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REIQ Digital Twin Workbook


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REIQ Digital Twin Workbook presented by That Peter Brewer

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REIQ Digital Twin Workbook

  1. 1. Your Digital Twin Peter Brewer - REIQ CPD Event 2015 What’s Your Digital Twin Look Like?.. “Real Estate Agents won’t be replaced by technology… they’ll be _________ by Real Estate Agents who effectively use technology…” 8 years in 1.5 hours Which are you? The face of the ‘average’ real estate agent is changing…
  2. 2. ‘Best of the worst’ or ‘The cream of the crap’.. Definition of ‘Average’ Only % of Real Estate Agents expect to increase their selling fee in 2015/16 Most expect their fee to reduce due to: •A more educated consumer •More entrants into the industry •New business/fee models #MPOD Digital Agent? If you knew that your Number 1 Competitor was going to go 100% Digital in the next 3 months, what would you do?.. Every man and his dog are ‘Online’ Inman Connect - NYC - REIQ Study Tour 2015
  3. 3. 58/__ Inman Connect take away #1 41% of ____ in 2014 were to Millennials.. RE/Max Global Conference March 2015 What’s happening around the World?.. Video 1. You can video any property. It needn’t be a mansion Video 2. Video allows you to tell a story about lifestyle and location Video 3. 3D is on the horizon. Proceed with caution Video 4. You don’t have to break the bank. Just be consistent Video 5. Don’t be afraid to have some fun Video 77% of Home Buyers expect to see a video when they shop online. Less than 1% of Agents offer them 100% of the time.. Lead Generation Sites Geo-focussed Information rich Brand agnostic Mixing Old with New Drives databases Who wants it?…
  4. 4. Taking the online-offline What’s your digital ________? Does it complement your other initiatives?.. Let’s take a peek at the majority of Agents D______ Twins… Offline Twin Online Twin Known locally as a ‘nice guy/gal’ Involved heavily with the local community Active in the Chamber of Commerce Footy Club Supporter/ Sponsor Great Brochures! Great Reputation! Nice Shop/Office! Everyone knows them! Has Facebook to say Hi to their Kids Heard you can see one of the Kardashian’s on Twitter Watched and shared a funny cat video on YouTube once Brother built him/her a website in 2009. It’s kinda pretty.. … Kinda.. Gets annoying e-mails from LinkedIn.. What is that an away! Is on Google… page 267 Has an iPhone but no idea how to use it for productivity.. What should your ‘Digital Twin’ look like today? ….. as a minimum… You need a solid foundation.. What’s your foundation look like? • Your own d_____ name? • Your own w______? • A complete L_______ profile? • Your profile v____?
  5. 5. Why own your name as a dot com and build a website? •It protects brand ‘You’ •Its t____________ •Because its 2015.. :) •You name is the one c________ in your life (Sorry Ladies!) •Easier to be found Online. R____ higher •You get to tell _____ story as _____ like it told •You get to share your professionalism You can do it p____________ for under $300.00 Shows authority - Includes social proof - Live Chat Very human - Includes social proof - Includes results Personal domain name - Natural feel - Blog/Helpful content Why create and tend a LinkedIn Profile? •Fastest growing online p___________ network •Allows you to build your business brand •Offers great Google juice •Positions you as a _____ect ____ter _____t •Helps gets you found for what you’d like to be found for •Connects you to those you’d like to be connected to
  6. 6. Why a great profile video? •People buy ______ •A Picture paints a thousand words. A film t____ your story •There are no s________ •It shows you’re _______ •G_____ loves it. So do most clients/customer •Lets you pitch to your market •Should include s_____ proof! What do you need to build on top of your foundation?’ Facebook YouTube Twitter Pinterest Instagram Google + Tumblr Flickr Atherton Roosters …”It’s time to shift your analogue brain to the digital world”… Tim Jackson - Atherton Real Estate Who wants to know what the ‘Next Big Thing’ is?.. It’s the last big thing that you didn’t finish… • The website that isn’t populated with: •A local area trade and business directory •A video resource of FAQ’s for Tenants •A video resource of FAQ’s for Investors •A video resource of FAQ’s for Buyers •A video resource of FAQ’s for Sellers •A video resource of your Neighbourhoods •All web content strategically SEO focused •Local Schools and Parks vs Benowa Schools and Parks?
  7. 7. A ‘Business’ Facebook Page: •A clearly defined audience •Content that ‘speaks’ to that audience •A rigid content calendar that everyone contributes towards •A clear hub and spoke focus on content to drive web traffic •A budgeted and highly targeted Facebook advertising schedule that drives your database and new business leads. 90% of your sellers on settlement said they’d use the same Real Estate Agent again.. Yet 90% ultimately didn’t.. source Inman Connect take away #2 Typical Real Estate Transaction Prospect for a Seller Market the Property Find a Buyer
  8. 8. Sell the Property Crickets… Real Estate Orphanage Lots of swiping right! And really?…. They choose you for your banana cake recipe..? Make it awesome content.. or save the coin! 10,000 bits of crap shoved in letterboxes.. are 10,000 bits of crap shoved in letterboxes.. Stop sending irrelevant crap! If you’re the business owner - Own this!
  9. 9. Best Listing Presso Ever Mark McGill - REIQ Salesperson of the Year 2014 Amber Werchon Real Estate Digital Agent? If you knew that your Number 1 Competitor was going to go 100% Digital in the next 3 months, what would you do?.. Change or Die… Beware the new kids on the block! Big Data Predictive analytics.. + 5-7 year home cycle.. +Bunnings +Facebook data +Woolies data +Search behaviour = GOLD “Real Estate Agents won’t be replaced by technology… they’ll be replaced by Real Estate Agents who effectively use technology…” Focus on the ‘_________’!
  10. 10. What would you like to learn more about?… #QandA I am thatpeterbrewer.comI am +61417630962 Still%have%questions?%%Still%need%help?%%Contact%us:% Peter%Brewer% @ThatPeterBrewer% +61%0417%630%962%