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Big Finnish Online Eyetracking Survey 2012


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Forget \'banner blindness\', your message is visible online, but it will not equal success!

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Big Finnish Online Eyetracking Survey 2012

  2. 2. Online eyetracking study in a co-operation with
  4. 4. People do see banner ads• So forget the ‘banner blindness’ theory.• People see advertising online, and as a matter of fact, they usually see it even better than other content on the website. 52 % of online ads are seen 100 % 0% saw the best ad saw the worst ad
  5. 5. Placement has an huge impact on ad visibility• Ad placement on top of the page has a higher visibility than other placements on the website.• Placements below fold are basically invisible for most of the website viewers.
  6. 6. …but also the time on the first fixation• Ad placements on top of the page are usually seen right after main navigation menu.• In bigger ad formats, the top ad was seen as a first thing after landing the website. On average it took from 0.5 seconds to 14.5 seconds to notice an ad on the website.
  7. 7. …and the time spent on the ad• Ad placement on top of the page has a higher visibility, but it also retains attention longer.• Best and biggest adverts got astonishing 8-13 seconds time spent on ad as the worst ads got only 0,1 seconds. This SCA Libresse ad gazed people’s attention for 9,5 seconds
  8. 8. High visibility ≠ success• Even though your ad gets Best ad was recalled by an high visibility rate on the website, it does not 96 % of people, but the average recall mean that it will succeed value for ads was as low as in the end.• People will forget what 38 %. they saw just few seconds The thing connecting all the best ago and ad recall proves it. recalled ads was the association of the message. People have to understand the reason for your communication in two seconds.
  9. 9. CONTENT is still KING Collection of the best understood ads.
  11. 11. Conclusions1. Become familiar with how the website audience uses the website! • If the ad placement is on top of the page it is usually a smart choice to sell/or buy the placement based on impressions.2. Buy/sell the placements on right of the page or below fold based on action or actual impressions. • These adverts are invisible for most of the visitors on the website, but can drive traffic and activate people after consuming the content they looked for from the website.3. Start focusing on your message and how to best communicate it with your audience. • The advertising message should be simple enough so people can understand it in two seconds.
  13. 13. 40 websites, 110 adverts and 11 advertisers• In total 1,200 Finns let EyeTrackShop record their eye- movements on 40 different websites.• The respondents were exposed to 110 adverts from 11 different advertisers.• EyeTrackShop conducted the study during March-April 2012, commissioned by Aegis Media Finland.
  14. 14. How we did it EyeTrackShop build mock-ups of …and send it out to the the pages that should be tested respondents all over FinlandRespondents receive a mail on their …and given easy on-screenweb cam equipped computer… information and instructions
  15. 15. How we did itRespondent are asked to permit …and are guided into positionETS access to the web cam… with easy on-line tools…The stimuli is presented on the …and given easy on-screenscreen and respondent’s gaze is information and instructionsrecorded
  16. 16. Aegis Group is the world’s leading media and digital communications group. Made up of Aegis Media (Carat, Vizeum, Posterscope, Isobar and iProspect) and Aztec, the scan data services business. Aegis Group helps clients build consumer relationships by communicating their products and brands effectively. Aegis Group is constantly pioneering the worlds of media communications and market research. It is the only global marketing services group focused on the two most strategically significant disciplines in marketing today, and it consistently grows faster than its markets.AEGIS MEDIAREINVENTING THE WAY BRANDS ARE BUILT
  17. 17. For more information contact:Jukka Veteläinen, Insight Manager – Aegis Media FinlandEmail: jukka.vetelainen@aemedia.comLinkedIn: