Social Media for Business: Don't be scared to make mistakes


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Find out what you're missing, and don't be scared to make mistakes as you learn.
Features my favourite social media story from a UK Politician.
Delivered by @Digitangle for Worsley Business Lounge @WBLounge

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Social Media for Business: Don't be scared to make mistakes

  1. 1. @Digitangle Social Media What are you missing? Katrina Gallagher 28/03/2014
  2. 2. @Digitangle #trends — Social Media for 2014 Now there are : • Over 1.15 billion Facebook • Over 360 million Google+ • Over 215 million Twitter active users • media-facts-and-statistics-you-should-know-in- 2014/
  3. 3. @Digitangle social-media-facts-and-statistics-you- should-know-in-2014/ Social Media in 2014 • 72% of internet users actively use social media • It has become part of our lives, and those born after 1990 are “digital natives”.
  4. 4. @Digitangle •
  5. 5. @Digitangle • know-in-2014/ Want to be in front of your target market?
  6. 6. @Digitangle You think you’re not technical enough? • The most serious mistakes in social media are ignoring social norms. • The most common mistake is spammy selling in a social environment. You wouldn’t start selling watches at a wedding reception.
  7. 7. @Digitangle Technical mistakes are often forgiven …and if you’re lucky, cherished, for example…
  8. 8. @Digitangle
  9. 9. @Digitangle
  10. 10. @Digitangle Have a sense of humor if it happens to you On the second anniversary of the original tweet:
  11. 11. @Digitangle #twitter — Updates & Activities • Share interesting content from industry peers. • Communicate news updates and activities like research, events and new products. • Participate in occasional one-on- one interaction. • Schedule posts if you have a lot to say right now… you can overwhelm people.
  12. 12. @Digitangle #facebook — Ways To Get Started • Learn from the best and follow: • Companies in your industry • People/organisations that you find interesting or entertaining • Encourage your customers to comment, like, and share their experiences. • Add photos to your updates • Add geographic-targeting to new updates (e.g., if you have shops or offices in a specific locations)
  13. 13. @Digitangle #google+ — Benefits • Can improve visibility when customers search for your services. • It’s a bit of a quiet party right now. You can get established while your competitors are sleeping. • Add people to circles to build relevant networks.
  14. 14. @Digitangle #youtube & #vimeo — Video Content • Can be used for content such as music videos, live concerts or shows, video guides, customer Q&A. • There are less people producing good video content than text content. • Can you capitalize on this?
  15. 15. @Digitangle Experiment and have fun • Track your results – e.g. with • Google Analytics • Hootsuite • Buffer App • Customer feedback • Facebook insights • Keep testing • Keep learning
  16. 16. @Digitangle Thanks for listening! Katrina Gallagher For more information sign up to my newsletter:
  17. 17. @Digitangle Image Credits: • Sales guy : customer/ • Wedding: • Pepsi Twitter & Google +: way-brand.html • YouTube: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Vimeo: • Explosion: • Facebook insights: