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Longview Book


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A marketing plan for Longview.

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Longview Book

  1. 1. Table of Contents 1. Objectives/Goals 2. SWOT Analysis 3. Marketing Analytics 4. Consumer Profiles 5. Brand Differentiation 6. Brand Positioning 7. Implementation 8. Budget 9. Evaluation Appendix i. Pamphlet- Cover ii. Pamphlet- Inside iii. Pamphlet- Insert iv-v. Blueberry Panda Bios 2.
  2. 2. Objectives & GoalsThis proposal, developed by Blueberry Panda, aims to refocus Longview’s brandimage and marketing efforts. Our goal through these recommendations is to pro-vide Longview with the means necessary to capture the current and future retire-ment living markets within the Ithaca and Tompkins County area. Presented hereis the final culmination of our ideas and research. • Increase interest • Drive traffic to website • Integrate use of social media • Attract customers for new wing (assisted living) • Inform customers of plans for new housing • Update information technology systems 3.
  3. 3. Strengths Weaknesses • Connection with Ithaca College • Lack of marketing and commu- • Emphasis on independent living nications strategy and budget (and room for growth in indepen- • Empty critical care wing – not dent living quarters) currently generating revenue • Resident ‘safety net’ of 24-hour • Undesirable website and un- medical care coordinated, inconsistent ap- • New critical care wing with lots of proach to external communica- space to fill tions • Longview’s independence and lack of parent company, more ‘nimble’ than most competition in IthacaOpportunities Threats • Ballooning retired population • Raised retirement age in US, • Baby boomers are more tech savvy smaller retired population could • Strengthening housing market, undermine efforts seniors more motivated to sell and • Rising health care costs limiting move to retirement facilities Longview’s discretionary spend- ing • Competition from Kendal at Ithaca and Beechtree 4.
  4. 4. Kendal• Located in: OH, PA, NH, OH, NY, VA, MA• “Continuing Care Retirement Community”• 213 independent living units, studio to two-bedroom style with den sizes, and a farmhouse unit• 36-bed adult facility• 35-bed skilled nursing facility Claire Bridge • Specializes in special nursing and Alzheimer’s care • 24 hour emergency response • Daily program, events, or outings • Utilities include gas, electric, and water service • Free laundry on each floorBeechtree • Full-out living community for retired persons & rehabilitation for memory loss & other common problems • 1/5 stars by the Department of Health & Human Services based on health inspections, nursing home staffing, and quality measures • No independent living for residents • Pricing is uncomparable 5.
  5. 5. Product DifferentiationResident Profiles Mary “the social butterfly” is an avid gym go-er and recently took a liking to Independent Care yoga. Doing her own grocery shopping is important to Mary. She’s single and ready to mingle and is also looking to make friends. She keeps her 2 cats, Whis- kers and Fluffy, at her independent apartment on the Longview campus. Mary’s daughter is a professor at Cornell University and lives 10 minutes from Longview. Even though Mary is entirely self-sufficient, she still enjoys having her daughter around for a quick visit. Mary can enjoys her independence at Longview because she knows her family is nearby and she has access to a 24- hour on-campus medical facility. Clara is self-sufficient but has a bad hip. She enjoys shopping trips downtown and musical concerts at Ithaca College . She lives at Longview with her husband Special Care Unit Assisted Living - they are able to share a room. Independence is important to Clara - Longivew provides Carla with all the resources she needs to live a fruitful independent life. Because her children and grandchildren live in other states, she enjoys the close relationship between Longview and Ithaca College. IC students are friendly and remind her of her own grandchildren. William suffered a stroke last year and is in rehabilitation. He needs assistance with most daily tasks including medication, cooking, and cleaning. His wife Jody cannot care for him alone and lives in an independent apartment close by. William enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with his wife and a interacting with other residents. 6.
  6. 6. Brand Differentiation the process of adding a set of meaningful and valued differences to distinguish the company’s offering from competitors’ offerings Longview must differentiate itself from other brands by: • Being price friendly • Product • Image • Service • Channel distributionPrice Friendly: Product: Feature/Benefits Analysis -Highly active environment -Adaptable to any elderly age group? -Variety of housing options -Quality staff and volunteers -Partnership with Ithaca College 7.
  7. 7. Brand Positioning The process of creating a desired image for a company and its products in the minds of a target group of consumers Make Yourself at Home • Change perception of assisted living/nursing home living • Product/Service Attribute • Menus available for the week • Access to login account • Cable and wireless Internet access in rooms • User category • Relies on customer segments • Upgrade Technology system for baby boomer push 9.
  8. 8. Brand Differentiation Service: • Personalized options (meal plans and activities) • Delivery • Rapid response • 24/7 Access Channel: Online Payment • Pay bills online • Pay for any extras online • Click for groceries (charged directly to Longview account) • Makes living on a budget easier to track Image: • Revving up the Longview image with a new logo and colors • New promotional materials • Enhanced website • Social Media • Creating “Young at Heart” viral videos including the IC music school and TVR students • Experience branding, unique online experience • User-Generated content-- current residents write their responses and what they like • Entertainment (things residents do) • Engagement-- login page on website, updates, etc. 8.
  9. 9. Implementation Social media strategies Twitter 1. Connect with elder celebrities to retweet 2. Connect with people and inform them about Longview Blog 1. User generated content 2. Staff blog for upcoming events, activities, and news “Young @ Heart” -Traveling choir located in Massachusetts -Average age is 81 -Large YouTube following -Create a chorus at Longview with the help of IC Music School -Use social media to create buzz with YouTube Videos, Twitter, Facebook page, and blog Facebook 1. Strong and advanced presence 2. Quality images 3. Updated daily 10.
  10. 10. Budget“Building Brands Online” 1. Keyword Search (Google AdWords) 2. Social Media 3. Circulating banner of images on homepage 4. Video clips of activitiesTarget Budget Online is $2,000-$3,000 A. Monthly Cost-per-click: $30.25 B. Daily Cost: $8.19 C. Local monthly searches: 31, 319, 380 i. On a budget of $3000, this plan will last over 8 yearsExpense Daily Cost Monthly CPC Total Budget Total LifeGoogle AdWords $8.19 $30.25 $3,000 8 yearsExpense Inventory Price Total BudgetBrochure 2,500 $703.63 $5,000.00 Total Cost Total BudgetAdWords 3,000 3000Brochure $703.63 5000 Total  Budget   Brochure   AdWords   Total  Cost   0   1,000   2,000   3,000   4,000   5,000   6,000   11.
  11. 11. EvaluationA. Google Analytics should be implemented before the strategies are carried outB. Search Engine Optimzation: Organic i. Increase summer & holiday spending on Google Words ii. Create list of words to search a. Independent living b. Elderly care c. Ithaca d. Assisted living e. Active elderly f. Nursing home g. Active living h. Elderly healthcare 12.
  12. 12. APPENDIX
  13. 13. PAMPHLET- Cover “Make Yourself At Home” Longview, an Ithacare Communityi. 1 Bella Vista Drive Ithaca NY 14850 for more information Contact us (607) 375-6300
  14. 14. PAMPHLET- Insideii.
  15. 15. Pamphlet- Insertsiii.
  16. 16. BIOS Jenn Citera, a senior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is a commu- nication management and design major with a minor in integrated marketing communication. Last semester she attended La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, where she focused her studies on international business. A leadership scholar at Ithaca College, Jenn takes part in various leader- ship training and community service projects. Jenn is the event co-chair of Ithaca College’s chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Jenn is currently interning at the Museum of the Earth, exploring marketing, public relations, and event planning. Jenn has also been the social media plan creator and consultant of Bet Torah Nursery School, located in Westchester New York. A senior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, Jesse DeBear is an inte- grated marketing communications major. In the spring of 2010, Jesse spent a semester in London, attending classes at the Ithaca College London Center. Born in New York City, Jesse was raised in Scarsdale, N.Y., from age 6. He attended Scarsdale High School and was an active participant in several athletics programs. He enjoys playing sports, spending time with his friends, vacationing with family, and watching football and baseball. Jesse is an avid fan of both the Jets and the Mets. He plans to graduate Ithaca College in the Spring of 2011. Born and raised in Junction City, Oregon, Jerry Diamond is a senior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications. He majors in integrated marketing communications and minors in website development. During his time in Ithaca College, Diamond has prepared and presented numerous proposals for real-world clients. Last year, he researched and prepared a media plan as part of a team for State Farm Insurance. Jerry excels at personal interaction, having held numerous professional positions as a swimming and rock-climbing instructor. Kayla Inanc is currently a junior at Ithaca College from New City, New York. She is major- ing in integrated marketing communications with a minor in sociology. She is a recipient of the Carl Sgrecci Academic Scholarship through Ithaca College and the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation’s Lee Epstein Scholarship. She is president of Ithaca College’s Chapter of PRSSA and a writer for the fashion blog, “IC Spotted.” She volunteers with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program, and interned with Cayuga Radio Group in Fall 2010. This past summer she interned with Wainscot Media and the Rockland County 4-H Youth Development Program. iv.
  17. 17. BIOS Danielle Giserman is an integrated marketing communications major with a minor in sport studies, from Stonington, Connecticut. In her days at Ithaca College, she has been a marketing intern for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival for two years, Co-Chair of advertising and public relations for the Student Activities Board, and Co-President of the Park School Dean’s Host program. She is also a recipient of Ithaca College’s Leadership Scholarship, providing her with tools needed to be a successful leader. Currently, she is president for the class of 2011 and is the vice president of a new club, Women in Sport Careers. This past spring and summer, she interned at Atlantic Records, PMK*BNC, Mohegan Sun and Celebrity Access. A senior at Ithaca College, Samuel Adams is an integrated marketing communications major. He is a member of the American Advertising Federation and was the student treasurer from Spring 2010 until Fall 2010. He is currently enrolled in an internship at Cayuga Radio Group, working in the newsroom. During Spring 2010, Sam interned at Cayuga Medical Center in the public rela- tions department. Sam has worked at Ithaca College’s Information Technology Services in the Digital Media Services department from January 2009 until present. Sam wrote for the Ithacan, the Ithaca College newspaper. After graduation, Sam will seek employment in public relations, public affairs, or investor relations. Majoring in applied psychology and minoring in marketing and integrated marketing commu- nications, Corey de Groot is a senior at Ithaca College. During his college career he was the vice president of the nutrition club and the president of the American Advertising Federation. He currently works as the student manager for the Technology Learning Center at Ithaca College. In the past he has worked for various stockbroker-consulting firms as an administrative assistant and has interned for Sesame Workshop working in the community outreach department. After he graduates, he plans on going to grad school in the fall for a master’s degree in art direction. v