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Coghlans mosquito coil holder 5 star review, must have!


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Coghlans mosquito coil holder 5 star review, must have!

  1. 1. Coghlans Mosquito Coil Holder Coghlans Mosquito Coil Holder, Camping Gear, Camping Supplies, Camping Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Camping Furniture, Camping Electronics, Rain Gear, Camping Cookware, Binoculars, Camping Lights, Camping Food, Camping Stoves, Water Bottles, Camping Ap parel. The easy, clean and convenient way to burn Coghlans Mosquito Coils. This canister-style burner is ideal for picnics, barbecues, camping and fishing. Features: Safe burning end is encased Glass fiber nets hold coil firmly, even if overturned Efficient design allows coil to totally burn Versatile hang it or lay it flat Clean top grate ensures ash falls through and remains in holder Item Specifications: Dimensions: 5.25 DIA x 0.75 H Weight: 2.75 oz. Materials: metal and glass fiber holder, nylon hanging loop We exist to connect people to people, and people to experiences. To do this we are committed to elevating camping and the associated experience to the preferred choice of recreation. We understand there are as many styles of camping as there are types of people, so whether you like your camping rustic or luxurious we provide everything you need to enhance your experience. As we evolve we will develop relevant content to highlight and showcase a variety of different camping styles. Visit Us For 5 Star Reviews, Camping Tips & Tricks and The Lowest Price: Coghlans Mosquito Coil Holder - 5 Star Review!