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J carter presentation follow up event of the Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab - 23rd april 2015


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This presentation was given by Jonathan Carter or Glimworm Beacons at the Follow up meetup to the launch of the Amsterdam IBeacon and IoT Living Lab on the 23rd April 2015 at the Marine Terrein in Amsterdam.

Project Excerpt
Amsterdam, together with European partner cities, sees the immediate opportunity to create a series of iBeacon and IoT enabled Living Labs to stimulate innovative startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs across public and private industry sectors.

This ground-breaking initiative starts with the installation of three public iBeacon networks in Amsterdam which will be unveiled during the program which will include a comprehensive education and outreach initiative for each sector.

A series of events and business support projects to stimulate, facilitate and mentor entrepreneurs and new startups during early phase development will also be necessary.

The scale of opportunity for the startup economy is staggering and we have identified seven vertical industries from which we are gathering innovators and leaders to help us better implement, distribute and duplicate this structure over the coming two to five years.

The first of these public iBeacon networks , or “living Labs”, will be a mile of beacons In the centre of Amsterdam open to all and connecting one of the City's entry major entry points to the new Technology wharf at Amsterdam's historic Marine Base

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J carter presentation follow up event of the Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab - 23rd april 2015

  1. 1. Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab the gateway to an IoT economy
  2. 2. It is incredibly difficult to demonstrate and test smart, creative solutions in a real life urban environment and answer difficult but essential Questions ! ! Which comes first - the Chicken or the egg ! ! There are still some things MONEY can’t buy ! the gateway to an IoT economy What problem are we tackling ? Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab
  3. 3. A route of up to 2km with beacons lining it. This will be a testing area for those who want to test applications such as : ! - Public way finding - Tourist information routes - Hyper local points of interest - iBeacon signage in your own language - Augmenting existing apps with additional proximity data the gateway to an IoT economy iBeacon Installation type 1 - “route” Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab
  4. 4. A distributed set of beacons at public transportation stops (bus / tram). This will support testing of applications such as : ! - Public information on hyper location - Advertising networks - City wide games and puzzles - Urban vitality projects - Hyper localised help for the elderly or visually impaired the gateway to an IoT economy iBeacon Installation type 2 - “city wide” Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab
  5. 5. An indoor set of beacons in a space such as a convention center or a shopping mall with at least 2 levels. This will support testing of applications such as : ! - Indoor wayfinding which can be applied anywhere - serious gaming and urban puzzles - crowd control and management - Indoor heatmapping - Multitude of e+m commerce solutions the gateway to an IoT economy iBeacon Installation type 3 - “indoor” Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab
  6. 6. the Amsterdam Beacon Mile iBeacon Installation type 1 - “route”
  7. 7. the Amsterdam Beacon Mile - Neat to CS
  8. 8. the Amsterdam Beacon Mile - OBA
  9. 9. the Amsterdam Beacon Mile - SAIL
  10. 10. the Amsterdam Beacon Mile - Cycle Bridge
  11. 11. the Amsterdam Beacon Mile - NEMO to the Terrein
  12. 12. On the Amsterdam Beacon Mile Landmarks include - The NEMO museum - A public library with many restaurants and cafe’s at its base - A dock with many tourist boats moored - A famous restaurant - A foot and cycle bridge over water - A car park - A cycle park - Multiple offices the gateway to an IoT economy Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab the Amsterdam Beacon Mile
  13. 13. What is the key to success the gateway to an IoT economy Technical experimentation and business development Research The City and its citizens Working Together to : - Ask Questions - Provide Challenges - Providing Answers - Stimulating businesses - Validating citizen solutions
  14. 14. Tourism can beacons be used to translate signs into a visitor’s one language? ! Urban Vitality Can beacons be used to get kids moving and reach their ideal weight? ! City Can beacons be used for crowd control and safety? the gateway to an IoT economy Example challenges Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab
  15. 15. Unique Technical Concepts the gateway to an IoT economy Connected “LoRaWAN” Beacon Unconnected Beacon
  16. 16. Unique Technical Concepts Connected “LoRaWAN” Beacon Unconnected Beacon
  17. 17. Unique Technical Concepts Static numbered Fixed Numbered network - “guaranteed to be there” Openly available number plan With its own API (2 way) Usable in any iBeacon CMS or with any database
  18. 18. Unique Technical Concepts Dynamic Numbering Some with Sensors Connected With a central management console and API Able to be re-configured to support tests Able to be extended and adapted
  20. 20. PLATFORM Connected and Standalone and Sensor Beacon mile Oosterpark, GGD Call to adapt and develop WS02 Notificare, InBeacon more…
  21. 21. Amsterdam iBeacon Living Lab - LoRaWAN LoRaWAN sounds too good to be true, but so did 3G ! 3G enabled the Smartphone revolution. LoRa may do that for IoT ! KPN is donating the technology and knowledge to the iBeacon living lab 30km 3km 10y