactory. Brut’s products carefully moisturize and clean the skin while providing afresh scent. Confident in his purchase, the customer reaches for the coupon and heads for the check-outFor this promotion, the coupon will feature abundling package. When an individual of pur-chases a 5 oz. bottle of after shave, he willreceive a free 6 oz. bottle of deodorant spray.The promotion will run from June 1st, 2011 untilJune 30th, 2011.Essentially, the customer is receiving two prod-ucts for the price of one. The coupon allows thecustomer to purchase multiple products in theBrut family without having to make several pur-chases. The customer will be more likely to usethe free deodorant spray instead of purchasinganother brand. Thus, the customer may learn toenjoy using Brut and eventually become a loyal customer.
  10. 10. Analysis of:Consumer Promotion Trade PromotionBecause we are repositioning Brut during a period of Measuring the effectiveness of the trade promo-recovery, it is essential to balance price and value. tion will be difficult. Because of the recession,Stereotypically, consumers equate price with value. retailers may be willing to purchase large quan-By purchasing a brand name product, customers tities of an unfamiliar product. We will have tobelieve they are receiving an item of higher qual- analyze which companies will accept the rebate.ity compared to a generic product. However, such Then, we can compare the companies that usestereotyping has vanished because of the reces- the rebate and offer the promotion to similarsion. As long as the product fulfills the customer’s stores.use, it is likely to be purchased. Therefore, cheaper, To assess the first-time buyer discount, we willgeneric products tend to sell more in this economic have to keep track of future sales. We expectenvironment. retailers to continuing purchasing Brut after theirBy offering a bundled package, we are not reducing first order because of the initial discount theythe quality of the product: we are simply attempting received. Brut may replace another brand of de-to revive a dormant product and boost sales. The odorant/after shave that is too expensive for thecoupon saves the customer money by introducing small business to purchase.two Brut products without sacrificing the brand name The use of a store display will hopefully attractor quality. When the economy has fully recovered, new customers. Individuals will be able to putwe may find it necessary to reevaluate the use of their face in the hole. Customers are now a partcoupons. of the campaign! Measuring the success of theBrut’s exclusive deal may attract new customers. store display will be difficult. Using the store’s se-Competitor firms such as Stetson and Old Spice curity cameras, we could determine the volumemay envy the new demand for Brut. Thus, competi- surrounding the display and deodorant aisle;tors may issue similar coupons and packages. Unile- however, this may be unethical. Instead, wever and Brut must be able to handle the competition. could monitor the volume regarding the YouTubeAt the end of the six-month promotion, we expect contest. The cardboard cut-out provides detailsthe use of coupons to increase sales of Brut by ap- on the contest. When contestants submit theirproximately 15%. To measure the growth, we will videos on the website, we could ask them to tellexamine sales during the six-month period and com- us how they heard about the contest. One of thepare them to the same time one year ago. Addition- options would be “Promotional Cut-Out in Store”.ally, we will track the number of orders requested by After the contest ends, we could tally the numbereach distributor. Then, we will compare the shipment of contestants who checked this box and deter-orders to previous orders. However, we must con- mine if the display was a success.sider that these benchmarks may not be the directcause of growth.Increased demand can be attributedto other factors such as the economic environmentor the competitive nature of the industry. We recom-mend using electronic customer reviews. By The short questionnaire will ask four questions:going to Brut’s website, the customer candiscuss how they feel about their purchase. 1. How did you hear about Brut? 2. Did you use a coupon with your purchase? 3. Did the coupon intrigue you to purchase Brut? 4. Are you satisfied with your purchase? All of the questions (excluding the first) will have either “YES” or “NO” answers . Hopefully, we will be able to determine if the coupon effectively increased sales.
  11. 11. Other Promotional Strategies East CoastIn order to increase awareness of Brut, Unilever must market the product to the new target audiencein a centrally-located region. The East Coast is more densely populated than the West Coast; thus,we decided to select the New Jersey/New York region. Residents from New England and the Mid-Atlantic states can easily travel to this area.Sporting EventsWe have identified sporting events as a great opportunity to promote Brut. In particular, baseballgames attract approximately 40,000 fans per game. During the spring season, vendors will travelto Yankee Stadium in New York City. Before fans enter, Brut’s promotional team will be positionedoutside the entrance in a large tent. Brut’s team will distribute free promotional products plasteredwith the Brut logo and travel-size samples of Brut deodorant. Additionally, Unilever will sponsor alive-band and providetwo interactive games.Fans will have theopportunity to interactwith team membersoutside of the stadium.Brut will attend threeYankee games duringthe promotional cam-paign.• March 31st, 2011 vs.Detroit• April 22nd, 2011 vs.Baltimore• June 1st, 2011 vs.OaklandTo determine the success of our athletic promotion, we will obtain feedback from sports fans. At thebaseball games, fans will be asked to sign a privacy waiver. Then, they will be asked to discuss theiropinion about Brut. All feedback will be recorded via a tape recorder. We will send the tapes to Unile-ver’s headquarters where the information will be used to help future promotional campaigns. Also, wewill monitor retailers’ sales of Brut within a twenty-mile radius.In today’s market, relationship building is crucial in maintaining success between consumer and prod-uct. Relationship marketing adds value to any sales process by focusing on a win-win philosophy thatallows the consumer and Brut to gain through this process.Advertisements are necessary to promote Brut to a younger audience. Specifically, Brut’s advertisingcampaign will venture into sports arenas. Because of its central location, our billboard will be featuredon the highway exit approaching the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.The stadium is home to the New York Giants and the New York Jets. Vehicles willsee the billboard as they exit the highway.Additionally, Brut will sponsor an advertisement during half-time of each game. Avideo camera will span the crowd and locate the craziest fans. A screen-shot willbe captured. Also, the advertisement will have the Brut logo on the bottom of thescreen. The ad will be next to the scoreboard so that the entire audience can seeit. Now, the audience is integrated into Brut’s ad campaign.
  12. 12. Other Promotional Strategies West CoastOn the West Coast, we were unable to find acentrally-located arena to establish vendors. The On the night of the event, Brut’s sponsors will be inWest Coast’s population is less compact than attendance. Any remaining samples will be distrib-the East Coast, making it difficult to attract large uted as guests depart. Also, the vendors will distrib-audiences in one location. Further research will be ute the “BUY ONE, GET ONE” coupons.necessary to determine an ideal location. In order to determine the success of collegiateCollege Campuses advertising, we will employ two methods. First, all guests will receive an e-mail questionnaire. TheNevertheless, we believe it is necessary to estab- short questionnaire will contain the following ques-lish vendors somewhere on the West Coast. We tions:selected California because of the vast population;however, we decided to vary our promotional strat- 1. Prior to Brut’s presence on campus, have youegies. On the East Coast, we elected to advertise ever heard of the brand?Brut in stadiums and sport arenas. Although sports 2. Have you used Brut in the past?are popular on the West Coast, diversifying the 3. Have you used your free sample of Brut yet?advertisements would be beneficial. First, not allBrut customers may enjoy sports. A true Brut man a.If so, what were your thoughts on theembodies strength, courage, and confidence, but product?this does not imply he is an avid sports fan. Ad- 4. Will you be more likely to purchase Brut in theditionally, we are attempting to target a younger future?audience in our promotional campaign. Fans Also, we will have to monitor the sales of Brut. Weat baseball games vary greatly in age. In order will track the monthly sales of Brut in retailers suchto narrow our target audience, we believe Brut as Target, Walmart, and CVS within a ten-mileshould visit various colleges throughout California. radius of each of the campuses. Hopefully, we willAt each college, vendors (wearing Brut apparel) see increased sales.will distribute free travel-size samples of Brutdeodorant to students. Also, hats, mugs and shirtswith the Brut logo will be passed out. Students, Press Releaseintrigued by free gifts, will take the sample back totheir dorm and use it. This method increases the Besides these great promotional strategies, weawareness of our product while simultaneously also wrote a press release that announces of You-targeting a younger audience. Tube contest. Because we are repositioning Brut to a younger audience, we are searching for a newBrut will visit three campuses across the state spokesperson. Contestants are asked to upload aduring the six-month promotional campaign. 180 30-second clip discussing why they consider them-Agency has selected three important campuses: selves to be the next Brut Man. Press releases areUniversity of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), Cali- free promotional tools and can greatly increase thefornia State University-Long Beach, and Riverside awareness of the contest. Further details about theCommunity College. contest are discussed in the appendix. The press re-Additionally, Brut will sponsor a themed-party at lease will attract the media’s attention because thereeach of the campuses. Each school’s Student is a possibility for some crazy video submissions!Government Association (SGA) will work withBrut’s vendors to create an entertaining, non-alco-holic party for students on campus. Each schoolwill receive a $1,000 donation from Unilever tocontribute to the event. Most likely, food and enter-tainment will be purchased with the donation. Allguests will be required to submit their e-mail whenregistering for the event.
  13. 13. Append ix 180 Agency953 Danby RoadIthaca, NY 14850 607-274-5555
  14. 14. Promotional Materials OutdoorThis billboard design istargeted towards theprospective populationthat would be inter-ested in becomingthe next spokesper-son for Brut. The adshow three of Brut’sprevious spokes-person- all three ofthem great athe-letes in their ownperspective sports.Muhammad Ali wasa legendary boxer,Wilt Chamberlainis one of the mostrespected baset-ball players, andHank Aaron wasa great baseballplayer. Theseads will be in high-trafficlocations and directed towards fans of sportingevents. However, this ad can be made into variousforms—they can be inside baseball stadiums (asshown below) or on the internet as banners.
  15. 15. Promotional Materials Advertisements This a print ad- vertisement that will be featured in two newspapers: The Philadelphia Inquirer and The San Diego Union. The ad describes the positive aspects that we associate with a Brut man.
  16. 16. Promotional Materials Advertisements This ad also show- cases the positive attitude associated with our product, but it is geared more towards the younger demographic of males. The colors are simple so that it can be easily read. The product shot really captures the attention of the audience. We want a consumer to see this and have the desire to have these attributes and use Brut.
  17. 17. Promotional Materials InteractiveOur search for the next Brut man is intended to raise produce aware- ness and to find our next spokesperson. We want to find someonewho embodies our ideas of a Brut man—someone who is respectful, smart, and self-sufficient man who defines our slogan “essence of man.” Our ads focus on defining who our ideal Brut man is and whoour target audience is. Our billboard ad directly promotes our search for the Brut man. We also want to focus our search on sportingevents and the fans that attend these events. Our search for the next Brut man is also very PR oriented—which is priceless. We want thissearch to become national news. We hope to go on morning shows and become featured on national news with this promotion. Our search for the Brut man is very interactive and consumer-oriented. Applicants has to record a short 3-5minute video explaining whythey embody the Brut appeals and submit it to us. We will then post all of these videos on our Youtube account ( Not only is this a fun way to find our spokesperson, through word-of-mouth and extensive PR efforts, we hope that audience is general will view these videos and become well aware of our product.
  18. 18. Promotional Materials Interactive This is an example of one of our interactive banners to be displayed in major sporting are- nas. It will be in the backdrop of stadiums on the larger TVs. It will have the same image we have on our outfield walls in baseball stadiums, as well as our billboards. During halftime/commercial breaks, we want to pan over to the crowd and point out great fans of the game and put on the Brut Slogan. It is similar to the “Kiss Cam” they have at NBA games. We would have this up on our scoreboard and screen so that the whole stadium will view the ad. The audience can literally become a part of our ad campaign and our promotions, which is a very fun and unique approach.
  19. 19. Promotional Materials Merchandise The following merchandise is to be given away during the baseball games and campus visits.
  20. 20. Promotional Materials Press Release