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Open Source Software Entrepreneurial Business Modelling (OSS_EBM)


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Presentation in OSS2014, Costa Rica.

Download the canvas for free:

by Jose Teixeira & Joni Salminen
Turku School of Economics

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Open Source Software Entrepreneurial Business Modelling (OSS_EBM)

  1. 1. Open Source Software Entrepreneurial Business Modelling OSS_EBM v. 2.1
  2. 2. Authors (1/2) O Jose Teixeira O Information Systems Sciences O Open source business, open coopetition, social network analysis O Turku School of Economics
  3. 3. Authors (2/2) O Joni Salminen O Marketing O Digital marketing, startups, platforms (two-sided markets) O Turku School of Economics
  4. 4. Based upon: O A. Osterwalder and Y. Pigneur, Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers. Wiley, 2010. O O. A. E. Sawy and F. Pereira, Business Modelling in the Dynamic Digital Space: An Ecosystem Approach. Springer, 2013. O T. Wasserman, “Building a Business on Open Source Software,” 2009. [Online]. Available: O J. Lindman, Not Accidental Revolutionaries: Essays on Open Source Software Production and Organizational Change. Aalto University, School of Economics, Department of Information and Service Economy, 2011.
  5. 5. Model components (1/3) O Customer segments O Who are the customers? O Value propositions O What do we offer to them? O Channels O How do we find them? (Or they find us) O Customer relationships O How do we make sure they are happy?
  6. 6. Model components (2/3) O Key activities O What do we need to do to get the product out? O Key resources O What do we need for that? O Key partners O Who can we partner with? O Revenue streams O How do we make money? O Cost structure O How do we spend money?
  7. 7. Model components (3/3) O Software licensing O What option should we choose? O Service platforms O Where should we integrate? O Interfaces & ”Wow” experience O How can offer a good experience? O Processes and relationships O How do we manage community participation?
  8. 8. Want to participate? O Ask for a digital copy! O Refer us cases! O Try it out :)
  9. 9. Thanks O Jose Teixera O O Joni Salminen O joni.salminen@utu.f i