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Ewrt 1 c class 30


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Ewrt 1 c class 30

  1. 1. EWRT 1C CLASS 30 Email me if you need help!
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction to Essay #2  Read the Essay #2 Prompt  Read both responses to “Araby”: Crane and Ratinov  Look under “Essay Prompts” and “Essay 2.”
  3. 3. Homework Post #22: Choose one 1. Examine the way Crane’s thesis includes a forecasting statement and how the forecast is fulfilled. Then identify her topic sentences and key terms. Do they effectively link her supporting paragraphs to her thesis statement? 2. Examine Crane’s paragraph five in her essay. Explain her strategy in the organization of the paragraph. Is it effective? 3. Look at Crane’s paragraphs 6-8. What is her goal? Is she successful? How and why? 4. Compare essays to argue which is stronger. Consider introductions, theses statements, support, analysis, and the conclusion.