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Images july'09

  1. 1. Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 2, Issue 1; July 2009 Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82 Always Ahead… Inside This Edition From The Editors’ Desk ALL THE ACTION FROM THE OFFICERS TRAINING PROGRAM Malkiat Singh Bindra Chief Editor CAUGHT ON CAMERA… PAGE 3 It is our great pleasure to present the July Issue of Images to you. MY EXPERIENCE—MALKIAT PAGE 4 The month of July is marked as the beginning of a New Year as for the Toastmasters. As the new EC kicks in giving due regard to those leaving the Executive Committee, set- ting new goals and plans to achieve them. The new EC is very much on track with De- vesh who joined only 6 odd months ago completed his CC, the first CC of this new year. Page 5 OTHER FEATURES President Speak…………………………… Page 2 Our very own Deepak Menon, the district governor of district 82, has contributed to the goal achievement of his home club by giving his CL to us. Heath Ledger Comes Eureka…………………………………………… Page 6 Alive! Wow Workshop……………………………… Page 7 The EC is not far behind in helping. The newly elected President of our club, Shraddha Nakra, is also over with her CL, completing another DCP goal. Know Thy Toastmaster……………… Page 8 My Struggle………………………………… Page 9 To add to that, Toastmasters international has announced that our District, i.e. District 82, has come on top and been selected the BEST DISTRICT in the World. Page 13 It was Broken when you Bought it… Page 10 Best of the Month……………………… Page 11 Read more for Speech workshop which was held in Hyderabad recently, success story of Judges Training Program…………… Page 12 Thomas, an article on a brilliant speech using visual aids. And the Editor’s take on the Officers Training Program in Dwarka... New District 82 Logo...
  2. 2. J P "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower " K - Steve Jobs. U Images—July 09 President Speak I would like to congratulate the newly elected EC and at the same time Mission of thank our members on behalf of the entire team for having chosen us. Toastmaster I think being an EC member is a huge responsibility. I want to foster all the responsibilities that come my way, and in Martin Luther Kings words, “I have a dream” a dream to see this club grow, a dream that our club stays To provide a mutually true to its slogan of being always ahead! supportive and positive learning environment JPKU is a club everyone looks up to. A club that is associated with huge in which every individual names Deepak Menon, Vinay Jain, Jyoti Narula, Ritu Arora, Rachit Kaul member has the who are all so experienced and have gone a long way as toastmasters, opportunity somewhere we all want to reach someday! Just the thought of being asso- to develop oral ciated with this JPKU TMC brings a smile to my face. JPKU TMC has communication been a presidents distinguished club for 3 years, having met all 10 goals and leadership skills, for 2 consecutive years, if I begin counting the club’s endless achieve- which in turn foster ments this newsletter will turn out to be as huge as a novel. self-confidence and personal growth
  3. 3. J P “Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. ” K - Tom Peters. U Images—July 09 Some Exciting Moments of… ...The Officers Training Program
  4. 4. J P “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers. ” K - Daniel J. Boorstin. U Images—July 09 Officers Training Program Date – 12th July 2009 I attended the VP Public Relations training. It was conducted by Tara Pillai. The training module was Day – Sunday handled brilliantly, giving us a deep insight into our job. It was very educational and removed every Venue – Rishikul International School, Dwarka. doubt I had in my mind about my role as the VP-PR. Occasion – Officers Training Program. When the training program was over, there was a small Tea Break. But I don’t think tea was served. Sunday! The only day of the week, when I don’t do those things I plan. But this week was different. I Well, I can’t be sure. I couldn’t have anything because my training session lasted much longer than planned to attend the Officers Training Program. I got up at 12 and found that it was in Dwarka. I love others. And all I could see was empty plates and empty bottles. driving there but not going there. Driving; because the roads are good to drive on. Going; I go there and I get lost. After the tea break was over, we were asked to go to the basement again for filing the Goals for the term ahead. After taking 3 wrong turns and then by some means, I reach there. I have never been so elated to see Nikhil Sheth. He was helping at the Registration counter. I got the registration done for the role of VP When the meeting started again, Nareesh Kantoor enlightened every one on how to come about the Public relation and went downstairs where the Meeting was supposed to take place. process of becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. He also explained about the numbers of goals to be achieved to become a President’s Distinguished Then I came to know that The President of our club, Shraddha Nakra, has also lost her way. club. I am not the only one. But the VP membership came to rescue and guided her to the venue, Rishikul International School. In all this, the clubs present were asked to fill the goals they have set for the term ahead. President of By the time all of us settled, the meeting had begun. our club, Shraddha Nakra, filled it and forwarded it to the Area Governor, Paul Holmes. We were all welcomed to the OTP and congratulated to have made it. Well, it wasn’t just Shraddha After all this, certificates were presented to the toastmasters who volunteered to serve and make this and I who got lost. OTP a Success by Division I governor, Ashok Meghani. (They were also given a Dairy Milk). Then, the stage was taken over by the Division I Governor, Vinay Jain. He did what he is perfect at; In the end, division C Governor presented a vote of thanks to all present. Mathematics and Percentages. He informed everyone about the results of the previous Term. How well everyone did, how many goals were achieved, how many new clubs were added in the previous VP Membership Nikhil Sheth shared the Chocolate with us. But it was not as sweet as it is always. term, and other important things. Because we couldn’t have 4 members attend the OTP, our club lost a point, which means that we can not make it 10 on 10 for 3rd year running. Then the stage was taken by the newly appointed Division Governor, Deepak Menon, who shared his vision of the Club. And then it was informed by Triple DTM Deepak Menon that our District is lead- However, it all made to a Great and non forgettable Officers Training Program. ing by almost 40 points and will make it to the top again, which brought pride in everyone’s heart present there. And being in EC, motivated everyone present to make this term successful. - Malkiat Singh Bindra
  5. 5. J P "To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act! ” K - Alfred A Montapert. U Images—July 09 Heath Ledger Comes Alive The meeting began with the installation of the new EC, marking a new beginning a new chapter in JPKU TMC's books. But that day it was not just that...we had a speech from Nitish P., guest speaker from Gurgaon Toastmasters. While many speeches involve use of visual aids, this was the first time we saw the speaker use himself as a visual aid! It was like Heath Leger in the very flesh had come out of the grave and joined us to give yet another spell-binding performance! Whilst portraying the joker, Nitish delved into the character behind the joker, and shared the life and times of Heath Leger, the actor who though having perished himself shortly after the Batman movie, immortalized the villain and set a bar for future adaptations of comic book characters that few will be able to cross. By the end of the speech, whether we were thrilled, amused or simply scared out of our wits, we had no clue. I guess it must have been a bit of all three! - Nikhil Sheth
  6. 6. J P “The best way to try to motivate somebody is by being direct with them. To be honest with them. K Lies are never the right way to get your message across. ” U - Trey Parker. Images—July 09 Eureka! Importance of Attending Toastmasters “Eureka” said Thomas after finishing his Project. He knew he has come up with the best speech of his life. He was happy for himself. He couldn’t wait for the meeting to come. He got his slot from the VP ED. Requested As he sat down, little slips started flooding in towards him with comments he could never have thought. He one of the Veterans to evaluate the speech, because he knew there would not be anything to recommend, only got a great evaluation and also won the “BEST SPEAKER AWARD”. commenting. When Thomas came home, he was happy and relieved. He was happy because he got the “Best Speaker He was curious to know how the other toastmasters would take it. He rehearsed many times, but still couldn’t Award”. And he was relieved because figure out how the audience will respond to it. 1. He had no doubts if the other toastmasters would like it. He saw the agenda for the meeting. He found that there were 4 other speakers speaking on that day as well. If it Because they loved it. was any other speech by Thomas, he would have dreaded competition. But this was different. He liked the com- 2. He had a handful of motivational slips which are given to the petition. For the first time he was upbeat to have competition. speaker by people who wish to comment on the speech. 3. Everyone appreciated his work. He slept knowing that he will have the audience throwing roses at his feet, and he woke up with the same. He 4. The other toastmasters were open to his thoughts. even dreamt of winning the “Best Speaker Award”. DO You see yourself in instead of Thomas. Do you all realize But there was fear too. “What if everyone Hates it?”, “What if I forget what I have written?”, “What if someone what was the influence of good audience presence on his confi- else has come up with something better than this?”, :What if I overshoot the time?”. All this couldn’t have been dence and pride. Do you think that he would have left in the same answered right then. manner if there were not many people in the meeting? He was next up. He read the speech for the last time. Finally his time came. The Toastmasters spoke his name. The members play a vital role in the development of someone as a public speaker. They have to be motivational, support others and Then it was just music to everyone’s ears. The speech was Amazing. Every step as he practiced. Every voice be open to someone else’s thoughts. modulation as he planned. Every word came out right. Every sentence, every word he spoke was woven into something Brilliant, something fascinating. So if you see yourself as Thomas, you also have to be a part of the audience. This is because they were a more important factor than just what Thomas wrote and presented on the stage. Just as he was over, every one in the room stood up to their feet and started applauding as loud as they could. Not only do toastmasters motivate others, they take with them the thoughts and views of others as well. He was brilliant, just outstanding. As he sat down, little slips started flooding in towards him with comments he could never have thought. He got So if you see yourself in the shoes of Thomas, you also have to play the role of the Other toastmasters… a great evaluation and also won the “BEST SPEAKER AWARD”. -Malkiat Singh Bindra
  7. 7. J P “Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes K for both. ” U - John Andrew Holmes. Images—July 09 WOW Workshop Twenty nine Toastmasters representing the length and breadth of District 82 came together on This fun and learning would not have been possible without some dedicated hard work 18th July 2009 at Hyderabad for an unforgettable experience of learning, excitement and bond- by Paul, Maheshi and Nagaraj. Thanks a lot for all the effort you took to make this a ing! The two days workshop was expertly and professionally crafted spectacular event - the best yet in District 82! by Speakers' Pool Chairman Paul Holmes. The faculty, consisting chiefly of Paul, Speakers' Bureau Chairman Maheshi Premasinghe Division F Governor Venkata with his team - past Area Governors Deepak Mittal and and LGET Nagaraj Rao, were instrumental in changing the perspec- Arun Sridhar and present Area Governors Archana Kumar and Mubeen - were hosts tive and attitude of the delegates towards what makes a good speech extraordinaire! They facilitated the logistics, accommodation, transportation and sight- great through a shared process of discovery. Working through a vari- seeing with unmatched zeal and coordination. With such a team at work, Reverbera- ety of techniques to aid quick understanding and absorption, the fac- tions 2009 in Hyderabad this November is an event to really look forward to! Division ulty made certain that interest levels never flagged whether it be a F, I salute you! post-lunch session or a session at the end of the day. Sessions in- cluded those on the message, language, humor, storytelling, memora- My final note of gratitude is reserved for Past Area Governor Jayanthi Kasarla who bility, choreography, mentoring and judging. A final session on brain- provided us the venue for the workshop at her office, Synopsys India. She ensured that storming of how this learning could be implemented across the Dis- we had all that we had asked for and more - superb facilities, the handouts prepared in trict provided meaning to the two days. Despite so much packed into advance and the mouthwatering lunch on both days made the entire experience a pleas- it, the event ran like clockwork thanks to Paul's meticulous planning. ure! While it was the workshop that kept us busy during the day, it was Its now for all of us to take the next step across this bridge of learning that we devel- Hyderabad's night life that beckoned us in the evening! The amazing oped in Hyderabad. We need to become the bridges in our Divisions, Areas and Clubs laser show at the Lumbini Park is one experience which will remain to help disseminate our knowledge to our members. Together we can achieve our etched in my mind. Pubbing at the Outswinger or Ten Downing Street, “Biryani” at the Para- dream of building the standards of speaking in District 82! dise Hotel and the midnight buffet at the Marriott were just some hot spots for the visitors! - Deepak Menon
  8. 8. J P "Speech is human, silence is divine, yet also brutish and dead: therefore we must learn both arts.” K - Thomas Carlyle. U Images—July 09 Know Thy Toastmaster He was born and brought up in Delhi. His hobbies include reading, playing table tennis and participating in Toastmasters Devesh Trivedi (of course :) ). He is a mechanical engineer from IIT Delhi and has been working in Gurgaon for an year. Your first speech was a typical Ice Breaker. You go on Now do you feel nervous while speaking in front of the stage, start with the speech, get nervous, take a people? And how has Toastmasters has played a long pause and start again. Do you think there has part in it? been positive change after joining toastmasters? JPKU Toastmasters has certainly helped in reducing my There has been significant improvement in my public nervousness in front of people, not only in public speak- speaking skills since my ice breaker. I think the concept ing but also in talking to people in general. But I feel that of 10 speeches at Toastmasters is amazing. Each speech there is still a long way to go. I want to further improve asks the speaker to focus on different aspects of public my public speaking skills in the coming months at Toast- speaking. As a result, a person who finishes his 10 masters. speeches is many times better than one was in his/her ice breaker. In my first speech I felt uneasy, but after a couple of speeches that uneasiness melted away; and gestures, voice modulation, body movement etc. started coming Whats Next? Toastmasters is a forum which allows you to speak naturally. your heart mind out. Do you agree? So far my focus had been on finishing my CC Yes, it definitely does. In Toastmasters one can speak on manual i.e. prepared speeches. Now I would like any topic one likes. One gets to share his ideas and opin- You just completed your CC. How do you feel? to work on my impromptu speaking skills. ions in front of an audience which is open to new perspec- I feel a great sense of achievement. It took a massive tives. amount of effort to prepare and deliver ten speeches. It feels fantastic to have finally achieved what I wanted.
  9. 9. J P "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it K worth the effort. ” U - Herm Albright. Images—July 09 My Struggle Have any of you faced a problem which took you years of struggle to overcome?  I knew something had to be done about it but the more I tried to stop stammering the worse it got. The main difficulty is  I did .I stammered.   that no single cure for stammering. Everyone is different and everyone needs a different cure. No cure fits all. Be it reading    books, speaking slowly, and talking to speech therapists – nothing worked for me.   When I was a child, I use to live with my grandfather. My grandfather had a hearing problem and so I had to repeat    every word while talking to him. This constant repeating every word eventually gave me a severe stammering problem. I  Fortunately the person because of whom I got the stammer, my grandfather, also had its solution. He used to quote some‐ was so severe that when I joined primary school I could not finish a single sentence without stammering.   thing from the Gita all the time “He vigan aisa kuanse jag me jo til sake aadmi ke mrag me; Manav jab zor lagata hai pat‐   thar pani ban jata hai”‐ There are no obstacles that a man cannot deal with.  Even a simple sentence that one has to use in school like “Mam may I go to toilet” went like “Mam mmmay I go to the  He explained me that if I give all my mind and energy to find a solution to my stammer, I will definitely find the answers.  ttoilet”. Most of my classmates made fun of me. I was bullied every time I opened my mouth. Vibhor Taneja was one of    the worst bullies in my class. He used to make mock me all the time by mimicking my stammer. When I used to pass, he  So everyday, at every moment, at every place ‐ I looked for answers. I tried everything. I read whole novels out loud in  used to say “Oye Dd..ddevesh kaisa hai” and everybody used to enjoy that.  Every single person I talked to be it my class‐ one go and I even shouted with my mouth inside a bathroom mug daily. To reduce stammer, I even tried to boost my con‐ mates or my teachers either looked at me with sympathy or went away laughing at me. Slowly and gradually my confi‐ fidence with adventure sports like Bunjee jumping form a crane. Nothing worked. Then one fortunate day in my 12th stan‐ dence and self esteem broke. As a result my stammer got even worse.  dard, an expert on physics, Mr Parekh came to our campus to deliver a guest lecture. That man gave a 1 hour flawless lec‐   ture on quantum physics in English. Then at the end of the lecture, he started answering questions by students in Hindi  As a child, under the influence of my grandfather, I was quite religious. I prayed everyday asking Bhagwan Vishnu to  and he was stammering. I was very surprised to find that he spoke flawless English but stammered in Hindi. In went up to  make people stop making fun of me. And in a few weeks my wish did come true. No I did not stop stammering. The guy  him later and told him about my problem. He told me that he stammers only in Hindi and never stammers in English. He  who used to make mock me all the time, Vibhor, after continually mimicking my stammer, developed a severe stammer  said that this was because whenever he speaks English, he thinks in Hindi, his mother tongue, and then translates it in  himself. And after this everybody was so scared of this that they stop making fun of me. I realized that God had a funny  English. And this delay in translation prevents him from stammering in English.  way of fulfilling wishes. Instead of removing my stammer, it gave another guy a stammer to stop people from mocking    me.  I thought I have tried everything why not try this too. In my summer vacations, I told my parents that I am going to lock    myself in the house for the whole month and will talk to them only in English.   Soon I found that I too did not stammer in  In school I advanced to fifth grade and my father wanted me to take admission in DPS. In the interview, the school teach‐ English. After a month after talking only in English, I found that my stammer in Hindi had almost disappeared. I had fi‐ ers took just 2‐3 minutes to reject me because I could not even say my father’s name properly. My father was disap‐ nally found the solution that was fit for me.    pointed. I had to remain in the same school. Till that point of time in my life I never took this problem seriously. But after    failing in this interview, my future looked scary. Would I also fail in job interviews for the same reason that I will be giv‐ It took me 10 years of constant searching to find the answer to my problem. I could have spent my whole life stammering,  ing when I grow up? Would I be stammering when I will be 30? Would I always be rejected?   blaming my grandfather or blaming God for it. But I did not. I fought hard and found the solution. And this has given me    My father knew that something had to be done about my stammer. He sent me to doctors and speech therapists. He even  such strength, that now whenever I face a problem, no matter how big, I know I will be able to solve it. When I look back, I  got me special books to overcome stuttering. I used to spend hours reading books out loud in front of the mirror.  My ses‐ feel grateful to God for giving me this problem, because if I did not have a stammer, I would not have been so confident  sions with the speech therapist reduced my stammer initially. But after a few months my stammer got even worse. The  while facing other problems in life. And I haven’t stopped. After reducing my stammer, one fine I searched “public speak‐ problem is that getting rid of stammer is not a simple problem. The more one deliberately tries to stop stammering, the  ing” on the internet and discovered JPKU toastmasters. After getting rid of my stammer, I want to take the next step; I  more one does. The more I thought of not stammering, the more I stammered. I just did not do what to do?   want to be good public speaker. I met my classmate Vibhor the bully who got a stammer from mimicking me in school, in    a mall in Gurgaon a year ago, Vibhor still stammers a lot and he is facing problems in passing interviews for MBA.I asked  I got to 6th standard, I had my first crush. It was not on one of my classmates, rather it was on my Math’s teacher. The first  day she came in, she started asking each of us our names. Now every person who stammers has a letter in which he/she  him why he chose to do nothing about his stammer. And he had no answer. Why do we do that? Why do we choose to do  stammers the most. Mine was letter “T” and unfortunately my last name is “Trivedi”. When my turn came, I stood up  nothing about our problems? French philosopher Paul Diel said “Those who want to be successful will find a way. Those  and said “Hi I am Devesh Ttt”.I could not say Trivedi. I would never forget that moment, everyone in my class even my  who donʹt will find an excuse”. My grandfather was right‐ There is no obstacle in this world that one cannot overcome. All  first crush, new teacher were laughing at me. At that moment, I hated everyone, I hated my classmates, my teacher and I  it takes is a little effort. hated myself. I hated the fact that my last name was “Trivedi” and why my last name wasn’t something without letter  “T” that I could pronounce easily like Dwivedi or Chaturvedi.  
  10. 10. J P "Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on. ” K - Samuel Butler. U Images—July 09 It Was Broken When You Bought It... “Ashu, your new walkman, its broken from the side, you just bought it yesterday” cried my uncle, who had borrowed my cousin’s walkman to listen to a song, as we Negative thoughts send your gifts farther away from you. So by thinking that the tea- drove down to Nepal. “No Dad, it was broken when we bought it”, said Ashu. My cup is already broken are you actually speeding up its breakage? cousin, Ashu, at seventeen, had done what most people his age usually do, put the If what they made was to be considered broken by everyone at large, would Ver- blame on someone else. I call it the ‘I didn’t do it syn- sace, Lenox, Faberege, Baccarat or some of our other brands make crockery at all, I drome’, and frankly I don’t think its age related. Most wonder. Would our retailers sell crockery under the label of people suffer from it at some point of time in their lives. ‘damaged/ broken’ in place of ‘breakable/ handle with care’? If I was to transport you to my childhood, back in the tea Going by this philosophy, Obama’s message in place of ‘Yes We gardens, when my mother’s expensive crockery went Can’ should have been, ‘we have already lost, and no we cant, lets missing, she usually created havoc in the house, and see what we can enjoy henceforth’. In place of ‘Audacity of hours later the servants came out with a chipped cup or Hope’, we would have a book on ‘Caution of Despair’. saucer or quarter plate. “Who has done this?” That was a regular question, my mother asked. The standard reply What about relationships? Would people get married thinking they was “Memsaab, it was broken when you bought it”. Did are already divorced. What would happen to the holy vows of shopkeepers sell broken pieces? Were customers naïve matrimony? Maybe they would read, ‘we are already separated, enough to buy broken pieces? Or were the servants smart? so lets see what we can gain from each other and how long we can enjoy the company.’ I often wondered if our servants believed in the Zen philosophy, which says you can either be obsessively careful with expensive crockery, and live in fear that you’ll drop How about the bones in our body? Are all 206 of them broken from the time we are it, or someone will chip it, or an earthquake will come and it will fall out of the cabi- born? Maybe then, all of us should come with labels that say ‘manufacturing defect’. net, and burden yourself, or you can imagine that it is already broken because it is go- While most people all over the world fret over broken crockery, lets also think about ing to break someday. Then, every time you drink from the cup will be a pleasure. the man who made a masterpiece with it, a man called Nekchand, and his masterpiece, So definitely the cup was already broken when I bought it? So also was the rest of the the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. bone china in the house! The law they say can be applied to personal relationships, job, success and money. If Why do we resort to “it was broken when you bought it”? Is it merely because it is eas- you give up feeling that you need things, you can appreciate them more fully. ier to put the blame on someone else? Or is it because we feel that taking onus for our This is a total contradiction to the “laws of attraction”, which says if you think of reactions will leave us in a compromised state, or have us face consequences? Or is it something positive and want it with all your heart, the universe conspires to give it to merely because the line sounds like music to the ears, “It was broken when you bought you. it!” -Dr. Ritu Arora
  11. 11. J P "Experience shows that success is due less to ability that to zeal. The winner is he who gives him- K self to his work, body and soul. ” U - Charles Buxton. Images—July 09 Best of the Month Speakers Evaluators • Ayush on 4th July’09 • Ritu on 4th July’09 • Ankiet on 11th July’09 • Nitish A. on 18th July’09 • Nitish A. on 18th July’09 • Pranjal on 25th July’09 • Devesh on 25th July’09 Table Topics • Ritu on 4th July’09 • Nikhil Sheth on 18th July’09 • Manoj on 25th July’09
  12. 12. J P "We ought not to judge of men's merits by their qualifications, but by the use they make of them. ” K - Richard Cecil. U Images—July 09 Judges Training Program After the ability to speak convincingly, the most important skill to help you get on in almost any career or profession is critical thinking. Once again, Toastmasters is at the forefront in developing a crucial skill that's often listed on competency-based personal reviews as 'Judgement.' Here's a great opportunity improve those critical evaluation skills. Division C is offering judges and chief judges training programmes on Saturday 8 August. By taking part in the programme, you will become eligible to act as a judge in a competition at club, area, division or district level, and you will build on a skill that will help you in your business or professional life. If you wish to attend the training, please inform VP-PR Malkiat Bindra or The President Shraddha Nakra. • Training for judges is open to all. • To attend the chief judges' training you need to have attended judges' training within the last calendar year.
  13. 13. J P "Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel” K - Ralph Waldo Emerson. U Images—July 09 Our Executive Committee • Shraddha Nakra: President • Richa Aggarwal: Vice President, Education • Nikhil Sheth: Vice President, Membership • Malkiat Bindra: Vice President, Public Relations • Manoj Kumar: Secretary • Nihil Malik: Treasurer • Ritu Arora: Sergeant-at-arms Come & See Introducing the NEW DISTRICT 82 LOGO…! us in action Best District in the World! Where do we meet? Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi, 110016 When do we meet? Every Saturday, 12:30pm Whom to contact? For all membership and PR queries, please contact: Nikhil Sheth (VP, Membership): +91 99114 79900; Malkiat Bindra (VP, Public Relations): +91 98110 64605 ;
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