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Daily Practices for Youth


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Twenty-five daily practices for today's youth

Published in: Education
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Daily Practices for Youth

  1. 1. Author: Jon Dunnemann Source Twenty-five Daily Practices for Youth 1. Make yourself familiar with the alarm clock on your cellphone. 2. Meditate or pray in the morning before leaving home as a way to charge yourself. 3. Plan out your weeks and take responsibility for completing important tasks. 4. Use a monthly calendar to schedule appointments, due dates, and other events. 5. Take out and prepare the clothes that you will need the next day the night before that way you will not become anxious due to running around or running late in the morning. 6. Be organized by putting things in the same place. You will save yourself valuable time. 7. Use your weekends to organize your shoes, drawers, closets, room, and to do your laundry. Fold, hang up, and put away your clothes. 8. Do not over eat or you may become bloated, overweight or experience poor health. 9. Have three meals a day. 10. Eat a snack around four o’clock in the afternoon. 11. Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains (non-allergies permitting). 12. Drink six glasses of water a day to flush out toxins that can otherwise build up in your body. 13. Do not eat junk food more than once a day, preferably at snack time. 14. Exercise your body every day to maintain flexibility and do deep breathing exercises to reduce various forms of stress as well. 15. Know where you are going and set goals for yourself. Do what is right in front of you to the very best of your ability. Be sure to have an end in mind. 16. Try to figure things out for yourself as experience is often the best teacher. At least take those first few steps on your own. 17. Make your own decisions and make proactive decision-making a habit. 18. If you make a mistake, own up to it, and try to make it right yourself. 19. Always strive to do the right thing by making consistent, responsible and ethical decisions. 20. Read books regularly whether for class or on the job. 21. Keep up with the news and current events. 22. Talk to other people and really listen to them. 23. Build up a library of information that you can draw upon when making decisions or solving problems. 24. Meditate or pray at the end of your day as a way to relax yourself. 25. Make sure that you get adequate rest at night (preferable six to eight hours during the regular school or work week).