Cupid n psyche


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Cupid n psyche

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  2. 2. girls’girls’ in the mortal landand that made Venus (orAphrodite) – the Goddessof Love and Beauty – soenvious and anxiousbecause people forgot toworship her power.
  3. 3. Thus, she told herson Cupid – thewinged God ofLove –to shoot his arrowsmaking Psyche fallin love with theugliest man ever.
  4. 4. However, the troublewas that Cupid alsofell in love withPsyche from thevery first time hesaw her as if hehad just shothimself
  5. 5. responsibility andshe even tried toconsole herparents’ grieve.Psyche accepted her fatebecause it was a princess’s
  6. 6. She was left alone in amountain,but no serpentcame as said.She only felt a coolbreeze taking her toa magnificentpalace whereshe was served like aqueen by invisible
  7. 7. Her husbandonly came toher at night andshe never sawhis face.Her husbandonly came toher at night andshe never sawhis face.However, shealso quietlyfell in lovewith him.However, shealso quietlyfell in lovewith him.
  8. 8. WhenseeingPsycheagain,the 2 sistersbecame moreenvious ofPsyche’s luxurious lifethan happy that shewas still alive.
  9. 9. a monster.She couldn’t think about killingher husband who was very niceto her but at least she had tomake sure he was not…
  10. 10. A monster..
  11. 11. One night …Psyche waited forher husband tosleep soundly andcame back with alamp.Under the light shefinally saw herhusband’s face, asbeautiful as he alwayswas, the God of Love.
  12. 12. She was deeplytouched and her handswere trembling sohard that she droppeda bit oil from the lampon his shoulder andawoke him.
  13. 13. "Love can’texistwithouthonestyand trust”.
  14. 14. days..months..years..
  15. 15. Meanwhile, Venusfound out her son’sdisobedience andlocked him in hisroom to preventhim from going forhis wife. Then oneday she finally metwith Psyche.
  16. 16. The envious Goddessthought she wouldchallenge Psyche withdifficult tasks so thatshe wouldeither die or becomeold and ugly sothat Cupid would notlove her anymore
  17. 17. She asked Psyche toseparate a mess ofgrains;then to get somewool from the viciousgolden sheepand then bring backsome water from theRiver Styx.
  18. 18. Who helped Psyche overcamethe 3 tasks?
  19. 19. the antsa little treean eagle
  20. 20. Venus was so angry atPsyche’s success. Shefinally came up withthe most wicked ideawhich was to challengePsyche to go to theUnderworld to ask fora bit of beauty fromQueen Proserpina(or Persephone).
  21. 21. However, on theway back Psychewas curious andalso she wanted totake a bit of thatpiece to beautifyherself beforeseeing Cupidagain
  22. 22. Many days anddifficultieswent by andfinally she metwith Proserpinaand had a pieceof her beauty toput in a smallbox to go backto Venus
  23. 23. Luckily,
  24. 24. the God decidedthat she wereallowed to be.After hearingeverything Psychehad done,married to animmortal God andbecame aGoddess
  25. 25. And so…..that was….the end of thestory..
  26. 26. oOoOpss!!nO!!!!!!nOt yet !What do you think was theending??