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The Buildoop Project


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The Hadoop Ecosystem Builder -Buildoop- provides interoperable tools, metadata, and processes that enable the rapid, repeatable development of a Linux Hadoop based system.

With Buildoop you can build a complete set of Hadoop ecosystem components based on RPM or DEB packages, make integration tests for this tools on a RedHat/CentOS, or Debian/Ubuntu virtual system, and maintain a set of configuration files for baremetal deployment.

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The Buildoop Project

  1. 1. buildoop
  2. 2. The Buildoop Project “ Open source collaboration project that provides templates and tools to help you create custom Linux-based systems based on Hadoop ecosystem.
  3. 3. Software Development life-cycle
  4. 4. Buildoop dissection ● ● ● “buildoop recipes” specify how a particular package is built. It includes all the package dependencies, source code locations, configuration, compilation, build, install and remove instructions. “Configuration artifacts” set of configuration management files for operating system deploy and software configuration. “SIT” the individual software modules are combined and tested as a group by means of virtualized infrastructure.
  5. 5. Buildoop: Build package 1/4 ● List of available BOM – Bill Of Materials. Set of components to manufacture an end product. $ buildoop -bom Available BOM targets: TARGET=CentOS-6.x conf/bom/ ├── ├── ├── └── HADOOP_VERSION=2.2.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 ZOOKEEPER_VERSION=3.4.5_openbus-0.0.1-r1 HBASE_VERSION=0.94.16_openbus-0.0.1-r1 PIG_VERSION=0.11.1_openbus-0.0.1-r1 HIVE_VERSION=0.11.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 SQOOP_VERSION=1.4.4_openbus-0.0.1-r1 OOZIE_VERSION=4.0.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 FLUME_VERSION=1.4.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 STORM_VERSION= KAFKA_VERSION=0.8.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 HUE_VERSION=3.5.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 PROTOBUF_VERSION=2.5.0_r1
  6. 6. Buildoop: Build package 2/4 $ buildoop openbus-0.0.1 -info Target Platform: CentOS-6.x Ecosystem versions: HADOOP: 2.2.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 ZOOKEEPER: 3.4.5_openbus-0.0.1-r1 HBASE: 0.94.16_openbus-0.0.1-r1 PIG: 0.11.1_openbus-0.0.1-r1 HIVE: 0.11.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 SQOOP: 1.4.4_openbus-0.0.1-r1 OOZIE: 4.0.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 FLUME: 1.4.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 STORM: KAFKA: 0.8.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 HUE: 3.5.0_openbus-0.0.1-r1 PROTOBUF: 2.5.0_r1
  7. 7. Buildoop: Build package 3/4 $ buildoop openbus-0.0.1 flume -info Recipe name : Description : Apache Flume Home site : License : Apache-2.0 URL base : MD5SUM hash : a932da09b9edb95b0c4bf52e6480fe21 { JSON recipe ] "do_info": { "description": "Apache Flume", "homepage": "", "license": "Apache-2.0", "filename": "" }, "do_download": { "src_uri": "", "src_md5sum": "a932da09b9edb95b0c4bf52e6480fe21" }, "do_fetch": { "download_cmd": "wget" }
  8. 8. Buildoop: Build package 4/4 $ buildoop openbus-0.0.1 flume -build $ buildoop openbus-0.0.1 hadoop -build $ buildoop openbus-0.0.1 -build build/deploy/ ├── bin │ ├── flume-1.4.0-openbus0.0.1.noarch.rpm │ ├── flume-agent-1.4.0-openbus0.0.1.noarch.rpm │ ├── hadoop-2.2.0-openbus0.0.1.x86_64.rpm │ ├── hadoop-hdfs-2.2.0-openbus0.0.1.x86_64.rpm │ ├── hadoop-hdfs-zkfc-2.2.0-openbus0.0.1.x86_64.rpm │ └── repodata │ ├── filelists.sqlite.bz2 │ ├── filelists.xml.gz │ ├── other.sqlite.bz2 │ ├── other.xml.gz │ └── repomd.xml └── src ├── flume-1.4.0-openbus0.0.1.src.rpm └── hadoop-2.2.0-openbus0.0.1.src.rpm
  9. 9. SIT: System Integration Tests $ buildoop openbus-tests -info Available tests for openbus set: hdfs-test zookeeper-test Flume-test $ buildoop openbus-tests hdfs-test -info $ buildoop openbus-tests hdfs-test -run $ buildoop openbus-tests all-test -run Test scope: ● ● ● Hadoop package repository deployment. Puppet configuration deployment. Smoke testing for Hadoop ecosystem.
  10. 10. buildoop