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  • Sex+in+advertising

    1. 1. SEXVERTISINGIn the Early Twentieth Century, United States & Twenty-First Century, United States Breanna Gouveia , WS 176
    2. 2. SUMMARY In the early twentieth century, in the United States, the use of sex in advertising really started to kick-off. One of the main aspects that made it popular was how it attracted so many costumers at one time. Sexual imagery triggered the human brain in ways that no other type of advertisement could. One particular advertisement in the early twentieth century (1930) for “Buxom Melons” in the US showcased a young woman whoʻs blouse strap was off one shoulder. This picture could attract many costumers because of its sex appeal, and it could also offend others. The woman appears to be the innocent type yet shows off her sensual side which is a major turn on for some males. It seems as though this young woman was unaware of how sultry and alluring this position could appear to a man, or even women in some cases. The United States at this time in history were known for their “farmerʻs daughter” jokes. The type of all American girl that is innocent and sexy at the same time. Buxom brand Melons have really little to do with the “all-American-farmerʻs daughter” yet they still use her to advertise their product. All this is done for the simple reason of advertising and attracting customers through their weakness for visual pleasure and bliss. Kuefler, 318
    3. 3. CALVIN KLEIN JEANS ( Calvin Klein Inc. is a fashion company mainly geared towards premium denim jeans. It was founded in 1968 in New York City, New York. This advertisement shown above illustrates how even jeans can be sexy and attract others to you when wearing them. Calvin Klein Jeans is using sexuality and pleasure to attract costumers to buy their jeans. Claiming that their product looks sexy in bed and will draw you good-looking mates. Advertisements like this appeal to our pleasure principles and our unconscious mind. We donʻt think about the fact that this advertisement is supposed to be advertising jeans, and we donʻt think about how irrelevant the form of advertisement is for their particular product, we just end up seeing how this product will make you attract mates in ways you thought only imaginable. We end up buying the product and there you go. The companyʻs advertisement worked. (21st century America)
    4. 4. VOLVO( Volvo Car Corporation was founded in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson to produce and manufacture automobiles. In this advertisement from the 21st century, the company imitates the shape and sight of a manʻs erect penis as the gear shift in this car. The headline states, “Weʻre just as excited as you”, which alludes to how excited the company is to put their new automobile on the market and how excited a man getʻs when he gets a boner. This also alludes to how this new car could also make a man get a boner because he is so “excited”. Just looking at this particular ad at first glance made me think dirty right off the bat. This is exactly what the company wants you to think. They want you or your man to look at this advertisement, laugh when you realize what their message is, and want to go see the car at your nearest dealer so you can experience for yourself how exciting this car can be. (21st century America)
    5. 5. DAFFYʻS CLOTHING Daffyʻs is a clothing store located primarily in New York which has a wide variety of both menʻs and womenʻs clothing. This advertisement shown to the left illustrates an erotic scene of foreplay between a couple. The headline reads, “More bang less buck”. This refers to how much more time youʻll have on your hands in which you can have as much sex as you want instead of trying to go shopping and find the right pricing you can afford. Just come to Daffyʻs and youʻll get in and get out just in time for your sensual plans. This type of advertisement is very manipulating to the mind. All the costumer can possibly think about while looking at this ad is one of two things: how hot and attractive the man or woman in the picture is or how their particular clothes line will help you rev up your sexual prowess. (21st century America) ( daffys00/)
    6. 6. AXE BODY SPRAY Axe, founded in 1983, is a brand of male grooming products who is owned by the Dutch-British company, Unilever. In this particular advertisement it showcases a female nun with a close pin on her nose, and a small Axe bottle in the bottom right corner.This refers to how nuns are very religious and aware of sins, and in this case the Axe body spray is a sin because it might lead to sex. The nun must not smell the spray because it would lead her to “sin”. This particular advertisement really shows how companies think of anything and everything to sell their product. In this case the company decided to use a religious figure to get their point across that if your really want to attract women who are “down to sin” and have a sexual relationship with you, or even just to have women check you out from head to toe, their Axe spray will do you wonders. (21st century America) (
    7. 7. PLAYSTATIONPORTABLE (PSP) Playstation, a video game company in America, is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment and founded in 1994. This advertisement for the PSP shown on the right illustrates how the “PSP is better than sex”. Sex is the one universal act that majority of the population enjoys because of the pleasure principle and basically just because of the fact that it feels amazing. But here the company claims that the PSP is better than sex and shows the female playing her PSP during sex because she finds it more interesting and fun then the act of sex itself. This advertisement really does not require the use of sex in advertising to promote their Playstation Portable 2 device, but this company sure does know the saying, “sex and violence sells”. Incorporating this sexual scene while including their game device shows two things that guys love: video games and sex. Considering how much guys love sex, they claim that their PSP will have them more interested in playing than sexing. (21st century America) (
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