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Iot austin june 14th


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Jonathan Carter's presentation to the IoT Austin group on June 14 2016 detailing what the Amsterdam group has done over the last 5 years

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Iot austin june 14th

  1. 1. Jonathan Carter co-organizer of the Amsterdam IoT metup group “sensemakers” co-founder of Glimworm and Glimworm Beacons initiator of the Amsterdam iBeacon and IoT Living Lab “The beacon mile” IoT mentor at Startup Bootcamp A brief history of the sensemakers Amsterdam IoT meet up
  2. 2. 2011
  3. 3. 144k - 300% AQE - kickstarter project of the year 2011
  4. 4. London + New York + Amsterdam + Madrid + Barcellona Attacking an issue people care about
  5. 5. Citizens Citizen Scientists Makers Sponsor Air Quality Egg - Scorecard
  6. 6. * Sponsors want publicity * Makers want to make (anything) * Citizen Scientists want to measure (almost anything) * Citizens want results
  7. 7. Stichting Appsterdam is a non-profit meta-organization that provides common ground for all App Makers, regardless of platform, occupation, or business model, in Amsterdam and beyond.An App Maker is a person or organization who contributes to the creation of apps, be they engineers, designers, businessmen, lawyers, or marketeers.An app is a piece of software that transforms its hardware to provide a complete productized experience. Appsterdam is the world’s most advanced infrastructure for App Makers, by App Makers. Our goal is to bring App Makers together, and our mission is to support the interests of App Makers worldwide.We have built Appsterdam, the world capital of apps, to establish a center of gravity to our industry, and to provide a place in the world where all App Makers can gather.The intent is to build a structured ecosystem of cooperating App Makers with Amsterdam as its center. We help App Makers understand and practice community values, such as craftsmanship, quality, diversity, cooperation, and professionalism.
  8. 8. Holland is an alternate reality! Sometimes I think that what the rest of the world take seriously they don't and vice versa. It is a social society and has a sharing economy. Its people get along well with each other and collaboration is built in even before birth Geographically it is flat and small and most people live in the centre of the country. It has pretty much no poverty and high speed connections everywhere. it is the perfect place to work on Iot and Smart city solutions. … oh and most people speak 4+ languages. Holland
  9. 9. FabLabs in the Netherlands
  10. 10. Meetup dedicated to creative, advanced and human-centered Internet-of-Things, sensor(networks), electronics/hardware, open hardware/source and hardware startups. We get together once a month and discuss and listen to presentations on Internet-of-Things and related subjects. We are hands-on: We do Internet-of-Things, with Arduino, RaspberryPi, BeagleBone, Intel Edison, etc. Membership : 3500 Started : 2011 (5 in September)
  11. 11. 2015 2013 2011 AQE, followed by several related projects, many members also appsterdammers Pachube left the scene, location moved to Glimworm (jc) Started regular schedule 2016 Amsterdam Smart Citizen , LoRa, LoRa, LoRa location moved (with glimworm) to the MT Widened team to 5, join with MV, start with Water sensing! Timelines 2014 Built up to 3500 members, Smart Citizen Kit (Waag+Barcelona)
  12. 12. AQE v 2 - from Barcelona 2014
  13. 13. 2015
  14. 14. In March 2015, Waag Society and partners have established the Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab. It empowers citizens to crowd source and share data about their environment with the aim to understand the workings of the city and enhance the quality of their lives. Therefore, we embrace the idea of Smart Citizens , who use open technology to build engagement, and share knowledge, and trust. Apart from helping citizens, it will help existing measurement bodies (like GGD Amsterdam and RIVM) to extend their data gathering networks, and possibly come up with innovative solutions that can scale across Europe (possibly beyond). 2015
  15. 15. 2015
  16. 16. Citizens (partcipants) paid €35 Quality of swimming water Air Quality (Chimney, Dust & particals) Sound (in the city) Light pollution (in the city) Indoor air quality Soil Temperature (in the city) Dirt and garbage Enablers Waag HvA Wageningen UR Ams Ec Bd Waag RIVM more… 2015
  17. 17. 2015
  18. 18. 2015
  19. 19. 2015
  20. 20. 2015
  21. 21. The Beacon Mile 2015
  22. 22. 20152015
  23. 23. 2016
  24. 24. Jonathan MauriceCasperManon Organising Team 2016
  25. 25. Tools 2016 Slack Github
  26. 26. Programme 2016 If you attend all the monthly setups for a year you should have learned something new about abut all aspects of making IoT products from home grown hobby projects to mass production of commercial products Example talks we have had in the last 12 months include : LoRa (multiple) , ESP8266, what is the difference between a microprocessor and a micro controller, tips for kickstarter, PCB manufacturing end to end, injection moulding, Wolfram , Node RED, MQTT, User led design, Member project presentations(multiple), security on an Arduino using “Salt” , Introduction to laser cutting, Bitcoin, Windows10 IoT edition, citizen science updates (multiple) , Hands on Watson (and more…)
  27. 27. Notable members and projects
  28. 28. 2016 Water buoy Project just started want join?
  29. 29. 2016 Maybe you have different issues? can we collaborate?
  30. 30. A bit about europe
  31. 31. If you want to get involved with IoT in Amsterdam if you want to find an IoT startup in Amsterdam if you want to discuss IoT call me . . . @jonathanrcarter