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  1. 1. e-BusinessProgram : MBA 3 S L IT 602 Class of : 200Credit Sessions 9 33Course : :Code :Objective The course is designed to fulfill thefollowing objectives: Understand the strategic opportunities and threatsi) of e-Business Have insight into the viable e-ii) Business modelsiii) Have experience in analyzing the potential impacts and opportunities of e- Business in a firm or industryiv) Gain insight into the way e-Business influences business strategy and changes the basis for competitionREFERENCE BOOKS AUTHOR / PUBLICATIONe-Business ICMRe-Business: Roadmap for Success Dr Ravi Kalakota and Robinson, Marcia Addison-Wesley, 2000The e-Marketplace: Strategies for Raisch, Warren D - McGraw HillSuccess in B2B Commerce Inc, 2000Marketing in the Cyber Age: The Rohner, Kurt - John Wiley & Sons,Why, the What and the How 1998Frontiers of Electronic Commerce Kalakota, Ravi and Whinston, Andrew B -Addison-Wesley, 2000Doing e-Business: Strategies for Taylor, David - John-WIley & Sons,Thriving in an Electronic Inc., 2001 Martin V Deise, ConardMarketplace Executive Guide to e- Nowikow, Patrick King and AmyBusiness: From Tactics to Strategy Wright - John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2000Detailed SyllabusBasics of e-Business: Digital Economy, Principles of e-Business, e-BusinessModel s, Convergence Strategiese-Business Strategy: Enabling Value Chain, e-Business Planning, Types of e-
  2. 2. Business Projects, e-Business Execution Plane-Business Design: Overview, Steps in e-Business Design, Reversing the valuechain,Knowledge Buildinge-Markets: e-Market Models, Direct B2B e-Markets, Coalitions or Consortium,Independent e-Markets Strategye-Procurement: e-Procurement process, Online Product Selection, ElectronicOrdering, e-Procurement SolutionsIntegrating Supply Chain Management Process: Definitions, Components of e-SupplyChain, Managing relations in e-Supply chainIntegrating Enterprise Resource Planning Process: Enterprise ArchitecturePlanning, Lead Time Reduction, Improved Supplier PerformanceIntegration of Knowledge Management Process in e-Business: ArchitecturalFramework for Knowledge Management Processes, Infrastructure, Best PracticesSelling Chain Management Process:Definition, Business & Technology Drivers, Infrastructure, Sales & Distributionconfiguratione-Marketing: Database Marketing, e-Marketing Strategies, Building Microbrands,Pricing Collaboratione-CRM Processes and their Integration:Definition of e-CRM, Architecture, Infrastructure Requirements, Challenges &Best Practicese-Business Infrastructure: Data Integration Middleware, e-Business-Reference-Logical-Technology -Organizational Architecturee-Business Technologies: e-Business: Enabling Technologiese-Banking: e-Banking Strategies, Mobile Payment, Key Issues & Solutions, risks,Electronic Payment System, Overview , Payment Clearing, Digital Currency,,Future of e-Banking,e-Governance: Overview, Strategies, Interface & Technology, Key Issues &Challenges, Privacy, Security, Access
  3. 3. m-Commerce: Strategies for m-Commerce, Key Benefits, Technologies, KeyIssues & Solutionse-Business Security Aspects: Standards, Cryptography, Authentication, DigitalCertificates, Public Key Infrastructure.Legal Issues in e-Business: Consumer Protection, Cyber Crimes & Laws,Software Piracy, Regulation & Taxation.Challenges in e-Business: Technological Challenges, e-Money Laundering, OtherChallenges - Channel Conflicts.Future of e-Business & m-Commerce: Global Reach, Customers, IntegratedCustomer Service, Integrated Enterprise Applications.CasesFaculty will identify appropriate cases Suggested Schedule of Session No. of.Topic SessionsBasics of e-Business 2e-Business Strategy 3e-Business Design 2e-Markets 2e-Procurement 2Integrating SupplyChain Management 1ProcessIntegrating EnterpriseResource Planning 1ProcessIntegration ofKnowledge 1Management Processin e-BusinessSelling ChainManagement Process 22e-Marketinge-CRM Processes and 2their Integration
  4. 4. e-Business 1Infrastructuree-Business 2Technologiese-Banking 2e-Governance 1m-Commerce 2e-Business Security 1AspectsLegal Issues in e- 1BusinessChallenges in e- 1BusinessFuture of e-Business & 2m-CommerceTotal 33