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DCFA May-June 2011 Newsletter


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DCFA May-June 2011 Newsletter

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DCFA May-June 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd (DCFA)NEWSLETTER May - June 2011 Spare Food is Share Food!7 Whimple Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2DH Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR DCFA has grown remarkably in its first year and to maintain momentum it urgently needs enthusiastic volunteers whoDear Friends and Supporters, can take on some of the jobs that Geoff currently undertakes. Do please give this a little thought and, if youThis time just a year ago, a small group of individuals were can help in any way at all, get in touch with Geoff.gathered in Catherine Street Baptist Church, listening totwo speakers telling us about FareShare UK. What was itabout? Simple! Obtaining surplus food from producers and Christinesuppliers, and passing it on to organisations dealing with Christine REIDthe disadvantaged in our community and region. This was Chairgood food that would otherwise have gone to landfill, for DCFA Board of Trusteeswhatever reason! The group was a little apprehensive... butit was a project that seemed worthwhile and rewarding.Now here we are about to start our second year. DCFA EDITORIAL COMMENTstarted trading in February 2011 with fresh milk and nowother dairy products but, DCFA does not want to stopthere! DCFA really wants to move forward but it still has I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly to anothermore challenges to face: site for more information on that particular topic. Put your cursor over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! DCFA needs warehouse or shop-type premises in Ed. central Plymouth. DCFA needs some expert volunteer individuals to LETTERS TO THE EDITOR undertake come important tasks such as: From: Pearl WEBB To: Geoffrey READ Conducting a Feasibility Study of suppliers, needy, rd Sent: Tuesday, 3 May 2011 charitable organisations, etc., and, Subject: THE DEVON & CORNWALL FOOD ASSOCIATION (DCFA) Financial matters and Fundraising. Dear Geoff Thank you for you the continued weekly supply of milk! It’sMay I please make an appeal to you all to think hard about making a great difference to the running cost of the lunches.this on behalf of DCFA and if you think you can be of help Thanksin anyway then please do get in touch with our Company PearlSecretary, Geoff READ. Pearl WEBBAt the June 2011 Board Meeting, the Trustees will have Cooksome discussions and big decisions to make regarding how Elspeth Sitters House Tel: (01752) 665424Fax: (01752) 224100DCFA should move forward. Decisions that concern key Email: and whether it should rent premises. Plymouth Age Concern "... aims to improve the lives of older people"The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd. (DCFA) is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee.Registered Company No. 07419679.Registered Charity No. - DCFA is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes under Reference XT27083.Members of : Our Funder:NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) – Membership No. MEMBERVC/13004,PTSC (The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium),The Small Charities Coalition,And Volunteering England – Membership No.1278747. … And Voluntary Donations.
  2. 2. F UTURE MEETINGS. All meetings are scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m. but are subject to change at short notice. th Tuesday, 5 July 2011B EST Wishes to Major Lorraine RICHARDS, for her st birthday on Wednesday, 1 June 2011. Lorraine is aFriend of DCFA. Have a lovely birthday Lorraine! - General Board Meeting (Plymouth Catherine Street Baptist Church) nd Tuesday, 2 August 2011H APPY Birthday to Wendy CHAPMAN for her birthday th on Sunday, 12 June 1011. Wendy is a Trustee onthe DCFA Board. Thanks for all your hard work Wendy! - General Board Meeting (Plymouth Catherine Street Baptist Church) th Tuesday, 6 September 2011M ANY Happy Returns to Neil PARSONS for his st birthday on Tuesday, 21 June 2011. Neil is aFriend of DCFA. Happy Birthday Neil! - General Board Meeting (Plymouth Catherine Street Baptist Church) th Tuesday, 4 October 2011B EST Wishes to Reverend Alison SHAW, for her - General Board Meeting th birthday on Sunday, 26 June 2011. Alison is a (Plymouth Catherine Street Baptist Church)Trustee on the DCFA Board and also our Public Relations th Tuesday, 8 November 2011Officer. Thanks for all your hard work Alison! - Annual General Meeting (Plymouth Catherine Street Baptist Church) DCFA NEWS th Tuesday, 6 December 2011A WARD. DCFA was fortunate to be invited to attend an Awards Ceremony at the Holiday Inn in Plymouth recentlyfor the Drake Foundation Spirit of Community Awards. Our - General Board Meeting (Venue to be determined)Chair, Christine REID, accompanied by Esme GOSS, our MilkVolunteer Coordinator attended. Whilst DCFA didn’t win anyof the major awards we were pleasantly surprised and A NNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2011. The DCFA AGM will th be held on Tuesday, 8 November 2011 and we’re already looking for one or two Guest Speakers. Can youhonoured to receive a Certificate of Significant Achievement. help or do you know someone that might? Please contactPlease see the certificate at the end of this newsletter. Geoff (details at the top of Page 1).F UNDRAISER. This is such a time-consuming occupation but a very important post for us. DCFA is looking forsomeone experienced in this field of expertise to help us in A WORD FROM MARY CONWAY DCFA Trustee & DCFA Liaison Officera voluntary capacity. Interested? Please contact Geoff(details at the top of the page). I LOVE Food. I love growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in my Cornish garden, and I also love eating it... especially when someone else has cooked it! I also care very much DCFA MEETINGS about who gets fed, and how much, and who decides. As aM AY 2011. Our May 2011 Meeting was held at 10.30 ‘Justice & Peace’ worker with the Plymouth RC Diocese, I rd a.m. on Tuesday, 3 May 2011 at the Theatre Royal know the issues of food production, distribution,in Plymouth. We should like to thank the Management of consumption and the environment are complex. It is easythe Theatre Royal for their generous hospitality. to feel powerless to change anything as an individual, even when you have a vision of what needs to be changed. So how fortunate am I then to have been invited to be part ofJ UNE 2011. The next DCFA Board Meeting will take place th at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday, 7 June 2011 at the CatherineStreet Baptist Church in Plymouth. If you have anything DCFA, a dedicated group that has already started changing things for the better?you wish the Board to discuss then do please contact Geoff. This year I have been rather surprised to also find myself a volunteer at our village community shop and a member of an organic food co-operative. All these opportunities have been DO YOU WISH TO given to me very recently by people I find inspiring and fun to work alongside. So I’d like to extend the invitation to you... if VOLUNTEER WITH DCFA? you care about who gets fed, if you care about our lovely planet, please become a Friend, volunteer or benefactor of Go on-line, download the Application Form, DCFA. Come and share the privilege of making a difference! complete the details and submit it to Geoff. . Mary Conway Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 2
  3. 3. DCFA NEEDS ITS OWN PREMISES! OTHER NEWSH ELP Please! DCFA could do oh... so much more if only it had its own premises in a central area of Plymouth!Do you know of somewhere... an I VYBRIDGE Comings & Goings. th Barn Dance at EST Ivybridge, Saturday, 14 May at 7.30empty warehouse or shop that we p.m. to 11.30 p.m. Live Band and Caller, Bar and Hogcould utilise? DCFA could then start Roast. Tickets priced at £6 and must be purchased inaccepting the food produce that local advance. Please telephone the Centre on (01752) 690 200producers have promised to supply us! for further information. th THIS IS A WAY THAT Donkey Summer Fair at EST Ivybridge, Saturday, 18 June from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Demonstrations, Games & Stalls, YOU Inflatables, BBQ, Donkey Carriage rides and much, much more! Fun Family Dog CAN HELP DCFA! Show from 2 p.m. Free entry andT HIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM DCFA ASKING FOR YOUR HELP! parking. For more information, please call the centre on (01752) 690 200.Dear Friends & Supporters, Car Boot Sales at EST Ivybridge on:At a recent DCFA Board Meeting, the matter of renting  Sunday, 26th June,premises was discussed. DCFA needs somewhere in central  Sunday, 24th July,Plymouth.  Sunday, 21st August, andIt was recognised that this was a “chicken-and-egg”  Sunday, 25th September.synopsis insofar as DCFA could only issue food if we couldactually get it and, if we had our own permanent premises The timings have yet to be confirmed!in which to receive and issue it!However, would it be worth renting premises if ittranspired that the donated food produce was notforthcoming?At that Board Meeting I therefore undertook to startcontacting food producers, wholesalers and supermarketsto ask them what could they do for us.Once we had some answers we might then be in a betterposition to decide on whether we could justify paying out S MALL Charity Week. th It’s official, the week starting Monday, 20 June will be Small Charity Week 2011. The Small Charities Coalition is supporting the Foundation forgood, hard-to-come-by cash for rented premises or not. Social Improvement who has set out themes for each dayHowever, before I actually write to Supermarkets and Food kicking off on the Monday with “I love Small Charities” day.Producers I thought it might be beneficial to spend a little The Small Charities Coalition is putting the final touches totime building up a database of those outlets we should their programme for the week to support these themes so doapproach. please check their dedicated webpage for more information.And this is where you can help! Could you please send methe details of any Wholesalers and Food Producers who youthink may help DCFA? I would need the followinginformation: Name of company: Producer supplied: Contact person: Postal Address: Landline telephone: Mobile telephone: Email address: Any additional information: ComeI look forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime... join us!please take a look at our website now and again!Geoffrey N. READCompany Secretary & Newsletter EditorDCFA Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 3
  4. 4. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 4