Your face is more than facebook


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Presentation that was given to Columbia College students for a Series put on by the Portfolio Center.

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Your face is more than facebook

  1. 1. How to set a professional online presence for yourself
  2. 2.  Answer these questions: o What do you want to do? Work for yourself? Work for someone else? Work with your friends? o Who are your clients? Where do they hang out? What do they do? Why would they want to hire you? What is your USP (unique selling point) ? Why you?  Build an identity o This includes a URL!  Establish your manifesto
  3. 3. Use privacy settings. Manage your professional image. Remember, you are one whole person!
  4. 4. Tips to use LinkedIn:  Use Applications o Behance o Slideshare o Blog/RSS  Engage in Discussions in the Q&A section  Subscribe to groups  Keep your network updated Why Use LinkedIn: - Its professional - Its easy to connect to others - You can research companies and industries - Establish your expertise
  5. 5. How to use Twitter:  Searching for your future customers, your colleagues, and your industry  Sharing is caring  Use Hashtags, Twitter Lists  Be Real. Why Use Twitter: - Easy to find and cultivate community around your niche - Message will be amplified - Higher rate of Follow-to-buy than Facebook - Real-time interaction with potential customers
  6. 6. Tips for using Facebook:  Profile Vs. Page  Using Events, Photos, etc.  Marketplace & other business Apps Why Use Facebook: - Leverage your personal network - Time spent on FB higher than search engines combined
  7. 7.  Blogs Can be used as o Gathering place o Showcase o Conversation hub  Blogs to use: o Tumblr o Wordpress
  8. 8. Pulls all your activity on your sites into one space, creating a more dynamic portfolio of who you are
  9. 9.  Elance  Etsy  Odesk Be warned, people have had good and bad experiences with both Odesk and Elance, do not use this as your only method of getting projects! A site where freelancers bid for and manage projects A crafty site to sell your crafty stuff
  10. 10. In addition to the job-seeking elements of the sites we’ve gone over, here’s a few additional sites to keep in mind  General Job Search Sites: o Indeed  Creative Recruiting agencies: o Aquent o Creative Circle o Sima Says
  11. 11.  How will others pay for your services/products?  PayPal  Square  WePay
  12. 12. Kara Carrell, Social Media Manager for see3 Communications (this presentation was created and given outside of the representation of see3, and is solely the opinion and work of Kara Carrell) Feel free to contact me @karitas, or Special Thanks to @typodactyl and @typeis4lovers for their suggestions in my research for this presentation Other Resources: