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Probytes delivery methodology


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ProBytes Software is a leading IT solutions provider offering flexible web development including Yii Development,Joomla Development and Magento Development services. For more about the website, visit

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Probytes delivery methodology

  1. 1. - Team of Teams
  2. 2. Desig n Themin g Custom development Platform Plug-in Competencies
  3. 3. ur passion is to give SMB's and individual entrepreneurs the mpetitive advantage that bigger enterprises command by oviding top-notch IT services and solutions at the cost of ing a freelance developer.”
  4. 4. “Water- SCRUM –Fall”
  5. 5. Project initiation and requirement & schedule sign off
  6. 6. Development and Testing phase An independent tester tests after coding is done in sprints of 2-3 weeks (agile model) The no. of milestones in the development and testing phase depends of the complexity of the project 50% of the project cost will be released in this phase as per the no. of milestones
  7. 7. UAT is user acceptance testing On your approval the work is transferred to your server “ Someof our clientssay that thisfeelslikehavingour own employeeand not someremoteteam “
  8. 8. Our Differentiators HIRE a developer and get a TEAM ! Only experienced resource Certified through external agencies in the competencies They work in. ( a certification is an indicator that the developer has global benchmark knowledge of the technology they work in)
  9. 9. Documentation and Coding Standards We ensure : Precise documentation (don’t worry, we won’t over do) Optimal performance by following specific coding standards of each competencyCommunication All our team members are good in English communication Developer’s communication skills, if worrisome will be taken care of by the PM We communicate through emails, Skype/Gtalk, what's app, viber etc We have immediate reply policy and are always just a call away
  10. 10. a team we make success TRANSACTIONAL for you!”
  11. 11. Payment Advance project initiation payment Pricing Our hourly price for the entire team is $15/hour flat! Milestone 20% Completion of requirement & schedule sign off phase 10% Completion of design phase 10% To be divided in multiple milestones of 2-3 weeks each and payments to be done on demo and completion of each sprint 50% UAT and delivery 10%
  12. 12. Next Steps Standard contract Award us the project on portal Complete the advance payment Team will be assigned as soon as advance payment is done. Project initiation call Get started with the project