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The wiki’s


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my and others wikis

Published in: Technology
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The wiki’s

  1. 1. The Wiki’sAll the Creators
  2. 2. Jesse Pennell• This is Jesse Pennell’s Wiki that has a like button, games to play straight off of the wiki, upcoming Events and everything else.
  3. 3. Theman861 Entertainment• Is a game site that has some crazy stuff and random pictures. The games are only links though, but soon may be able to play straight from the wiki. This is Myles Chapman’s Wiki.
  4. 4. Eja Awesome Stuff• This is a wiki with almost anything. It has one game that you can play and is about to have a like button. There are random pictures and “Awesome stuff”. This is Preston Shumate’s Wiki.
  5. 5. Crazy Panda Man• This is John Johnson’s Wiki. It is not exactly Constructed yet, but it has an Explosion Page. Cool right? Check it out.
  6. 6. WWMS James 6• This is Mr. James’s Wiki. It has Math games and math assignments that are required for class. I would advise you to add this to your favorites.
  7. 7. WWMS Zalata• This is Mr. Huffman’s Wiki, It has tons of stuff like games about ancient history, activities to do at home and at school and classroom assignments. I would advise you to add this to your favorites also.
  8. 8. Yugibro 123• This is Aaron Hamby’s wiki. It has a lot of different yugioh cards and the descriptions of them. It also has some cool pictures of yugioh monsters. I suggest you to join this wiki.
  9. 9. Hope you liked these wikis!•         