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"SPEAKERS DIGEST"-July edition

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Speakers Digest - July, 2012

  1. 1. EDITORS’ EXPRESSIONS It gives us great pleasure to present you this month’s edition of Speakers Digest. Being in the Editorial team of a newsletter for the first time we are privileged to have interacted with many Veteran Toastmasters and Professional Speakers which takes our skills to next level. CSF newsletters have always been very attractive, interactive and informative and we hope that this edition also meets up to your expectation. We wholeheartedly thank the VP-PR of CSF TM Kiran Sarma for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be this Edition’s Editor and Editor in Chief and who also helped us to network with all our netiquette members. We also would like to thank CSF’s president Pravin Mani for his encouragement and support. The success of this newsletter is due to the wonderful contributions and pace work of our CSF Techno Savvy Toastmasters. We assure you that this Speaker’s Digest will take you on a journey as enthralling as our experience in the making of it.TM PRANAV VINOD KUMAR TM PRIYADHARSHINI MAHADEVAN “The price of greatness is responsibility.” --Winston Churchill 01
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS  From The President’s Desk……………………….....3  Facts About Toastmasters International……….4  Classroom Sessions In CSF…………………………….5  Interview With DTM Saro Velrajan……………….6  Why Geese Fly In ‘V’ Formation……………………10  Public Speaking And Music…………………………..12  Tips For Better Public Speaking…………………….13  The Rhythm Of The Heart…………………………….17  “When You Don’t Know What To Write”….….18  Movie Review……………………………………………...20  Fun Corner…………………………………………………..21  Sweet Memories In The Month Of July………..22“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”--Albert Schweitzer 02
  3. 3. FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK TM PRAVIN MANI It is a great pleasure to address all the readers through this column. New term has begun in Toastmasters and we have already started to dream BIG. Every one of us loves to dream big, but the only thing that prevents us from achieving it is “The fear of failure”. It’s not that easy for one to eradicate all his fears by himself and that’s where Toastmasters club comes into play. It provides you a mutually supportive environment, which helps you to get rid of the fear of failures. Once you gain your confidence, nothing can stop you. Though Chennai Speakers Forum has got the distinction of scintillating speakers and inspiring leaders, the success of the club depends upon the growth of every single member. To achieve that, the formula we have been practising is “Togetherness”, a powerful word that has made wonders. Togetherness comes into play the moment one enters the club as a guest and starts encouraging the speakers and role players along with others, giving his first ice breaker after being mentored, preparing for contest or hosting any event, togetherness is everywhere. It’s almost been a month since the term has begun and “Togetherness” is exhibited by our members almost in every possible way. In the recent, “Officers Training Program”, “Judges Training Program” and “Mentoring Matters Program” conducted by Divisions of Tamil Nadu, we saw many toastmasters from CSF register for the event to learn together. Togetherness in CSF helps one to gain Confidence, meet Success and receive valuable Feedback. On the whole, you can expect Confidence, Success and Feedback from CSF. We will stand together and achieve all our dreams. Good luck and Godspeed! “Mortals sleep to have their dreams whereas the great visionaries sacrifice their sleep to realize their dreams”."We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be."--Mary Sarton 03
  4. 4. FACTS ABOUT TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL ARTICLE BY TM NAGENDRA DEVIREDDY Toastmasters International (TI) is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills. Toastmasters originally began as a series of short-lived speaking clubs organized by Ralph C. Smedley during his tenure with the YMCA. In 1903, as education director of the YMCA facility in Bloomington, Illinois. As Smedley designed a club within the "Y" for speech training, he struggled for a name, until George Sutton, the general secretary, suggested calling it a Toastmasters club. “Toastmaster” referred to a person who proposed the toasts and introduced the speakers at a banquet. The first Toastmasters club started at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, United States named Smedley Club Number 1 by Ralph C. Smedley on October 22, 1924(incorporated December 19, 1932 and Updated Brand on August 17, 2011). In order to save the time consumed in replying to many letters and enquiries, Smedley prepared a "Manual of Instructions" and "Ten Lessons In Public Speaking", which he mimeographed and bound in paper covers. On October 25, 1928, he obtained copyrights on his publications and trademarked the name "Toastmasters Club". Its head quarters situated at Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA, the organization has more than 270,000 members in more than 13,000 clubs in 116 countries. The international convention is also when Toastmasters presents its Golden Gavel award to a person "who has demonstrated outstanding ability exemplifying the principles of Toastmasters International, particularly in the field of communication and leadership." Toastmasters also offers the Accredited Speaker program, for recognizing members of Toastmasters clubs who are professional speakers. The program requires applicants to have their AC Bronze (or older equivalent) award, as well as have performed at least twenty -five speaking engagements in the three years prior to applying. Toastmasters International, the Organization introduced a new logo and color palette in 2011,better suited for the growth of the Organization and its programs in communities and Organizations around the world. Each district runs an International Speech contest, plus up to three other contests out of a list of four (Humorous, Tall Tales, Table Topics, and Evaluation)."Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves"--Joseph P. Thompson 04
  5. 5. CLASSROOM SESSIONS AT CSF ARTICLE BY TM KIRAN SARMAThe classroom session at CSF at 9-10 AM every Sunday makes sure it takes away all signsof drowsiness as you would remain consistently attentive throughout. The main purpose of theclassroom session is to discuss about any one aspect of public speaking every meeting day, andsuggestions from everyone is taken into account and put into practice. The participation of allthe members and guests makes the session even livelier. To quote a few examples: Sessions onhow to improve the usage of a podium and lectern and also learning the art of storytelling wereconducted. These sessions turned out to be very beneficial and I am sure it will continue to doso in the future as well. I would like to thank our President TM Pravin Mani for conducting theclassroom sessions and taking it forward.These sessions have been a hallmark of CSF and we look forward to seeing more members andguests attend this excellent one hour value-added program including the regular meeting.“Practice not your art, and it will soon depart”"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings."--Samuel Johnson 05
  6. 6. INTERVIEW WITH Imm. Past Div-G Governor DTM SARO VELRAJAN INTERVIEWED BY TM PRIYADHARSHINI MAHADEVAN WHAT IS THE SECRET BEHIND YOUR EVER CHARMING SMILE? SARO: I don’t worry about the PAST, I always plan for the FUTURE and I enjoy the Present. That could be one of the reasons for my happiness which gets exhibited as smile. When you are happy, you smile… When you smile, you are indirectly conditioning your brain to feel happy. I have been practicing this since my college days and this technique does work! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A MEMBER OF TOASTMASTERS? SARO: Since 2006 WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO JOIN TOASTMASTERS? SARO: I finished my MBA in 2006. I realized that I can proudly say that I’m an MBA graduate, only when I can talk like a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). That was my inspiration to join toastmasters."We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit"--Aristotle 06
  7. 7. WHAT WAS YOUR INITIAL GOAL IN TOASTMASTERS? SARO: I had the difficulty of expressing my thoughts in English. Though I studied in a English medium school, I never conversed with my friends in English. Even during college days, I never paid attention to develop my communication skills in English. So, I had the problem of always thinking in Tamil, translating that to English and expressing my thoughts. My goal was to get over that problem.HOW DID YOU BECOME A DIVISION GOVERNOR? UR MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN MYSORE ATTHE TIME OF ELECTIONS SARO: I had just graduated as the President of CTM and not knowing what to do next. My mentor DTM Lalitha pulled me into mentoring Amazon Toastmasters club. That was the beginning of my leadership role outside the club. In Apr 2011, I was thrown into the ring for Division G Governor election – I hardly knew what the role demanded. I was a new face in the District stage. Thanks to the hard campaigning done by mentor DTM Lalitha and some of our Division G friends, I became the Division Governor. The most memorable moment for me in Mysore was when I stood up from the floor and nobody proposed my name as the candidate for 20 seconds. If nobody had proposed my name in the next 10 seconds, I cannot nominate myself from the floor for elections. Thankfully, DTM Lalitha & TM Rajeev Nambiar proposed my name and I became eligible to contest . I’ll never forget it.WHAT WERE THE CHALLENGES YOU FACED WHEN YOU WERE THE GOVERNOR OF DIVISION GAND HOW DID YOU HANDLE TO OVERCOME? SARO: The key challenge that I faced during the initial days of my governorship was… getting people to work for our division activities. Being a new person in the role, I had great difficulty in finding people to whom I can delegate. I realized that “leading by example” is the best way to inspire people to come and help you. The things that Sandhiya & I did for the first OTP in July 2011 is still fresh in my memory… I remember serving snacks, moving chairs from one hall to another, setting up projector/screen. On seeing that, many toastmasters voluntarily came and started helping. At the end of the OTP, I genuinely thanked all the fellow toastmasters who helped in whatever little way possible … in Facebook (using the “SPOT” recognition technique… presented in my Inverted Pyramid workshop). That did the magic. "Necessity is the mother of taking chances." --Mark Twain 07
  8. 8. YOUR MEMORABLE MOMENTS BEING A DIVISION GOVERNOR. SARO :Honestly speaking… all the time that I spent with fellow toastmasters are very memorable. I had the unique opportunity to work with a large number of toastmasters from a diverse set of clubs. Most memorable moments for me are • Youth Leadership Program that we conducted in Anjuman • Eloquence 2011 & Rhetoric 2012 • OTP 2011 & 2012 • All the demo meetings that we did in various placesNOW THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED THE DTM STATUS ,HOW DO YOU FEEL? SARO: HAPPY!!!!!WHAT WAS YOUR BEST MOMENTS IN TOASTMASTERS? SARO: My best moments are when I see my mentees participate in a contest or when they reach an educational milestone. The amount of happiness that you get is unmatchable.WHAT IS YOUR NEXT ROLE AND GOAL IN TOASTMASTERS? SARO: I haven’t spent much time thinking about my next role in toastmasters. My goal is to continue to help our members and clubs - by serving as a mentor/coach.SAY FEW WORDS ABOUT YOUR MENTOR/S AND MENTEE/S. DO YOU LIKE TO BE A MENTOR ORA MENTEE? SARO: Today, I think I have 50+ mentees. On an average I review two speech scripts a day . Though I’m a mentor… I get to learn continuously from my mentees. The more projects they do… the more I learn from them. I like to be a mentor of my mentees… they are simply the best! They help me to continuously improve myself."The object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy them"--John Ruskin 08
  9. 9. A MESSAGE TO ALL TOASTMASTERS AND NEW TOASTMASTERS. SARO: You’ll get the fullest benefit of toastmasters program only when you follow 3Rs. Regular – Regularly attend meetings & regularly do projects Research – Read books, read newspapers, attend educational programs, attend contests and continuously learn new things by research Rehearse – Rehearse multiple times before you do any performance in toastmasters (talk to the contestants on how to prepare for Table Topics )WHAT DO YOU LIKE THE MOST ABOUT CHENNAI SPEAKERS FORUM? SARO: CSF is the 4th toastmasters club that I’m part of. Here is the top 3 things that I like about my club: • A number of young toastmasters who are very creative • Club officers are very committed to continuously innovate and improve • Weekly class room sessions (one of its kind!) Attending CSF meetings is like drinking Boost. It gives us instant energy!WE WOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW YOUR PATH OF SUCCESS. THANK YOU! "Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time" --Mark Twain 09
  10. 10. WHY GEESE FLY IN ‘V’ FORMATION ARTICLE BY TM PATT Flight particularly long distance one causes physical fatigue. With the passage of time, the flying efficiency declines. Primarily the whole flock increases flight efficiency by 71% as compared to just one bird flying alone. SHARE & CARE • Geese share the same direction and work as a team. • Thus they reach the destination quicker and easier. • As they help themselves, their accomplishments are greater. DESERTION • A goose leaving the formation feels the air resistance & the difficulties of flying alone. • Then he swiftly returns to take advantage of the flocks’ power in front of him. UNITY IS STRENGTH • United with the flock and flying in the same direction, the effort will be less. • It will be easier and more pleasing to reach the goals. • Everyone is inclined to accept and offer help. • There is a mutual respect amongst them all the time. SHARED LEADERSHIP • While flying, Geese quack to encourage & motivate the one in the front. • Thus they keep the momentum. • They share the hardest problems & tasks. • They gather their abilities; combine their faculties and resources. • When the leader gets tired, he goes to the end of the V formation. Next takes the lead. CONSTRAINTS OR HARD TIMES • When a goose falls sick, is injured, he must leave the formation. • A few more geese too leave the formation to help him and protect him. • They remain with him until he dies or he is able to fly again. • They return to their bevy or open up another V formation."Even when the urgent is good, the good can keep you from your best, keep you from your unique contribution, if you let it."--Mother Teresa 10
  11. 11. 10101010 INSIGHT & INPUT No matter what the differences are. Let us stay together & face the challenges. Let us bond together and support each other to prove the true spirit of teamwork. Let us be aware of our feelings, joy and the fruits of sharing. Despite differences, we can rise to meet our challenges especially in times of difficulty. Life will be easier, more pleasant and the passage of years more filling & fulfilling. "Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility." --Dietrich Bonhoeffer 11
  12. 12. Public speaking and Music ARTICLE BY TM RAJEEV NAMBIAR, AREA M1 GOVERNOR In today’s world when it comes to public speaking the mantra is how to become the best from within and thereby creative a niche in the minds of people too. Looking at youngsters these days trying to find their roots in music for which India as a whole have great idols to be emulated from within is indeed heart warming information for us. On the same lines too is the art of public speaking slowly finding its base among individuals alike because of an international non profit organization called Toastmasters wherein the most adored way of learning is practiced. Yes it is the learn by doing method which I believe is the best way to learn and assimilate anything and everything the human mind can absorb. The beauty of this movement is that there are no boundaries within which one has to learn, in other words what a person perceives along the way of learning becomes his forte with which he is comfortable with. So Toastmasters really brings out not only the hidden talent of an individual’s speaking skills but also creates a sense of euphoria within the particular individual that he has created a style which is unique to himself. I think this realization is what makes a speaker complete in terms of his rise as a public speaker. He or she is perfectly guided like a guru in music with a mentor who works in close quarters with his mentee to bring out the best in that particular individual. The day the mentee becomes or goes beyond his or her mentor in speaking, listening or in leadership activities is the day I believe the mentor has received his pay check for his services. The satisfaction what a mentor receives from his mentees when they out class their mentor is what I believe the most joyous day in the life of a Toastmaster and I’m sure the same feel is also present in the field of music too. To be frank I have experienced this feeling on numerous occasions as a mentor. Well for this to happen we as Toastmasters need to be proactive and should learn to walk the ext ra mile to achieve what this movement was started for way back in 1924. Since this happens to be a self development programme all I can say as a mentor who is also learning is public speaking and leadership is a never ending process which as Toastmasters we have to realize and propel ourselves to greater heights so that we can set higher standards for others to follow and in turn set bigger standards for people like me to emulate and radiate into others. Hence be it music with heart warming ragas and soothing vocals or the captivating speeches and inspirational leadership a common bond that unites and brings out the best in an individual is his or her ability to……… PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE with lots of Character and Commitment. Cheers!!!"Be like a postage stamp: stick to one thing until you get there"--Margaret Carty 12
  13. 13. TIPS FOR BETTER PUBLIC SPEAKING ARTICLE BY TM UDAY KIRANIf this were a list of the human races greatest fears, public speaking would be right at the top.Whether its forgetting your lines or realizing you have a tail of toilet paper hanging out of yourpants, fear of public speaking really boils down to fear of being ridiculed, rejected, and publiclyhumiliated. But dont worry -- with the following tips, youll be fine!So relax and check out the first tip to get started.1. Watch the MastersIf youve got a speech or presentation in your future, start looking for what makes successfulpublic speakers so successful. Note their styles and habits and keep them in mind as goodexamples.2. Fix Up, Look SharpIf youre in a position where public speaking is required, lets hope youve already got a handleon the importance of personal grooming. If not, take heed: The better you look, the more readyand professional youll feel. A lot of people are going to be looking at you -- make sure you lookyour best.3. Hello, Room. Nice to Meet You.If at all possible, check the specs of the room where youll be speaking. Is it football stadium bigor conference room big? What about the sound system? If youll be using a microphone, its agood idea to test it out beforehand. The more familiar you are with your environment, themore comfortable youll be at the podium.4. Sober UpIf your speaking engagement is at a social function (e.g., wedding, reunion), it might seem like agood idea to guzzle as much liquid courage as you can before your speech. But listening to asincere speech from someone whos nervous is much better than listening to incoherent babblefrom someone whos loaded.“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”--Bill Gates 13
  14. 14. 5. Know Your Material Winging it is not a good idea when youve got a speech to make. While going with the flow and being flexible is smart, trusting yourself to be brilliant without any preparation is something even the pros dont attempt. Do your research. Know your topic and what youre going to say about it and how youd like to say it. The more you know, the more confident youll be up there. 6. Practice, Practice, Practice Once youre prepared, go through the speech. Then read it again. Then again. And then once more. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice to your dog. Grab a friend or family member and practice in front of a real human being. Every time you go through your presentation, youre adding another layer of "I know this stuff." 7. Visualize Yourself Being Fabulous Negative thinking will get you nowhere but down in the dumps. If you believe that youll be great, you will be. If you think youre going to fail, you probably will. Its as simple as that. 8. Know Your Audience To whom are you speaking? If theyre colleagues, they probably want to learn something from you. If theyre friends, theyre likely looking to be entertained. If its a judge, well, he or she wants to be convinced. Know who your audience is and tailor your speech and delivery to them. Give them what they want! 9. Relax! Were usually our own worst critics. If you forget to read a sentence off your notes, its doubtful anyone will know. If you skip forward to the next image on the projector by mistake, no ones going to run you out of town. Dont worry. Its not life or death, its just a speech. 10. Dont Give It Away If it really, truly makes you feel better to announce to the room that youre so nervous before you begin, go ahead. But your speech will have a lot more weight if you dont. Chances are good that youre the only one who knows youre shaking in your boots -- why show the cracks in your armor? Let them believe you have it under control, even if you dont feel like you do."The problems you have you experience in your mind. The solutions to those problems lies in the same place"--Dr. Wayne Dyer 14
  15. 15. 11. Slow Your Roll One of the biggest indicators of nervousness is the lightning-fast talker. You might have the best speech ever written, but if no one can understand what youre saying, it doesnt matter. Pace yourself and remember to speak at a normal (or even slightly slower) pace when youre speaking publicly. 12. The Eyes Have It People trust people who look them in the eye, so look at your audience when youre speaking to them. Dont look at the floor -- theres nothing down there. Dont look solely at your notes -- the audience will think you havent prepared. You appear more confident when your head is up, which puts your audience at ease and allows you to take command of the room. 13. Go On, Be Funny! Who doesnt like to laugh a little? You dont have to be a comedian, but a few lighthearted comments can help humanize you to your audience. Win them over with a smile and a well- timed clever remark, if you can. But be advised, too many jokes can weaken the validity of a presentation. 14. Your Errors Are Okay So you tripped on the microphone cord. So what? So you said macro when you meant micro somewhere in your speech. So you accidentally said the name of your sisters ex-boyfriend during your toast instead of the name of her new husband -- so what! Everyone makes mistakes. Acknowledge them and move on. 15. Keep It Short, Please Even the presidents State of the Union Address is only around an hour. Know whats expected of you and deliver that -- and no more. Weve all been tortured by a speaker who goes on and on, caring little for the audiences interest or comfort level. Dont be one of those speakers -- always leave them wanting more. 16. Its SO Not About You The more you can take the focus off yourself, the better. After all, its not likely youre being asked to give a presentation of your life story. So concentrate on the message and find freedom in just being the messenger."Have no fear of change as such and, on the other hand, no liking for it merely for its own sake."--Robert Moses 15
  16. 16. 17. Fake It Til You Make It The old saying "fake it til you make it" is actually pretty good advice. Even if you have zero confidence in yourself, try acting like you do. The longer you fake it, the more comfortable it will feel, until, voilà, youre a bona fide confidence machine. 18. Be Yourself Were all human. Were all a little afraid of the podium, the microphone, or the boardroom. Despite what you may believe, people dont want you to fail. They ultimately want to see you succeed. Give them what they want by just being the best you can be."Strength lies in differences, not in similarities"--Stephen R. Covey 16
  17. 17. THE RHYTHM OF THE HEART ARTICLE BY TM ANJANA Eloquence, body language , vocabulary, voice modulation, stage choreography, eye contact, effective pauses, avoiding signs of nervousness, a pinch of humour or sometimes even more, choosing a right and an apt theme of speech, organization of speech into introduction, body and conclusion, effectiveness of the opening and ending, an excellent message that the audience can take home at the end of the day, time management……… Do all these ring a bell ? That’s right, they’re important aspects of public speaking! Rewind and read them again…. do u find something missing? If you have found out the main factor that is missing… halt here… if not, join with me as I unfold the essence of public speaking…. Fellow Toastmasters, that one most important essence of public speaking is conviction and the burning desire to express the strong belief that our heart holds on to. I’m sure that when we feel this urge to express our emotions, memories, opinions or principles, we would have a guarantee that our speech will turn of just fine…. Or even marvellous! Franklin D. Roosevelt seconds me when he said, ‘Be sincere; be brief; be seated.’ On speechmaking. You might have even noticed the speech of certain amateur speakers who manage to touch the very bottom of your heart by the strong message that they deliver. There might be a hundred flaws in terms of delivery and an another hundred in their vocabulary . But how do they create that great impact? The answer is just simple…. A speaker who is filled with conviction and sincerity, will always prove to be a master in public speaking. Let the rhythm of your heart resound across the most prestigious public speaking forums of all times- Toastmasters International!!"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor." --Mother Teresa 17
  18. 18. “When You Don’t Know What to Write” ARTICLE BY TM GOUTHAM VARMA P There I was, sitting in front of my computer and checking my facebook, waiting eagerly for a friend to come online. I was constantly checking the list of people online in chat when I saw “Pravin Mani” online. I remembered that I had promised to update him if I’m attending the OTP conference or not. We were just talking and suddenly he gave me the idea of writing an article. I wasnt really doing anything great then and the idea of doing something new convinced my indolent self, for I had never attempted any such thing before. It is rightly said "Boredom is always counter-revolutionary". A real challenge was in front of me and all I had to do was to get started. Soon, I was in doubt. I was in doubt on what to write, how to write, will people say I am a bad writer etc. Then in the blink of a second, my mind had gone blank. Yes, I was totally blank. I had no idea what to write about. Almost everyone has that pitch-black moment in their mind when they are given something that they aren’t comfortable with. One good example is Table Topics Sessions at Toastmasters. Most people have that inner fear that they will be called on stage. Everyone has that hurdle, when they do something out of their comfort zone. But thats just the indication of the beginning of the race. One should bear in mind the destination and work towards it. Once you clear that hurdle within you, everything that you had thought as abnormal would become normal. For example, take myself. I was thinking of preparing the script for my First Speech at Toastmasters. But whenever I thought about starting, I found myself in a pool of distractions. Whenever I thought about writing, I was in dilemma. I didn’t know what exactly to write about myself. I haven’t achieved anything great in life to write about it. I was in confusion, like always. What to write? How to start? Would the people like me, both as a person and as a speaker after my first speech? Will they take any message from my speech apart from knowing about me? My inner voice gave me all the questions that can possibly be made for that situation. Finally, after a week being self convinced, I decided “Anyway I’ll have to do it one day. Why not do it today?” I started to write about myself. I wrote all my good as well as bad experiences until this time. I wrote with full determination to complete. I forgot about the time limit of my speech. I forgot that the thing was getting too big. I was just focused on the task to write about myself. After I completed the last sentence, I was shocked to see a whopping 2300 words."There are two kinds of people: those who finish what they start, and so on"--Robert Byrne 18
  19. 19. The same guy who didn’t know what to write about himself had written 2300 words about himself. How did it happen? He had crossed the first hurdle. What, Why and How questions didn’t lead him to this. All those questions which had appeared before him disappeared into thin air once he started. All those distractions didn’t matter to him once he started walking towards his goal. There is a quote saying “Well Begun is half done” That’s old. Make note of the new one “Good start or bad start, Just start; the rest will just fall into place!” Here is another quote by Duane Hart which says"More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin." The courage to begin can do just two things. It can either give you an experience from which you will learn or take you to ultimate success, also from which you can learn. So, have that courage in you to start, no matter how big The Goal is. Start with a positive attitude. Start with Enthusiasm. Leave behind all the fears, questions, dilemmas, confusions. Start with the confidence that you can do it. You will end up doing it. Today, I have cleared my first hurdle by starting to write an article. And now, I will write more. Keep waiting!"If you wait for inspiration youll be standing on the corner after the parade is a mile down the street."--Ben Nicholas 19
  20. 20. MOVIE REVIEW OF NAAN EE A Promising Housefly MOVIE REVIEWED BY TM VIVEKANANDAN If we use HIT, the houseflies would run away but recently a Housefly is a runaway HIT in both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. I was longing for a good tamil cinema with a decent script for a long time. I should say the wait was over with Naan EE /Eega ( Housefly) a Bi-lingual (Tamil and Telugu) movie . It fascinated me a lot. Of course this movie has all the ingredients of a masala movie to cater to both Tamil and Telugu audience but with strong script backed by brilliant creativity. This is one of the best Tall Hero tale movies that I recommend to all Toastmasters. The story of the movie is as always the Dinosaur old time tested Villain killing the Hero to chase the heroine and takes revenge in his next birth. But the twist in this film comes when the Hero’s soul enters into a Housefly’s egg and comes out as a Housefly. The rest of the story is how the housefly (Hero) takes revenge and succeeds eventually. A masterpiece screenplay, right from the beginning each and every scene is entwined towards the end and the audience could easily follow. In a shot in the first part the Heroine was shown as if she could interact in sign language with differently-able children and in the later part when the housefly communicates with her in sign language, the audience can appreciate the scene without any confusion and could relate to it. It was interesting to see the interaction between the heroine and the housefly (the hero) (Director would have injected a duet with housefly!!!). I loved the heroine’s hobby as well. She was a micro artist and the miniature home that she creates for the housefly (her lover!!!) was fantastic. She also creates a mini mask to protect the housefly from HIT, the ultimate innovation. The camera work has made us to see/ perceive the housefly’s experience from its shoes. We can actually live with the housefly in the movie, when it falls down in the tea cup or when it faces the gigantic humans. Equally the background score needs appreciation. It makes us to feel with the housefly. It’s a movie with full of Computer Graphics (CG) but it makes us to forget that and we can minutely notice the pain, happiness and the Housefly’s determination to kill the villain. CG team has created the body language for the housefly. I think this housefly is the costliest one, it was created with the cost of Rs.10 Crores (equivalent to Superstar Rajini/Kamal compensation) . Perhaps that’s why all real characters in the movie were not so famous or familiar (at latest with Tamil audience). Watching this Housefly would not give you nauseating effect instead gives you the nourishing effect of Tamil and Telugu movies. Hats off Director Rajmouli for your creativity!"Ninety percent of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get things done."--Peter Drucker 20
  21. 21. FUN CORNER ARTICLE BY TM PADMAPRABHA Guess the answer for the following questions by interpreting pictures and words... 1. STREET 2. ECON OM Y 3. YOU /JUST/ ME 4. O_ER_T_O_ 5. W T E 5. WEST IN D’S S 4. PAINLESS OPERATION 3. “JUST” BETWEEN “YOU” AND “ME” 2. GROWING ECONOMY 1. STREET CORNER Answers:“I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.”--Everett Dirksen 21
  22. 22. SWEET MEMORIES OF CSF IN JULY"Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time" 22--Mark Twain