Eating Like a Honey Bee


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Antonio COUTO, an Apitherapist, conducted a self-experiment of eating only bee products. His health was monitored by his physician and after 6 months he stopped, having lost 6kgs, lowered his cholesterol and inspired his physician to begin consuming bee products, too!

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Eating Like a Honey Bee

  1. 1.   Eating like a Honey Bee self experiment on Api-Diet 
  2. 2. Eating like a honey bee• I decided to do an experiment with myself: eating only bee products for the longest possible time and see what happened.•  The reason for this experiment was to see how far I could go and also to show to my patients and friends that bee products are great as daily food and have no side effects.
  3. 3. Eating like a honey bee• The bee product that I used most in my diet was pollen because of its unique composition. 
  4. 4. Chemical Analysis of Honey bee Pollen• Vitamins:• Provitamin A (carotenoids)• Vitamin B1 (thiamine)• Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)• Vitamin B3 (niacin)• Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)• Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)• Vitamin D - Vitamin E• Vitamin H (biotin)• Vitamin K. Choline. Inositol• Folic Acid,• Rutin• Vitamin PP (nicotinicamide)
  5. 5. Chemical Analysis of Honey bee Pollen• Minerals: Calcium Phosphorus Iron Copper Potassium Magnesium Manganese Silica Sulphur Sodium Titanium-Zinc Iodine Chlorine Boron Molydbenum
  6. 6. Chemical Analysis of Honey bee Pollen• Fatty Acids• Caproic Eicosanoic Brucic• Caprylic Uncowa• Capric Stearic• Lauric Oleic• Myristic Linoleic Arachidic• Palmitic Stearic• Palmitoleic Limolenic
  7. 7. Chemical Analysis of Honey bee Pollen• Enzymes & Co-enzymes: Diastase Phosphatase Amylase Cataiase Saccharase Diaphorase Pectase Cozymase Cytochrome systems Lactic dehydrogenase Succinic dehydrogenase
  8. 8. BEFORE START• Before starting the API diet I wanted to have a blood test to compare later• So, I went to my family doctor and I said what I was thinking to do and ask him for blood tests.• My doctor told me Id better think well before starting this “crazy diet “• I told him that my biggest concern was getting a pair of wings when the diet ended. 
  9. 9. BEFORE START• My doctor also said that: “you are not a honey bee, so maybe this diet is dangerous for your health…”• Before going to my doctor I was predicting that maybe he knew nothing about the pollen and other bee products, so it took with me some information to give him.
  10. 10. BEFORE START• He agreed to read the information I gave him about the composition, effects, properties and actions of bee products. • It was a surprised to him when he read the composition of pollen because of so full list of vitamins, proteins, minerals etc. • I also tried to impress him showing some pictures of very old bees.
  11. 11. Bee amberfossil foundin Liaoning(China)
  12. 12. 15 million years – fossil amberFirst Orchid (Meliorchis caribea) pollen fossil found stuck to bee in amberFound in a mine in the Dominican Republic 
  13. 13. 70 millions years – amber fossil
  14. 14. 100 million years – amber fossilDiscovered inside one Myanmar mine (Hukawng Valley) in 2006(Melittosphex burmensis) only 2.95 millimeters long
  15. 15. Maybe my face after the diet
  16. 16. BEFORE START• I did the first blood test in 16/01/2009• Everything was normal except the cholesterol  level (234 mg/dL – limit is 190 mg/dL)• Usually I have the cholesterol level below 190  mg/cl, but because of the Christmas food (from  my mother) my cholesterol level increased  significantly• After seeing my first blood test (before starting  the diet), my doctor was curious to see the next  test (one month after starting the diet). 
  17. 17. BEFORE STARTTwo weeks before start it I took:• 20 g of pollen• 1 table spoon of honey• 1 table spoon of bee bread• 10 drops of alcoholic propolis extract• Fruit• More vegetables and fruits3 times every day to prepare my body gradually.And no meat or fish
  18. 18. STARTING THE DIET• I start the API diet on the first day of February 2009 and decided to continue for as long as possible.
  19. 19. FIRST MONTH• I used more fresh pollen than other bee products because I am convinced that pollen is SUPER food and is powerful enough to keep my body in balance.• So in the first week the amounts of pollen were as follows:• 100g at breakfast• 100g at lunch• 50g at dinner 
  20. 20. FIRST MONTH• To dissolving the pollen I used fresh fruit and vegetable juices and sometimes yogurt or kefir.• I also added to pollen about 20 drops of propolis extract and one spoon of honey.
  21. 21. Pollen with yogurt honey and propolis extract
  22. 22. FIRST MONTH• On 10/03/2009 I did the first blood test after starting the diet.• When my family doctor looked at it, he saw that all remained at normal levels and the cholesterol dropped to 168 mg/dl, which is also normal.• He asked me how I felt and I replied that I had never felt so good in my life.• I also said to him that I lost weight (5 kgs) 
  23. 23. SECOND MONTH• In the second month of diet I did another blood test (17/04/2009) and all levels remained normal (cholesterol 170 mg / dl)• After seeing the second blood test, my doctor asked me if I continued to feel well and also asked me a bag of fresh pollen because he wanted to lose weight • I told him that I continued to feel good and stronger every day.
  24. 24. THIRD MONTH • After 3 months of API diet I lost 8 kgs of my weight.• My doctor told me he couldn’t ask for more blood tests at the hospital for me anymore because he was afraid that his superior ask him why asking continually blood tests for so healthy patient. • But he asked me for one more bag of pollen because he said he start to loose weight very easily. 
  25. 25. FOURTH MONTH• After 4 months of diet I started to increase the honey and royal jelly trying to gain some weight.• I increased the honey from 2 to 10 soup spoons (daily) and the royal jelly from 2 grs to 10 grs daily.
  26. 26. FIFTH AND SIXTH MONTH• After the end of my experiment I recovered 2 kgs of weight.• I finished my diet on 31 of July 2009 because I couldn’t compare anymore with my last blood tests and also because I decided that 6 months was enough to proof my point.
  27. 27. CONCLUSIONS• Fresh pollen is really a super food and is capable to keep our body in good balance in all levels.• It is a good way to lose weight easily, safely, without stress and without side effects• After 6 months of bee products diet you will get no wings… …don’t worry. 
  28. 28. PLEASE TRY IT• I started taking pollen in 1998 and I still take it today in my everyday breakfast because I still believe it is the most complete food in the world.• I recommend to all of you to include it in your daily normal diet.• For those who never try it, please do it and you will be surprised