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Jns Consulting July 2010 V1


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Company overview

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Jns Consulting July 2010 V1

  1. 1. JNS Consulting LimitedJNS Consulting Limited Flexible, Affordable, LocalFlexible, Affordable, Local
  2. 2. ContentsContents • Introduction • About us • Why we are different • Services offered • Testimonials • Client list/Success Stories • Further details/contact
  3. 3. Welcome to JNS ConsultingWelcome to JNS Consulting • JNS Consulting was set up in 2004 to provide a range of professional business management consultancy services, aimed at organisations keen to develop an advanced approach to selling their products and services to customers • We have many years of experience working with organisations large and small, both manufacturing and retailing, covering many key business disciplines including category management, trade marketing, interim management, consultancy, and training provision • Our core vision is that consultancy should be "flexible, affordable, and local""flexible, affordable, and local" - not purely be the preserve of large companies, but available to everyone • We provide a range of services from interim management through consultancy to training, project management and business process re-engineering
  4. 4. About usAbout us • JNS Consulting was formed in August 2004, by the founder, John Sealey, after a career spanning 20 years in Food Retail and manufacturing businesses, primarily in category management roles • Our team gained their experience in some of the most dynamic FMCG companies in the World, and have added value by developing category management systems, processes and strategies that have driven sustainable market share growth for both manufacturers and retailers • Our core business principle is to share our many years of experience gained in blue chip manufacturing and retail businesses, and add value to our clients to facilitate long term strategic growth within their businesses • Since inception, JNS Consulting has successfully added value through interim management provision, consultancy and training, to a number of organisations in industries as diverse as publishing, service provision, healthcare, optical services and frozen foods • The JNS Consulting team all share the same aspirations and are like-minded people. We have fun along the way and so do our clients. We are friendly, realistic and down-to-earth but we aspire to deliver you the best possible results. The key deliverable in whatever we do is to add value
  5. 5. Why we are differentWhy we are different JNS Consulting is different because we focus on being “Flexible, Affordable, and Local“ • Flexible As a small independent business management consultancy, JNS Consulting is able to be as flexible as the client wishes - whether it be a bespoke project, work to a set budget, work to a set deadline, offsite or in-office, full or part-time. Client satisfaction is our priority • Affordable Almost all organisations can benefit from the advice of a consultant, but most wrongly assume that they cannot afford their services. Our service is designed so that you get a clear understanding of our costs ahead of any work, and as a small company, we look to keep our business overheads to a minimum thus passing on the benefit to you – we are fully insured and have professional indemnity cover for your peace of mind, and dealing with us direct cuts out the agency middle man • Local One of the key reasons to set up JNS Consulting was a desire to share learnings gained on a national, regional and global stage with local organisations. Our straight-talking, no- nonsense approach is often appreciated by our clients, and we pride ourselves on treating all our clients in the way we would like to be treated ourselves, with dignity, discretion and respect
  6. 6. Services offeredServices offered We offer services in four discrete areas: • Training − JNS Consulting offer a wide range of training packages, customised to your specific needs and budget − We provide a complete service from inception, through delivery to validation • Interim Management − JNS Consulting can provide interim management cover for senior marketing, business development, sales and category management roles − We are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity for your peace of mind, and because you deal with us direct, our rates are guaranteed to beat any comparable agency quote • Management Consultancy − Sometimes you need a little help in deciding what to do next − Our management consultancy can range from an informed second opinion, to a fully-developed feasibility or change management project • Research − Sometimes you need specific information to develop your business idea, or need some market research − JNS Consulting can help you develop and deliver your research needs, from field research through to market reports
  7. 7. Testimonials (1)Testimonials (1) • Head of Marketing Services, Frontline Limited − “..a valuable asset to our business with their wide experience and knowledge” − “..demonstrated a huge capacity for hard work, and developed new processes which will undoubtedly be beneficial for our business” − “ and honest approach immediately engendered trust within the team” − “..ability to quickly adapt to new environments and is testimony to their professional approach" • Marketing Director, Contact Lens Manufacturer − “ to quickly leverage their background and apply it effectively to a totally different business model involving both consumers and gatekeepers” − “..worked with suppliers to address insight issues with our data sources to ensure our data was accurate, timely and met internal and external needs” − “..demonstrated excellent customer facing skills and always put the customer’s needs at the heart of their efforts” • Customer Director, Birds Eye Frozen Foods − “..worked tirelessly to make strategic planning work in our business whilst developing a customised category management process to the business” − “..a real passion and drive, coupled with a willingness to work the hours to make it happen”
  8. 8. Testimonials (2)Testimonials (2) • Chief Executive, Galleria Retail Training Solutions Limited − “.. prepared well for the [training] sessions, taking the time to understand our business and our key drivers” − “ to draw on years of practical experience having been a category management professional for both retailers and suppliers, and having that real-life view was very important to us” − “..showed flexibility when applying the traditional 8 and 5-step category management processes to our own solution, to ensure staff were given an accurate picture of where Galleria solutions slot into the process” − “..also able to communicate with diversified groups of staff, from development through to new sales people” • Sales & Marketing Director – Tate & Lyle Sugars PLC − “..took on the role with gusto, investing significant amounts of time and effort to firstly ensure all the account administration was in order, and then quickly identify which accounts we needed to develop as a business and prioritise” − “..quickly developed a strong relationship with customers successfully implementing joint business plans with them” − “..a quick learner with a strong will to win.. not afraid of trying new things, drawing from previous experiences” − “..strong interpersonal skills to very quickly build a trusting extended team of supporting staff within the business, and extended points of contact within his accounts” − “ ease communicating at all levels within the business, successfully presenting to both senior managers and factory operatives on various business topics”
  9. 9. Testimonials (3)Testimonials (3) • Head of Channel Marketing – United Biscuits − “.. approached the role with enthusiasm and a 'can do' attitude” − “.. used category management expertise to train and develop his direct reports” − “.. worked well with the team and ensured that they were clear on priorities and work loads” − “.. ensured that a work plan for the year was created and that the team tracked positively against this plan” • Marketing Director – Seven Seas Healthcare Limited − “.. helped us fully develop our category strategy and marketing plans” − “.. a great deal of experience in category work and very enthusiastic about the subject” − “.. built category knowledge and integrated into the team extremely quickly” − “.. very committed and went the extra mile many times to put in the hours when needed”
  10. 10. Client List/Success StoriesClient List/Success Stories Frontline
  11. 11. Client List 2004-10Client List 2004-10 Frontline
  12. 12. Success StoriesSuccess Stories • Business: − Magazine Distribution business responsible for sales to retailers, of magazines published by EMAP, BBC Worldwide and Haymarket, UK Turnover approx. £320m, 200 employees • Role − Interim Head of Category Management • Challenge: − To assist the business through a departmental restructure and resource issues through consultancy and interim man management • Solution provided: − Through demonstration of capabilities and consultation with Head of Marketing Services, facilitate organisational change and effectively manage a category management team of 6 in lieu of new manager joining business − Develop category management capabilities of team and organisation − Offer senior management support where appropriate, in customer strategy and review meetings with internal and external customers • Result: − Smooth transition to interim and permanent management for business and team − Appraisal, development and coaching of direct reports − Enhancement of category partnership capabilities with ASDA, a key customer • Testimonial – Janet Bates, Head of Marketing Services, January 2005: − “..demonstrated a huge capacity for hard work, and developed new processes which will undoubtedly be beneficial for our business” Frontline
  13. 13. Success StoriesSuccess Stories • Business: − Part of Novartis Global Consumer Health. Contact Lens Manufacturer. UK Turnover approx £90m. 200 UK employees • Role: − Interim Head of Category Management • Challenge: − To develop category management capability for the contact lens industry and develop category management practice across sales and marketing • Solution provided: − Developed a knowledge management system that successfully extracted value from various insight sources, including development of a definitive definition and value of the market in conjunction with leading data providers − Developed and implemented a category management process for implementation within the organisation and outwards to key customers • Result: − Quick adoption of category management principles within sales and marketing team − Played a key role in developing accuracy of market information and insight development − Instrumental in developing an Economic Situation Analysis to successfully persuade European parent company to amend forthcoming annual business plan targets • Testimonial – Matthew Oerding, Marketing Director, May 2006: − “ to quickly leverage his background and apply it effectively to a totally different business model involving both consumers and gatekeepers.. worked with suppliers to address insight issues with our data sources to ensure our data was accurate, timely and met internal and external needs”
  14. 14. Success StoriesSuccess Stories • Business: − Birds Eye Foods Limited was purchased by Permira from Unilever Foods in September 2006, when annual turnover was £500m and the company employed 200 people across several sites in the UK. • Challenge: − Provide Senior Category management support including development of retail and account strategy for two key business units – Red Meat (worth £20m per year) and Frozen Poultry (worth £100m per year). • Solution provided: − Developed and implemented long term growth strategies for both categories in conjunction with marketing − Invested significant time with supply and logistics to ensure high levels of forecast accuracy and pro-active management of supply issues − Worked closely with sales managers and directors to understand account dynamics - built in safeguards and procedures to ensure that promotional activity was profitable to the business, and all product launches were landed on day 1. • Result: − Formal development and delivery of robust category plans by customer − Co-development and launch of a commercial proposition for a Barbecue range within Birds Eye which successfully launched in market in summer 2007 exceeding all forecasts − Residual stocks managed to their lowest level in 4 years, through a combination of exclusive deals to discount freezer businesses (Farmfoods/Heron), stock deals with Northern Ireland, or rework of promotional packs sold on as standard pack stock minimising supply issues • Testimonial – Steven Hermiston – Category Director – January 2007: − “.. played a key role in maintaining business momentum, including launching NPD and planning for the barbecue season [and product range launch]. ..worked tirelessly to make internal business interfaces work whilst bringing a new variation of the formal category management process to the business .. a real passion and drive coupled with a willingness to work the hours to make it happen.”
  15. 15. Success StoriesSuccess Stories • Business: − Europe’s largest manufacturer of sugar refined from sugar cane. Europe turnover was £450m per year, split Industrial £355m, Retail £95m – 1300 UK employees • Challenge: − Following a change in senior management, development and management of business accounts with a Profit & Loss business model for the first time in an environment that had traditionally worked on turnover and volume only • Solution provided: − Worked through administrative issues, liaising with customers, customer service, accounts receivable and finance to bring all account administration up to date − Segmented customers based on profitability, ceased business with several unprofitable customers − Built new and strong business relationships with under-developed accounts and developed profitable joint business plans • Result: − Developed a SAP report to allow the understanding of P&L by account and product, still in use with the business today − Developed joint business plans with two key accounts – Bestway Group and Sterling Supergroup – to take their businesses forward on a more professional and profitable position, from a joint annual value of £2.2m in April 2007 to a potential £7m joint business by end 2008 • Testimonial – Steven Hermiston – Retail Sales and Marketing Director – January 2008: − “..strong interpersonal skills that allow him to very quickly build a trusting extended team of supporting staff within the business, and extended points of contact within his accounts. ..quickly developed a strong relationship with customers successfully implementing joint business plans with them“
  16. 16. Success StoriesSuccess Stories • Business: − Europe’s largest manufacturer of biscuits, owned by Blackstone Private Equity - UK turnover £1bn per year, 10000 employees in the UK • Challenge: − Running and developing a team of 5 category managers, development of internal and external strategic plans and processes, and co-development of category and customer marketing plans for 2009 • Solution provided: − Worked with team to define roles, responsibilities and a full year workload and priority plan − Worked with Head of Customer Marketing to actively seek and recruit a Category Insight Manager − Co-developed category management processes and joint customer plans in conjunction with category management team and relevant account managers • Result: − A customised category management process for UBUK’s Impulse team was developed and implemented − Development of team through the initiation of regular 1 to 1 meetings with direct reports, understanding and managing workload and priorities, and identified training needs − In conjunction with the team, successfully delivered a new interactive Christmas 2008 NPD presentation for customers that allowed customisation by sales teams without compromising content or message, using advanced PowerPoint techniques (linked and embedded presentations) • Testimonial – Alenka Ward – Head of Customer Marketing: − “ ..Used category management expertise to train and develop his direct reports. John worked well with his team & ensured that they were clear on priorities & work loads. He ensured that a work plan for the year was created & that the team tracked positively against this plan”
  17. 17. Success StoriesSuccess Stories • Business: − A subsidiary of Merck Serono AG, is the UK’s largest manufacturer of Vitamins and Mineral Supplements – UK turnover £38m (2008) - 200 employees • Challenge: − Development of a detailed market projection model that could be manipulated to understand “what-if?” scenarios for business planning for 2009 and for strategic planning beyond 2009, to be presented to Merck Senior Management in November 2008 − Work with category management team and co-develop capabilities, strategic presentation and category management strategy for Seven Seas for 2009 and beyond, culminating in the presentation of the work to Boots in October 2008 • Solution provided: − Spent time with all brand team to understand category and brand dynamics. − Worked with Sales account managers and category management team to understand competitive set − Worked with market data providers to understand complexities of market data − Worked with retained consultant to help develop consumer insights into meaningful pen-portraits for use within the business and with customers − Developed an Excel-based market model, using trend analysis and feedback from brand teams, to project market performance for 2008, 2009 and 2010, to form the basis of business plan summaries to understand Seven Seas’ sales and market share projections − Using an adapted Glendinning Category strategy process, co-developed category strategy, category management strategy and capabilities presentation for key customers, comprising strategy workshops and category sizing work. • Result: − The developed model formed a base for all business planning work for 2009-10-11. − Robust assumptions and projections communicated throughout the business providing a new element of robustness to business planning numbers compared with previous years. − As part of developing the model, market was segmented by life-stage rather than ingredient (as the category had been segmented for over 20 years) – this was adopted across the business as a new way of segmenting the category and plans put forward to actively redefine syndicated data sources to reflect the change. • What the client said – Catherine Dymond – Marketing Director: − “John helped us fully develop our category strategy and marketing plans - he has a great deal of experience in category work and is very enthusiastic about the subject. He built his category knowledge and integrated into the team extremely quickly - very committed and went the extra mile many times to put in the hours when needed.”
  18. 18. Contact usContact us • We are located in Barnsley, close to the Barnsley Business Innovation Centre. • We are happy to visit clients at their premises, or arrange offsite meetings upon request JNS Consulting Limited. Seven Alford Close Barnsley South Yorkshire UK S75 2SB Phone/Fax: (01226) 321778 Mobile No: 07973 745943 Email: MSN: SKYPE: JNS Consulting LinkedIn: John Sealey WEB: Click on the Map for directions