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Building a standpoints web to support decision-making in Wikipedia (CSCW2012 poster)


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Poster for CSCW2012: Building a standpoints web to support decision-making in Wikipedia

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Building a standpoints web to support decision-making in Wikipedia (CSCW2012 poster)

  1. 1. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Building a Standpoints Web to Support Decision-Making in Wikipedia Jodi Schneider Argument Exploration Wikipedia Deletion Discussion Argument exploration is joint work with the University of Liverpool, Adam Wyner, Katie Atkinson & Trevor Bench-Capon. Thanks to a COST Short-term scientific mission (STSM 1868) from the COST Action ICO801 on Agreement Technologies! Summarizing Standpoints Support 3 groups:[Delete the article]...hasnt played 1. Newcomerssince 2008. His 66-73 record is Learn effective argument & rhetoricfar from stellar and, in myopinion, does not merit an article. • Administrators Determine outcomes>>He pitched last month andplays for the Venezuelan League. • Readers Revisiting DiscussionsThis meets our article criteria. Understand the deciding factors Using Standpoints Abstract Although the Web enables large-scale collaboration, its potential to support group decision-making has not been fully exploited. My research aims to analyze, extract, and represent disagreement in purposeful social web conversations. This supports decision-making in distributed groups by representing individuals claims and their justifications in a "Standpoints Web", a hypertext web interlinking the claims and justifications made throughout the social web. The two main contributions of my dissertation are an architecture for the Standpoints Web and a case study implementing the Standpoints Web for Wikipedias deletion discussions. Enabling Networked Knowledge Main Ph.D. funding: Science Foundation Ireland Grant No. SFI/08/CE/I1380 (Líon-2) Totten image credit: