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Apps 4-antwerp-dec-2012-j-carter-parkshark-and-parkshark-api-antwerp


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Apps 4-antwerp-dec-2012-j-carter-parkshark-and-parkshark-api-antwerp

  1. 1. Park Shark Amsterdam API December 2012 “from APP to API” Jonathan Carter Glimworm IT @jonathanrcarter
  2. 2. non geeks leave the room now..
  3. 3. It started in September 2011 with a Hackathon
  4. 4. Options!!!time date duration location
  5. 5. What was different● We added the“best guess” (“obvious dumbass”) logic.● What would be the #1 FAQ?● How much in total will it cost and what is the alternative?● I dont want to know the details.
  6. 6. How didwe “best” guess
  7. 7. Serendipity● In 2011 I bought a horse & a car● I needed to park near my house on the weekend without a permit● My house is near 3 zones with different tariffs and hours and I DID NOT KNOW IT !!!● I over paid for months but worked it out just before the hackathon● The data that I had already thought about was presented in front of me
  8. 8. Why us?● Almost nobody in the parking business parks..● Locals mostly work out a way to get a parmit● That leaves the tourists who dont visit the same place often enough by car to notice
  9. 9. THEY THEY KNOW DONT KNOW stuff you know butYOUKNOW nice.. they dont know but do you know that they dont know ??
  10. 10. What otherstuff dont we know
  11. 11. Parking money in amsterdam is a tax
  12. 12. It does notmatter where you pay
  13. 13. Whathappened next
  14. 14. ● Invited to talk at a DIVV internal meeting● Invited to participate at open Data Cafe● Invitation to input to Smart City SDK● Commercial work for CITION
  15. 15. ● We won APPS FOR NEDERLAND with “Vistory”● Invited to present to policy committee in den Hague about app making● Invited by the UK embassy to events for UK/NL creative entrepreneurs
  16. 16. Our storywas listened to
  17. 17. Whats thestory to data holders?
  18. 18. ● Open Data is not necessarily useful data – Manage expectations – Pursue a tipping point Developers Data Open Data
  19. 19. ● About the data – Make sure it is complete useable – Write background information – Actively ask the community for feedback – Be prepared to improve the data – Provide a contact person – Real time is best, otherwise update regularly
  20. 20. ● Use the language of the developer – Provide some specifc challenges – If possible use english as well as dutch – Provide json – Provide rest – GEO : google maps not KML – Understand who you are dealing with
  21. 21. ● Especially consider the indie developer – Make sure a creative mind can understand the data – Provide calculations and business rules – Provide a way to contact you – Dont force the developer to create a server infrastructure
  22. 22. Progress
  23. 23. Open Data Cafe March 2012
  24. 24. What did we do..
  25. 25. THE API..
  26. 26. The API is sometimes the missing link Politicians open data City government providers ICT Independent Department developer community Citizens
  27. 27. On websites and not just on IPhones
  28. 28. What else does it do
  29. 29. Park Shark Antwerp API
  30. 30. antwerp.html
  31. 31. Park Shark Antwerp APP
  32. 32. Questions we are asked
  33. 33. ● Will there be a secondary market of worth billions? ● Politicians answer : yes ● Our answer : no, or not in the way they envisage
  34. 34. ● Are there common standards ● Answer from politicians : dont know ● Our answer : no
  35. 35. ● Will this become a problem ● Answer : yes
  36. 36. ● What is the endpoint ● Our answer : Government as a platform
  37. 37. ● What is the biggest threat ● Our answer : badly published data
  38. 38. What can we asdevelopers and creatives do?
  39. 39. ● What do we really need? ● To Use the data ● To innovate ● To be creative● How can we help and inform ● Data owners ● Policy makers ● Can we give a list of our priorities?
  40. 40. Who canyou turn to
  41. 41. Find the tipping point DevelopersData Open Data
  42. 42. Read our report
  43. 43. All of these people participatedin some way