Intro to book jan 6 2013


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Intro to book jan 6 2013

  1. 1. James 4:14What is your life? For you are a mistthat appears for a little time and thenvanishes.
  2. 2. Hebrews 12:1. . . let us run with endurance the racethat is set before us.Hebrews 12:2. . . fixing our eyes upon Jesus,the author and perfecter of our faith.
  3. 3. Sharpening Our Focus on Christ!Five passages each week to help us “fix our eyes upon Jesus!”
  4. 4. The Essential Jesus asRevealed in the Gospel of Mark
  5. 5. Gospel of Mark: Background▪ The author - The earliest of churchtradition identifies “John Mark”(mentioned 8 times in the NT) as theauthor of the gospel and no evidence tocontradict this has ever surfaced.
  6. 6. Gospel of Mark: author▪ a cousin of Barnabas▪ accompanied Barnabas and theApostle Paul on Paul’s first MissionaryJourney, but Mark quit part way throughand returned home▪ in a close relationship with the ApostlePeter (1 Peter 5:13 – “my son”)
  7. 7. Gospel of Mark: author▪ was eventually reconciled to theApostle Paul (In 2 Timothy 4:11 Paulasked Timothy to bring Mark with himfor Mark was “useful to me forministry.”)
  8. 8. Gospel of Mark: Background▪ The recipients – The vast majority ofscholars identify Gentiles in general,and Romans specifically as the Mark’starget audience for his gospel.
  9. 9. Gospel of Mark: recipients▪ Mark translates Aramaic words.▪ He often used Latin words instead oftheir Greek equivalents.▪ He reckoned time according to theRoman system.
  10. 10. Gospel of Mark: recipients▪ In referring to Jewish customs andtraditions Mark often did so withexplanatory notes.▪ Finally, his gospel contains the fewestreferences to the Old Testament of anyof the gospels. Romans
  11. 11. Gospel of Mark: Background▪ “Signature” word: Mark uses a certainword 42 times in his gospel (a word usedonly 7 times in Matthew and once in Luke)- “eutheos” = immediately, straightway
  12. 12. Gospel of Mark: Signature WordMark 1:10And when he came up out of the water,immediately he saw the heavens beingtorn open and the Spirit descending onhim like a dove.
  13. 13. Gospel of Mark: Signature WordMark 1:12The Spirit immediately drove him outinto the wilderness.Mark 1:18And immediately they left their netsand followed him.
  14. 14. Gospel of Mark: Signature WordMark 1:21And they went into Capernaum, andimmediately on the Sabbath he enteredthe synagogue and was teaching.
  15. 15. Gospel of Mark: Signature WordMark’s emphasis in his gospel account isnot so much on what Jesus taught as it ison what Jesus did!The Gospel of Mark contains : - Only 18 of the 70 parables of Jesus - Over half of the 35 miracles of Jesus
  16. 16. Gospel of Mark: Signature Word The Gospel of Mark is a fast-flowing narrative. Among the gospels it is the Gospel of Action!
  17. 17. Gospel of Mark: Gospel of ActionIn the first 12 verses of the Gospel ofMark:- Introduced to the gospel- Introduced to John the Baptist- Read Mark’s account of both the baptism and the temptation of Jesus
  18. 18. Gospel of Mark: Gospel of ActionIn the gospels of Matthew and Luke –we do not even get to the temptationaccount until chapter four!The temptation account in Matthew andLuke are 11 and 13 verses respectively!
  19. 19. Gospel of Mark: Gospel of ActionMark 1:12-13 The Spirit immediatelydrove him out into the wilderness. Andhe was in the wilderness forty days,being tempted by Satan. And he waswith the wild animals, and the angelswere ministering to him.
  20. 20. Gospel of Mark: Gospel of Action Why did Mark choose to present his gospel account in such a fast- flowing, action-packed narrative??
  21. 21. Gospel of Mark: Gospel of Action Who was his target audience? Romans!
  22. 22. Gospel of Mark: Gospel of Action In Roman Emperor Julius Caesar’s account of the Gallic (Celtic) Wars the word “swiftly” occurs over and over Julius Ceasar again!
  23. 23. Gospel of Mark: Signature Word The Gospel of Mark is a fast-flowing narrative. Among the gospels it is the Gospel of Action! The Gospel of Mark is also the Gospel of Passion!
  24. 24. Michael Card
  25. 25. Gospel of Mark: TheEmotional Side of JesusReferences to the emotions of Jesus:Matthew – 6 referencesLuke – 7 referencesJohn – 4 referencesMark – 16 references to Jesus’emotions!
  26. 26. Gospel of Mark: TheEmotional Side of JesusMark 1:41And a leper came to him, imploring him,and kneeling said to him, “If you will, youcan make me clean.” Moved with pity,he stretched out his hand and touchedhim and said to him, “I will; be clean.”
  27. 27. Gospel of Mark: TheEmotional Side of JesusMark 3:5And he looked around at them withanger, grieved at their hardness ofheart, and said to the man, “Stretch outyour hand.” He stretched it out, and hishand was restored.
  28. 28. Gospel of Mark: TheEmotional Side of JesusMark 8:11-12 The Pharisees came and began to arguewith him, seeking from him a sign fromheaven to test him. And he sighed deeplyin his spirit and said, “Why does thisgeneration seek a sign? Truly, I say to you,no sign will be given to this generation.”
  29. 29. Gospel of Mark: TheEmotional Side of Jesus If there is any doubt that this Jesus portrayed in the gospel record is one of us, one look at the passions of Jesus that Mark describes for us should drive that doubt far from our hearts and minds!
  30. 30. Gospel of Mark: Signature Word The Gospel of Mark is the Gospel of Action and the Gospel of Passion!
  31. 31. Gospel of Mark: Theme Verse and StructureMark 10:45“For even the Son of Man came not to beserved but to serve, and to give his life asa ransom for many.”
  32. 32. Mark Mark Mark Mark 1:1-14 1:15-10:52 11:1-15:47 16:1-20 ACT 1 ACT 2 An “Even the and to give Aninformative Son of Man His life a incredible PROLOGUE did not ransom for PHINISH come to be many.” served, but (10:45) to serve. . . The The The The Servant’s Servant’s Servant’s Servant’s revelation serving sacrifice resurrectionto the world from the tomb
  33. 33. Gospel of Mark Timeline Act 1: The Servant’s serving covers 3 ½ years. Act 2: The Servant’s sacrifice covers 8 days!
  34. 34. Today’s Takeaways1. The Gospel of Mark, as the gospel ofaction and passion, is very relevant towhere we are culturally. Americanstend to be pragmatic. We are acountry of doers. And, our passionscan run deep.
  35. 35. Today’s Takeaways2. This Jesus, portrayed by Mark as theGod who became a servant, paid theultimate price of serving others, as hegave up his life as a ransom for many(you and me included!). Therefore,this Jesus deserves “our utmost for hishighest!”
  36. 36. Today’s TakeawaysIt is so easy, in thebusyness of life, to forget the magnitude of hissacrifice, yes? Yes!